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Monday, June 22, 2009

Deal or No Deal?

Here is a deal for the New York State Senate. It is up to the Democrats who have accepted Monserrate, Espada and Parker, all who have unsettling issues surrounding them. Two of the three in the Democratic conference; Parker and Monserrate, are facing felony charges for slugging a photographer and a girlfriend.

The Democrats, who only see the difference between right and wrong in shades of gray, not black and white, seem to take the moral high ground with these legislators' checkered backgrounds only if these legislators are voting against them, as is the case now between the Democrats and Espada.

So the deal is - both conferences accept the mantle of morality and find a way to suspend all three or at least do not allow them to caucus with their conference or vote in a leadership decision until their issues are decided in a court of law. The Republicans give up Espada and the Democrats give up accused felons Parker and Monserrate; deal?

Monserrate, Espada and Parker


Anonymous said...

Fact, Espada was given a meaningless positon and told no when he tried to steal $2 million, while Monsterrate and Parker both got stripped of their titles.

Fact, Senate Republicans think Espada should be next in line to the governor. Case closed.

They may all be Democrats in registration but only Dean Skellos and friends want this man one heart beat away from being governor.

Political IV said...

10:33 that is a lame argument and just proves the point of the post.

Anonymous said...

Your buddies have created a mess and you want the Democrats to clean it up. Typical Republican. Just witness the eight years under Bush, fourteen years of a Republican House of Representatives, twelve under Pataki, forty years with a Republican State Senate, and you want the Dems to clean up Skelos mess.

Dan Francis said...

Those three's "legal" problems should not be part of the question at hand.

Besides, the GOP knew what their "legal problems" before they accepted them into the big tent, didn't they? So, that argument is a moot point.

The DEMS are losers here in more ways than one: (1) they had the three with legal problems, but, the voters sent them to office; (2) Smith couldn't hack it as Majority leader, that is pretty clear, and (3) Sen. Darrel is not hacking it, either, with this calls for one-day rule and then flip-flop, your turn to rule.

That is the stupidest idea I have ever heard ... that's how juntas work in some third rate country.

I wonder where these guys studied civics, the rule of law, or the establishment of our governmental system? In some Latin American Jr. H/S is would appear.

I say let them stew in their own stink and next cycle, toss everyone of out... all of them and start fresh.

Won't happen though; watch them come home and sweet talk themselves right back into Albany, or worse, into Congress.

This is pretty pathetic, really it is.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

How do you figure thats a lame argument IV?? That is the entire argument. You are claiming the Dems did nothing to reprimand these 3 and they infact did. On the other hand the Reps awarded Espada with one of the highest positions in the State. What are you talking about this is a lame argument. Just because you dont like it doesnt make it lame...

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