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Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Open Thread - Questions For Malcolm Smith

Failed leader of the Senate and New York State, Malcolm Smith is due in this weekend for the Democratic Party dinner at the Northside Improvement League.

What are the questions a good reporter from the main stream media would ask him? We can only hope they do not get all giddy and throw the usual soft balls.

1. Sens Espada and Monsserate had issues prior to the Monday coup, that are now being exploited by your Democratic colleagues, why did you choose not to deal more strongly with their indiscretions as well as Sen. Parker issues sooner?

2. Do you think New Yorker's were ready for the far left leaning agenda that was being pushed by you and your colleagues in the majority?

3. You were the majority leader when the disastrous farm bill came to be and as majority leader and Darrel Aubertine a member of the majority you had the ability to kill the bill, why did you not stop it? (Please do not accept it had a bipartisan support - that is a red herring)

4. You obviously have a good deal of confidence in Darrel Aubertine, do you think he would make a good Congressional candidate and do you support him running?

5. (Post your own questions)


Anonymous said...

The Republicans have poisoned their own well with a pair of scumbags.
Now you, with twisted, tortured,convoluted logic try to defend their presence in your camp by blaming the Democrats. No sale.
The Republicans have sold what was left of their soul to the devil and are going to hell.

Anonymous said...

Now do you still think Malcolm will still come up here for dinner??

Anonymous said...

Mr Smith, it's great that you found your way to the hinterland north of Yonkers. Can you identify any issues that the folks around you have, and as a followup do you care enough to do anything to help them?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:22 - In keeping with the intent of the thread, could you please phrase that in the form of a question. Thanks.

Also, I hope you're not one of those anti-religion liberal/progressives haters. If so and by their rules, you're not allowed to use religious references, even in regurgitated and rhetorical Democratic talking points. Sorry.

Here's my question:

Sen. Smith - You happily took Tom Golisano's campaign contributions last year when it benefitted you. You obviously thought he should be allowed to play a role then. Now you claim he has no business participating since it doesn't benefit you. Doesn't that make you a hypocrite?

Jeff Graham said...

Guess they don't call him Smiling Malcolm anymore.

Earthbob said...

Does the Empire State have a New Caesar?

The recent coup in the New York Senate was engineered, funded and led by former Billionaire New York State Resident Tom Golisano, who now resides in Florida.

Interestingly, New York’s New Caesar would underwrite the legal funds for the two Democrats who made this “engineering of consent” possible.

Mr. Espada has been fined more than $60,000 for ignoring state law requiring disclosure of campaign contributions.

Now he leads the NYS Senate and is a heart beat away from being our new Governor.

Mr. Monserrate is facing legal troubles, too.

On March 23, 2009, a grand jury in Queens handed up a felony assault indictment against him. It is charged that he stabbed his companion, Karla Giraldo, in December 2008 with a drinking glass.

He faces felony charges of second-degree assault that could lead to a seven-year prison sentence.

At the time of the incident, Mr. Monserrate, a city councilman, was waiting to be sworn in to the Senate after his election win in November.

These are facts, not character assassination.

Will our new Caesar, as financial benefactor, and his two minions, be able to achieve reform?

Does the old adage “two wrongs don’t make a right” apply?

Our New York Caesar, now a Floridian, has shown us how to make change in our own dysfunctional NYS Senate.

Who says you can’t take the FUN out of dysFUNctional?

Why should the Senators worry about that pesky task of legislating?

Hail Caesar!

Onto Empire Plaza to reform and rule the peons with their money!

Anonymous said...

Nothing convoluted about the logic, 1:22. There was nothing wrong with these guys a few hours ago, now you call them names. I would advise you to wait a few days before you draw comparisons like this. Your own words make you look foolish.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mayor in keeping with the intent of the thread, could you please phrase that in the form of a question please.

Here is my question to Mr. Smith.

Now that Miss California is without a job do you think the Watertown Mayor should hire her as a bartender?

Anonymous said...

Earthman, I'm thinkin' your true colors are coming out on this. I disagree with nothing you've said about the legislators involved. But what you say was true last week too. What makes these things bother you so much THIS week? Nothing has changed, except the alliances. Why the outrage now? And rich guys buying influence is not a new thing. You're forgetting Big G was a Big Donkey last cycle. He changed his spots based on a 9% increase in spending. You really can't blame him on that one. Unless you're just a donkey looking for a reason to rationalize your views. Maybe that's you?

And EB, if there is a Julius Caesar in NY, his name is Shelly Silver. You cannot compare the damage that man has done with the games going on this week. Concentrated power is our threat. One party rule is our threat. This week put a stake in that, at least temporarily.

Anonymous said...

My question is, have any of you people ever SEEN Ms California? If you have, you wouldn't be asking if Jeff should hire her.

Question to Malcolm Smith, and King Shelly for that matter. Here in NY we already have the most restrictive gun laws in the nation, rivaled only by CA and NJ. How many more do you think will be necessary before you will quit lying to the citizens of this state and cease to pander to fear and ignorance by offering more and more laws that contribute nothing to our safety?

Earthbob said...

Shelly Silver would be more like Casca, if he had the opportunity.

But, why should he wiggle while the Senate is Circus Maximus?

In terms of last week?

Evidently you have not read my prior posts.

Democracy in action, or Democracy Inaction?

My true color? Plaid.

The energy our elected Senators can muster is only for leadership in their chambers.

Both parties have proven their indulgent self interests.

True change?

That would be who parks where in the Senate Parking Lot.


Anon 8:42, when it comes to my views, I am more like an unaffiliated mule than a donkey or a pacaderm.

Our Senate has not been an example of concentrated power. Power is the ability to achieve intended effects.

What has been achieved for New Yorkers other than parliamentarian gridlock?

Will the years of Senate Gridlock caused by both parties be remedied in the next election?

Time will tell, not us.

Anonymous said...

Earthbob, if you want the crooks out of the State Senate there will be no one left. And don't forget the serial rapist on Silver's staff. Silver protected him for months!

Anonymous said...

This question is for Darrel " one of us". If you really mean it when you say "people before politics" then why don't you join the bipartisan coalition and try and keep one of your chairmanships? After all you have a history of jumping sided.

Anonymous said...

why should Darrel join the fascist crooks that ruled the Senate for 50 years? now they want reform with a couple of scumbags that were outcasts in their own party? this isa coup and anti democracy.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1128 It's amazing how mean and nasty you left liberals can get. I thought that Obama mania was all about getting along and singing cumbaha?

Anonymous said...

My attention span is not long enough to make sense of all the one liners. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

it takes "mean and nasty" to fight fascism.

Dan Francis said...

My Q for Mr. Smith:

"Having the label "leader" actually means one has to lead, sir. What the hell happened? And, btw, a simple, "I don't know" will not suffice. Not this time."

~ dmf

Earthbob said...

Anon 7:34 "Earthbob, if you want the crooks out of the State Senate there will be no one left. And don't forget the serial rapist on Silver's staff. Silver protected him for months!"

I did say Silver was more like Casca...

Dan Francis said...

Your Q #4: In all honesty I do not think Mr. Aubertine is right for congress ... he's having a heluva time in Albany the way it is ...

With the status he took to Albany (the historic win) he should have turned that into strong marketing tools. He should have been all over the place speaking out and working actively for change in Albany and NOT behind the scenes appearing to be "one of us."

It takes a lot of strength and endurance and positive leadership to get things done, even in politics - but that's why we put people in office, right? - not just have them "go along to get along."

I don't mean an angry, pissed off person, either - I mean persistent, focused attention and ability to shake up the place and get things done, and I certainly do not mean showing off; I mean displaying vociferous leadership.

Knowing this vast congressional district and the federal system and the military should count for something -- not just a "good old boy mindset" - I know that sounds awful, but it is NOT intended to insult any good old boy ...

I am discussing proven ability and experience across a wide area on many tough issues (war, interrogation, troop welfare, federal budgets, policy that impacts us all back home like education and food prices and common sense in tax reform, etc.) ...

But maybe in the end those things do not matter: people invoke the "I'll take a chance and vote for them attitude" and hope they do the job? Folks, we need more than that these days, IMHO.

~ soapbox away now.

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