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Monday, June 8, 2009

Bi-Partisan Leadership

Democrat Pedro Espada and Republican Dean Skelos being sworn in today as President Pro Tem and Majority leader.


Anonymous said...

What good is bipartisanship when the Dem is a scum bag? You attacked this guy yourself IV, and now he's your bipartisan buddy? You partisan hack.

Anonymous said...

I think the Reps are stupid. This state is a burning, sinking ship. I would stay as far away from leadership and responsibility as possible. Let the donkeys take all the credit. Sit back and smoke cigars.

6:41. Uh, why is this Dem a scumbag? He did something you didn't like? OOOooo. I get it.

Who you callin' a hack, Hack?

Anonymous said...

Isnt your motto "people before politics?" This is obviously a political move yet you stay silent on it? You are part of the problem IV.

Anonymous said...

A "political" move? Now what, pray tell, is that? Here in the Empire State, a "political" move?

Every job, every tax, every bs speech, every budget, every toilet flush is political, designed to squirrel away some money, votes, and jobs for friends. They, and we, don't care about nothin' but ourselves. Kids be screwed. Don't be talking about no POLITICAL moves.

I really like that part where the Dems turned out the lights on the Elephants as they were taking over. Now THAT's political.

Great stuff.
Grab anything you can for as long as you can. This is gonna be GREAT!
No matter if you be donkey or elephant.

Anonymous said...

No idiot. He is a scumbag because his campaign contributions are being looked at because he was funneling money from not-for-profits and he doesnt even live in his own district. And monserat beats his wife...thats why they are scum bags...idiot..

Anonymous said...

and IV said it himself.....so this isnt just me

LiberalLaugh said...

Bi-Partisan Leadership?


Dan Francis said...

Update from Salon.com this way:

[as Sen. Smith issues a press release saying the act was illegal,] Sen. Monserrate, in a statement of his own, says he's still a Democrat and that he's part of what he's calling a bipartisan coalition.

Sen. Espada, the other Democrat to vote with the Republicans, has apparently been made Senate president pro tempore.

So, it's unclear why this happened.

The early explanation from most observers is that it had something to do with the fight over same-sex marriage, which has been a contentious issue in the body recently. And it probably does have at least something to do with that, though the New York Times' City Room blog observes:

Why Mr. Espada and Mr. Monserrate suddenly defected on Monday afternoon was not immediately clear.

Both men are under investigation by the authorities.

Second Story Here

~ stay tuned.

Dan Francis said...

Gov. Paterson's remarks on NEWS 10 were quite good - and underscores the issue: there is nothing he can do.

With only weeks left to resolve issues and go the people's business, the two parties chose chaos over the people.

I say, kick them all out next year and start fresh.

Anonymous said...

Oh 7:32, I am not an idiot. Danny has given me the title of Pathetic.

Stick with the program.

Now you claim one of these Senators is a non-resident and the other beats women? These are Democrats? Weren't these guys with the "majority", your majority, just yesterday? And your party didn't really mind yesterday, did they? Today they are with the other "majority". But today you are all upset and beside yourself, as today they are bad peeeple but they be ok yesterday. I'm just trying to keep it all straight.

Pathetically yours
Just call me "entertained"

Anonymous said...

Hey, answer me this, smart guys. If these two folks get arrested and indicted and jailed or whatever. You know, the stuff they would do to just average folks who broke the law like this (beating people and lying about residency etc), does the Senate stay in Rep hands or does it go back to the Donkeys? Inquiring minds and all that. If they get thrown out of the Senate, then do they let their lawyers or cell mates vote for them? I mean, this could go on for a long, long time. Maybe Obama gets to name the people who take their place. I nominate either Jeff Graham or that Kennedy babe.

Anonymous said...

Scumbags or not the republicans now have a chance to make real changes. The Democrats came to power saying changes were coming. But it was the same old.

The republicans may be sleeping with the dogs (they are politicians right?) but they can still do the right things.

What is the childish antics of the democrats turning off the power? Was Darrryll part of that? Does he approve? DId he take his ball home?


Anonymous said...

#11---Just be assured, that thanks to the Dems IF the two rebels go to jail, when they get out they won't have to reveal their past crimes....
THat law ought to be repealed soon

Anonymous said...

The fact remains that both of these "bipartisan" senators turned on Malcolm because he's been tough on them for their illegal activities. Espada owes the state tens of thousands of dollars in fines for illegal campaign contributions and failure to file reports and funelling money from the groups he obtained member items for into his campaign. Classy.

Malcolm smacked him and told him to pay the fines, so he went to the Republicans, where white collar crime like this is a way of life. Heck, Bush started a war for this kind of patronage to Halliburton, Exxon, etc. That turned out well.

Anonymous said...

Whay aren't Democrats trashing Senator Kevin Parker for assaulting a news reporter?

Oh, that's right. He stuck with the Dems. Democrats have become comfortably numb.


Anonymous said...

10:40, Halliburton, Exxon, I wondered how long it would take.

How bout torture, Watergate, Irancontras?

Hey, you don't have to link it with anything. Just throw bs.

Can you hold up for just a second? I have to let the dog out. I don't want to miss anything.

Anonymous said...

Funny how quickly you have changed your tune about these guys IV. Youd love Aubertine if he switched parties i bet. You are such a loser IV, you make me sick. I am looking forward to you getting pounded this November.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:23. Not to worry - they are NYC democratic politicians, they'll be still serving in office by the time by the time average folks finish their sentences.

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