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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Things That Make You Go Hmmm

The rumors have been rampant about tension between Assemblywoman Addie Russell and Senator Darrel Aubertine. The rumor was fueled the other day with the Senator's press release on the YMCA legislation in which he simply referred to her as "our Assembly representative" and never referred to her by name or even gave the appearance that he offered to quote her in his release.
 "Now with the help of Senator Aubertine and our Assembly representative we are able to enter into a long-term agreement to provide quality recreational resources for the community."
 Coincidental, perhaps or perhaps not!


Anonymous said...

According to the WDT, the quote was attributed to City Manager Mary M. Corriveau, NOT to Senator Aubertine.

Political IV said...


Written for her by Aubertine's office

Dan Francis said...

I could say a lot on this topic, but I will "restrain" myself, lest others do it for me? LOL

Anonymous said...

Arrogant. Self-centered and egotistical. Definitely not "one of us."

Anonymous said...

She's in way over her head.

Anonymous said...

Way over her head? Even though i am of the opposite political persuasion, I have heard directly from a major lobbyist in Albany that she is a bull dog, fighting every minute for her constituents. Not sure i have heard the samething about out representative in the Senate

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