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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thank You John

John McHugh has served the North Country well during the last 19 years in Congress. If you wish to show your gratitude post a comment and thank him for a job well done.

Projects all across Northern New York from small infrastructure upgrades in towns and hamlets to large affordable housing complexes have all resulted in part with John McHugh's assistance. The best team to get something accomplished was Jim Wright at the State level and John McHugh working at the federal level. If your municipality had a project to implement, improve or upgrade, you wanted their assistance.

John McHugh had a dual approach to border issues, safety and accessibility to keep commerce flowing. He was passionate and effective on the backbone of our area - dairy issues.

The economy all across the nation has changed in a variety of ways during the last 19 years. Our local economy could have been extinct along with the departure of the paper industry, but while communities such as Carthage may have morphed into bedroom communities, our overall economics in the area are better than they were 20 years ago (even though NY state is trying hard now to reverse that) in large part due to John McHugh's work. Small locally owned retailers have found a way to co-exist with large national retailers, opportunities for shoppers have expanded greatly, our military base provides thousands of jobs to private citizens and is home to one of the most active divisions in the army.

Overall the north country provides a great quality of life between the water, open land and summer and winter activities. That is why people live here, and John McHugh through his hard work made it a better place to live. Congratulations, thank you and best wishes John.

John McHugh - the 23rd Congressional district is better than what it was when you entered office - mission accomplished - you served us well - THANK YOU! Post a thank you note.

Then we will begin the process of vetting the contenders.


Anonymous said...

He will do a great job, although I expect that another dem will be elected to fill the seat. If so the district will exist after the gerrymandering. If a republican gets elected the district will be dissolved. Probably would have been re-drawn in John stayed there. With no republicans in real power in the state or nation, it looks like to change my registration - gotta work.

Anonymous said...

I agree...Dems put up June O'Neil or Dan French along with $5million and it's down to 2 out of 29 for the GOP.....Need to make the race about Pelosi and not Obama, who carried the CD last fall.

Anonymous said...

Will McHugh even vote for the Republican nominee ?

Anonymous said...

He was gone anyway. This way he has the opportunity to gain respect and garner a greater base. I believe that he is still a conservative at heart and may have some input in the rebuilding of the republican party.

Being a New Yorker I am very uneasy having total 1 party rule. Especially when those in power see nothing better than sending all folks who work for a living to the poorhouse.

Anonymous said...

Wow - looks like Scozzafava may switch parties and beat the GOP down to a bloody pulp.


It is on Jefferson Leaning too.

What do you make of this?

Dan Francis said...

I don't want to sound any alarms over this appointment, but a few things are brewing that we should be cognizant about:

* First: In the House of Reps, this vote.

PMA Ethics Probe Vote of PMA

* Second (this story ties into the PMA probe/scandal already imn the new lately):

Washington Post: McHugh Ties to PMA

The heart of the story:

McHugh is also closely associated with the now-defunct PMA Group, which is under investigation for possible campaign finance violations. According to federal records, McHugh has received $160,250 in donations from the PMA group and its clients, ranking him 65 out of 514 members of Congress to have financially benefited from the firm and its clients. Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) is up to his eyeballs in this scandal, if you follow the news.

An examination of donations by the PMA group and its employees to McHugh's campaign committee suggests that McHugh has yet to refund any PMA associated donations.

This story needs some close scrutiny... stay tuned.

FYI: This is not stone throwing - not at all, so before you accuse me otherwise, check the facts and pending probe.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Do you think he won't be confirmed, Dan? Do you think he shouldn't?

Murtha is an idiot. But he's in that chosen party so he's not going anywhere until God decides. He runs only second to Dick Durbin, the guy who called our troops nazis, as far a being a complete fool. But he's in that chosen party too. And from a state, Michigan, which like NY, knows no better.

Dan Francis said...

John McHugh will be confirmed, and he will do a good job... but the record also needs to be made public... as it will, I'm sure.

He'll do a good job.

Anonymous said...

Somebody said, I can't remember where, that the best way to clean up national politics would be for us to force legislators to have the same retirement system (Social Security) and healthcare (Medicare) that WE have.

Not that this has anything to do with McHugh. But it sure would make some pols think differently about themselves.

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