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Thomas Jefferson

Friday, June 26, 2009

What Has This Come To

The tactics in Albany are turning to sandbox warfare with name calling and childish acts of lashing out at each other.

Senator Parker, who is under indictment for felony assault, said lawmakers don't need a "coke snorting, staff-banging governor to lecture us about behavior in government."

And this guy, Senator Parker, wants the power of the New York State Senate turned back to him and his colleagues.

Senator Parker, you need far more than just a lecture on behavior in government.

Yet, the Democrats, who assume the high moral mantle against Espada, remain silent on this creature. 


Anonymous said...

Parker is so out of control it's scary.

He looked ready to lose it on the Senate floor during this week's dueling debates.

Then he reportedly threatened a Republican staffer, and had to be pulled away by two colleagues, according to the NY Post.

Whoever winds up in charge should regualrly be checking Parker's meds or maybe even pre-ordering a straight jacket for that inevitable day when he loses all control.

But how come we don't hear any Democrats pointing this out?

Earthbob said...

It is evident that Democracy is a contrivance that insures we shall be governed no better than we deserve.

We, as Republicans, Democrats, Unaffiliated, Urban, Rural, Upstate, Downstate, or all of the above, elected this Senate Body.

It looks like we, as voters, are trying to fix the body with junkyard parts....

Anonymous said...

One wonders if Sen. Aubertine or Sen. Skelosi had made the same remark, if the PCers would be screaming it was a racial remark?

Dan Francis said...

A loud mouth from Brooklyn in the Senate - nothing new there.

Dan Francis said...

Tactics in Albany and now tactics in DC?

Obama Chases Away all Dems who Would Challenge Gillibrand

This story really gets my goat, assuming I had a goat to get.

Who in the hell does Mr. Obama think he is?

This part of the story bothers me considerably. Apparentely the president wants a lap dog like Schumer in the Senate to jump when Mr. Obama barks his every command?

THE STORY, in part:

* White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel confirmed he warned Long Island Rep. Steve Israel, who contemplated a challenge to Gillibrand earlier this year, that the White House would support the incumbent.

Warned? Give me a frickin' break.

It is a time like this that I wish I were wealthy - I'd take up the challenge in a primary - after all, Mrs. Gillbrand WAS OT elected - she was appointed.

Also, I strongly believe this kind of Gestapo approach would rally people.

BTW: Basically, since she was appointed and not elected, the people can speak next year and vote for her or not.

That's what we have in this country and state, Mr. President, elections and votes by the people, NOT directions or scare tactics from the White House; you should know that better than anyone, right? Or am I wrong on that count, too?

This really makes me mad; it should you, too regardless of party label.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Naw Dan, it doesn't make me mad that the Great One chooses our Senator. I'm a stupid NY voter. I vote donkey every time. I hate Republicans. I'm also happy with the way Jillibraand has shown that she has absolutely no beliefs whatsoever. Her thoughts are given to her by Schmuck Shoomer. But if the Great O agrees and the donkeys choose her, who am I to question anything. Again, I'm just a stupid NY voter.

Capntrade is going to be so great. I can't wait to see the jump in my heating bills. But again, I'm so stupid I don't really care. I'm a donkey through and through.

Dan Francis said...

I state my views publicly here and at one of my blogs here:

Obama Backs Gillibrand and tells others "Back off..."

No matter how you slice and dice it, it sucks ... and IT IS wrong, period.

~ dmf

Dan Francis said...

Gov. Paterson gets Comptroller to with hold perdiem pay of Senators... wanted to with hold their salaries, but can't... Now watch them scream about the per diem "trying to do the people's business?"

What a bunch of broken down selfish a-holes ... I say kick them all, yes ALL, every last one of them, including Sen. Darrel out ... and start fresh. It's our duty to get the government we want, not what they deliver.

Dan, duck! What duck?

~ dmf

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