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Friday, June 19, 2009

Miss Understanding 2009

It is time to crown our new Miss Understanding 2009, and after annual statements of this issue or that issue which must have been a misunderstanding, it is fitting to name our Senator the new Miss Understanding 2009.

Almost one year ago today NYPA was the misunderstanding - here.

And yesterday's Congressional race political stunt with Dean Skelos was a misunderstanding also - here.

It was clear to everyone within the boundaries of New York State except one person that neither side is moving off their positions. The Democrats will not enter the chamber for fear it gives tacit approval to the Monday coup and the Republican's will not give up ground that their vote stands.



Liberal Laugh said...

Now I understand why you hate Darrel so. Jealousy?


Liberal Laugh said...

Now I understand why you hate Darrel so. Jealousy?


Liberal Laugh said...

Now I understand why you hate Darrel so. Jealousy?


Anonymous said...

PIV, as evident by your last few post, I believe that you have finally lost your senses.

Anonymous said...

PIV, as evident by your last few post, I believe that you have finally lost your senses.

Earthbob said...

Today's statement from Senator Skelos is clear:

"The members of the Senate Republican Conference stand solidly behind Senator Espada as Temporary President and we look forward to building our reform coalition together."

Easy to understand.

Easy to digest.

Actions speak louder than words.

Both parties agreed to pay themselves.

The inaction from both parties on any issue, other than paying their staffs and themselves is disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

Wow. He's hot! Just not that honest!

Dan Francis said...

Update that I label, "So, which is it?" From North Country Public Radio story.

Aubertine Supports Senate Power Sharing


Yesterday, (June 18, 2009), it appeared Aubertine would enter the chamber. Republican leader Dean Skelos says Aubertine asked the coalition to vote on renewing "Power for Jobs."

This program ensures low-cost electricity for companies employing large numbers of workers in the North Country.

Speaking with reporters yesterday afternoon, Skelos said he asked Aubertine to join them in the chamber, "but he's opted not to."

Aubertine confirmed to the Albany Times Union that he was prepared to work with Republicans in order to renew "Power for Jobs."

[Aubertine] Spokesman Drew Mangione says that action was contingent on a bipartisan power agreement only. He said Aubertine was never considering becoming part of a Dean Skelos- or Pedro Espada-led coalition.

But he was willing to join them for one day and get his bill passed, which is okay, but what about the rest of NYS?

Shared government - no way, this is not a banana Republic, is it; no, Dan, not yet.

Damn, and I thought we could get 25% off our next bunch of chiquita bananas.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

I would like to nominate the last Monday morning quarterback to run directly for the 23rd seat and show us benighted north country folk just how it's done in the real world. I'll even campaign for him.

Anonymous said...

Wow you could get in big trouble again..

Anonymous said...

Liiibbberrrallll, remember that agreement we had? You were going to post substance if you used a name. Not crap. You said you understood the obligation of using a name, not just being anonymous.

You lied, or, you're dumb. Either way you've identified yourself as a party line donkey.

Anonymous said...

Darrell will wear that or any dress to move into congress.
Imagine Drew and the other stafff loons inside the beletway! A reality TV show in the making!
Week 1-Congressman Aubertine offered NASA post
Week 2-NASA administrator confused, didn't know he was being replaced

Anonymous said...

Darrell will wear that or any dress to move into congress.
Imagine Drew and the other staff loons inside the beltway! A reality TV show in the making!
Week 1-"Congressman Aubertine offered NASA post"
Week 2-"NASA administrator confused, didn't know he was being replaced..."

Dan Francis said...

"Miss Understanding's" brother, "Mr. Misunderstanding:" Pedro "Bronx Dweller" Espada.

To prove he lives in the Bedford co-op apartment, which bought for $250,000, Pedro and his wife, in the middle of the night moves in more stuff to prove according to this story:

Pedro Espada shows off his Bronx Apartment

I wondered about the part of this story that said Espada and his wife arrived at the co-op Thursday night around 10 p.m. inside a long black vehicle that parked in the driveway of an adjoining parking garage.

The couple was soon unloading an assortment of bags and two framed photos, according to the neighbor. Espada was in a suit, while his wife wore a brightly colored outfit with a hat.

"They essentially filled the elevator with bags, and made several trips," the neighbor recounted. "They didn't look to be in a good mood."

Um... not in a good mood? I wonder why not? Maybe moving stuff into the Apart to make it look lived in and driving there in the middle of the night from their "regular home" in suburban Mamaroneck had something to do with it?

This Senator needs to be booted out of office - too bad we don't have recall in NYS! I guess impeachment is out of the question, right? But it could catch on, right? Naw... too simple.

Fourth Branch of Government???

~ dmf

Dan Francis said...

Drip, drip, drip - more details - those pesky details... to wit:

Aubertine and Skelos, R-Rockville Centre, worked out the deal Thursday morning in Skelos' Albany-area townhouse.

They met again later in the day in the Capital Building, along with eight other senators, Aubertine said. Among them was Espada, the Bronx senator whose desertion from the Democrats resulted in last week's coup.

Espada asked who would be president pro tem, the senator who sets the rules, Aubertine said.

Skelos and Aubertine answered simultaneously, but differently, Aubertine said.

Skelos said it would be Espada.

Aubertine said it would be Sen. Malcolm Smith, the Democrat who had been majority leader.

That was the deal-breaker, Aubertine said.

"The Republican contingent was adamant that they were going to cling to Pedro Espada, for whatever reason," Aubertine said.

Excuse me, Sen. Darrel: You CLINGING to Sen. Smith for whatever reason is okay, then?

* Talk about confusion and double-talk...

Story Syracuse.com Version of this Saga

Interesting stuff, isn't it? Yea, it is for the nitwits in office, IMHO.

Hi, my name is Larry, and this is my brother Darrel and this is my other brother, Darrel. (from Bob Newhart show)... just for laughs.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right, Dan.

But wasn't the guy a nut case a month ago before all this started? Didn't anybody know he was a nut case a month ago? I wonder why none of this was a problem a month ago?

Betcha I know.

Because he was voting the right way a month ago.

Again, party is this most important thing there is.

Dan Francis said...

Rabid party politics, whether locally, in NYS, or DC is bad for all of us and the system.

But, those who practice it, and come from mostly "safe" districts and seats and seldom if ever worry about reelection, will strongly disagree with me and so will their rabid, blind supporters who drink at their trough for favors as they support them. But, that still does not make it right.

Those like me who believe that rabid partisanship does not work, will prevail in the long run; it will take time, but right sometimes takes more time that wrong.

Albany may be that test for us ... but once it settles down, the incumbents will all come out in force, claim "they solved it for us" and seek reelection.

A lot of folks back home will fall for it, too - because that's the easy part.

When one doesn't stand for much in the first place, falling for excuses is easy.

~ dmf

Dan Francis said...

This page is like that darn bunny, it just keeps on growing and growing... more on Sen. Darrel moving across the aisle:

* There are larger political concerns for Aubertine, who is mulling a run for Congress to fill the expected vacancy of the seat held by U.S. Rep. John McHugh, President Barack Obama's nominee for Secretary of the Army.

THE IMPACT, the way I read it, and it's damn scary, folks, damn scary:

* Rochester activist Tom Golisano's PAC, Responsible New York, would support Aubertine's candidacy, said Steve Pigeon, the group's director. "I think he would win," he added. Golisano and Pigeon helped put together the coalition that engineered the [current coup and mess in Albany].

Aubertine also said he thought that if he entered his seat in the chamber it would "break the ice," and other Democrats would follow. "If I had (entered the chamber), I don't think I would have been the only one," said Aubertine, who under the Democrats was appointed chairman of the Senate Energy Committee.


1. If Aubertine had entered the GOP and voted for certain issues, no one, including me would have held that against him, UNDER NORMAL CONDITIONS...

2. But, these are anything but normal conditions and he was/is wrong to hold that view.

The coup and the circus swirling around Espada as the "King" is a joke ... and anyone who is part of that aspect, is a joke as well.

Ditto for Smith supporters...

~ dmf

Source of this update is the Albany Times Union.

GOP jolts upstate Democrats

Anonymous said...

Dan, I have no problem with your points. But aren't we better off with these guys continuing the political game just as they are doing? They cause less damage to the citizens of the state when they are home, drinkin' beer or doing call girls. Or, as Shelly's boyz do, grabin' ladies that don't want to be grabbed. I say, give them their pay (they take it either way) and tell them to come back next year about this time. I really don't give a damn anymore.

Anonymous said...

I would have thought that you all would be questioning the Skelos team's judgement in going after a Dem or two with all that legal baggage. Darrel is as clean as a whistle compared to E/M, but you waste all your energy trying to drag him down. Sad times.

Anonymous said...

Sad times indeed and a 5% raise to boot.

Anonymous said...

Ok 10:16, if it makes you feel any better. We can blame it on Skelos and the Republicans.

Point is, blame was placed on them ALL and on us. But if you want we can go back to the partisan thing... that would be just great.

And we wonder how we got into this mess.

Anonymous said...

I agree that things could have been handled a lot differently, and I am not absolving anyone. However, I think that the turning point was about two-three months ago, and we can't go back there right away. Now instead of Golisano as a power broker, we have Al. Good grief.


Anonymous said...

No 10:16, the turning point wasn't three months ago, it was a generation ago when we lost control of our schools. Our kids were then taught that government was the answer for everything. Personal responsibility had no place in our modern world. Get a grant, get on a program, get diagnosed. In other words, get payed by someone else. At that point the race was on to see which political party could give us more. Dems liked the poor, Reps liked bidness, Dems liked minorities and the environment, Reps liked tax breaks and grants. Then we all learned how to work for the government, on one level or another. Then the political parties told us BS about how if we elected THEM, not a person but a PARTY, they would give us stuff. Never mind that they had stolen the money from us in the first place. Then we ran out of money because this dishonesty is unsustainable. But the politicians haven't changed. Why should they? We haven't. After watching a generation of youth leave the state for opportunities elsewhere, the most important thing to us is whether they are a donkey or an elephant.

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