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Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bowling for Dollars

The battle for the New York State Senate is merely like bowling. It is all about the continuation of bad government and being a member of the 900 club.

The Democrats promised much needed reform, but have failed to deliver in their brief tenure as majority members to deliver any reform. To be fair about it; the Republicans have failed for much longer, so the sympathy level for them is non-existent.

The budget situation in New York is dismal and the Governor is asking every agency to cut back and scheduling layoffs for thousands, but this did not faze the Democrats when they assumed the controls of the Senate.

The Democrats stellar statistics include:
900 staffers added in 5 months.
5% increase in payroll costs, despite a pledge to cut cost.
6 dozen earning in excess of $100 grand each.
Our Senator was not shy on accepting his share, read March 18th Livin' Well.

The battle for the Senate is not about control of the legislation such as same sex marriage, one New York, rent control or any other spin out there - it is about perks and patronage.

An independent commission should be established to set the rules of operation for the Senate with the goal of creating equal representation for every New Yorker including; member items, staffing Senator's offices, legislation being brought to the floor debated and voted up or down (caucus' should not control what makes it to the floor), remove the items that give power to the majority then the status will not be as important and fought for so hard.


Earthbob said...

A Commission?

A Commission!

Watch out for what you wish!

Given our current leadership from both parties, they might consider your suggestion of commission to mean:

A fee paid to an agent for providing a service, especially a percentage of the total amount of business.

You really think our State politicians would allow a group of people authorized to carry out a duty that would allocate political plums?

Nothing can go wrong with that plan...

bruce krug said...

I agree with your criticism but not your solution of a "commission". Commissions have historically been vehicles set up by politicians to avoid the obligations they were elected to carry out. Commissions are unaccountable to the people who voted for the politicians and as such undermine democracy.
We need more democracy, not less. The voters need to be the "commission" and hold these people accountable to the needs of the voter. I don't give a damn who has the nicest office or the most secretaries but I do care about real issues facing this state. If its about Senate "resources" then this is inside politics and a waste of time.
Voters...citizens... need to be active not only at election time but after the elections and demand that real issues are dealt with. Please, no more unelected "commissions" to further insulate the elected officials from the citizens. We need citizens to be active and demand attention to our issues, not inside Albany gamemanship.

Anonymous said...

If you really wanted to put the fear of God into these politicians, you would limit their terms. We all know that. We're just afraid to say it.

It wouldn't become a lifetime of criminal behaviour and partisanship, as it is now. It would become a job. Represent the people, then go home. The special interests wouldn't see the need to buy you. And it would not be such an advantage for them to do so. Instantly, it would be a much more honest government.

Anonymous said...

IV, can you please post figures for Senate staff one year ago under Republican leadership compared to now under Democratic leadership? My guess is we are currently spending less on staffing than we were a year ago regardless of how much the Dems have increased staffing allotments since taking power.

Anonymous said...

The thing I love most about all these posts from IV is the fact that he never bitched once when the Republicans were doing this for the past 40 years....the contradiction is just too funny....

Anonymous said...

Guess again 10:52. A "5% increase in payroll" means they're spending more.

What the heck! It's not like it's their money!!

Anonymous said...

Come on 12:35, you and I both know the concept of "spin." A "5% increase in payroll" could mean a 5% increase since dems took office, which would not take in to account the previous years payroll. I would like to see the actual numbers. My guess is IV is "Spinning" his heart out like normal.

Anonymous said...

12:06 Many of us have bitched when taxed have increased and opportunities for our kids have disappeared. But even if what you say is true. DON'T YOU SEE THAT THINGS ARE DIFFERENT NOW? We have run out of money. This has become a critical situtation.

Running back to the "yeah, but the other guy did it too" BS does nothing to help us now. But I commend you on your typical party line way of thinking. Well done.

Dan Francis said...

FLASH from Albany - WCBS TV !!!

DEMS throwing in the towel - lock themselves in the Senate chambers.

LOL - I can't believe my eyes or ears... the story in part:

According to Sen. Schneiderman, Senate Democrats are throwing in the towel for now because they will not recognize Sen. Pedro Espada (D-Bronx) as the President pro tem of the Senate, which would also leave him just a "heartbeat away" from becoming governor. The Democrats, in the meantime, have apparently locked themselves inside Senate chambers.

I wonder? Did Sen. Darrel provide
a North Country crying towel?

He should - after all, he's good at providing "solutions."

A bit cynical, am I? You damn right I am, why, aren't you?

~ dmf

Dan Francis said...

That link to this post FLASH from Albany - WCBS TV !!! is broken.

DEMS throwing in the towel - lock themselves in the Senate chambers.

Sorry about that - but WCBS TV keeps updating...

If this broken go directly to their homepage at http://wcbstv.com/

— dmf

Anonymous said...

No Dan. I'm not cynical. I hope these guys lock themselves in the chamber for a month, or six. If it were winter we could turn off the heat.

Anonymous said...

Dan, Sen. Aubertine was supposed to provide the towel, but he MISUNDERSTOOD, and never brought one.

Anonymous said...

It is time, the Governor has arrest powers it is time to charge the nit-wits with obstructing Gov. administration.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 5:42... finally, we agree on something?

LOL (nice post)...

Anonymous said...

Who is 5:42?

Anonymous said...

He's related to 5:41, I think.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 5:41 and 5:42 are twins joined at the lip - a minute apart.

Anonymous said...

Find the pol who snorts the most coke and bangs the most staff. Put him in charge of the state.

Kind of like a Czar.
Run it by the Great One first.

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