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Friday, June 26, 2009

In & Out - Record Time

The New York State Senate is setting land speed records for mandatory sessions called by the Governor.

The Republicans and Democrats gaveled in and out separately in just under 6 minutes total.

Therefore, they are this week's winner of the Whac-a-mole award. (That may be discrediting the moles too much)


Dan Francis said...

Whack a Mole is pretty good anology - and most of them WILL be back after reelection (after sweet-talking their way with the folks back home - like they always do - and our folks here are no different - memories are short at election time).... besides who will step forward and "compete" against Sen. Darrel to send him packing, too? Got it; that's the message. DEMS will rally around him like nobody's business and he will in turn tell us how hard he tried...

But, they now again say they are close to a deal for some sort of "back and forth, you rule one day, we'll rule the next day" government...

"Leaders (a joking term)" Say Agreement Is Near to Unfreeze New York Senate

~ dmf

Earthbob said...

Perhaps a better title for this thread would be:

"The Fast and the Furious".

Dan Francis said...

Preemptive strike at any "Anonymous" im-posters here:

"The leadership question is important even though neither faction has the 32 votes needed to pass a bill.

"Until it is settled, the Senate is not likely to convene a proper session with a quorum in place.

"But if a quorum were present (32 on either side of the isle), then the leadership would be able to decide which bills are brought to the floor, and some could conceivably pass if Mr. Espada votes with Mr. Monserrate and the other 30 Democrats.

Right now Espada is holding out and away from the 31 DEMS - sticking instead with the GOP and their 30 (making 31).


Anonymous said...

I think the word you're looking for is stalemate-game not over yet..........


Dan Francis said...

Sen. Darrel strikes a blow for the process: again and again and again???

Aubertine Offers Compromise - well almost...

The meat of that story goes like this:

"As negotiations continue (we think?) Sen. Darrel Aubertine, D-Cape Vincent, has offered up a proposal to close out the session. In short, the proposal would be to have a one-day session, during which all of those who claim leadership would step aside, allowing a neutral rank-and-file member to take the title of Senate President Pro Tempore for one day to move legislation that needs to be voted on this session."

"Aubertine said that Democratic leaders have agreed, but claims that Sens. Pedro Espada and Dean Skelos, who lead the predominantly GOP coalition, have refused."

The best part at the end of the press release is this response from GOP spokesman Scott Reif:

“We put the Power for Jobs legislation on the Rules Committee agenda at Senator Aubertine’s request and planned to pass it, but he never showed up to give us a quorum to move this important bill.”

Ah ha - serving the state's best interest, one missed vote at a time. Well, as Jim Carrey might say, "All righty, then..."

* I bet a certain Anonymous here will say it would have passed if Sen. Darrel had only raised his hand and said "Aye," no matter where is was standing to have raised his hand. {Sen. rule #69, right Anon?}

~ dmf

Dan Francis said...

Picture this: 62 NYS senators on a 31-31 deadlock for two weeks now as the people's business is shit-holed ... and then picture this: all 62 of drawing their next paycheck in mid July, going home and telling the folks back home how hard they have tried to get the "other" side to the table and that they need more time to do the people's work... and vote for them next cycle.

It's always the "other side" right?


~ dmf

Earthbob said...

Blaming the "Other Side"?

It is more like that Army Game:

"Blame the Dead Guy".

Dan Francis said...

Late nite entry.

I've listening to a lot of soundbytes (Assemblymembers and Sen. Darrel) about the stalemate, mutiny, coup or whatever one chooses to call it in Albany and they all set one tone:

"I did my best and I hope they (the other side: either DEM, if you are a GOPer speaking, or the GOP, if you are a DEM speaking) will fix it.

I'm doing all I can and still working hard for you back home, too.

It has started --- shame to blame (someone other than yourself and/or your party).

I hope we do not fall for it [again].

~ dmf

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