"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Are We?

As the Democrats finish their first year of total control in New York State, the question to ask yourself is; are we better off today than we were a year ago?

The answer is a pretty easy - NO!

Or as the Democrat and Chronicle says - Democrats get a "pretty far below passing" grade. They passed a budget, in likely to be one of the worst economic times in this generation, which included a 10% spending increase over last year's budget and billions in new taxes. 

Or the Online Leader writes of more hand me downs from Albany that will cause your property taxes to increase, perhaps by a little or possibly by a lot in a place such as Jefferson County. A move by the state to discontinue paying counties to house parole violators will cause a loss of revenue to the county as well as push the jail population higher, resulting in the county having to spend possibly in the range of $10 million to build onto the jail. Jefferson County Sheriff John Burns has been silent toward the Democrats on this issue, but Steuben County Sheriff had this to say:

Well say, right now, we’ve got 11 parole violators,” (Steuben County Sheriff) Ordway said. “It’s been constant. That’s a 1,000 bucks a day.”

And with no financial incentive to retrieve the prisoners, it is likely the state won’t be in a hurry to take the inmates back, he said.

Read: State drops subsidy for county jails.

And what damage that has not been done yet, they are determined to do before session ends this month in Albany. They will put the final blow to an already ailing agriculture industry. They have raised the electricity rates and now they want to raise the payroll cost all the while farmers are on the brink of disaster.
Read: Dairy farmers face crisis.

Democratic controlled Albany is also soft on crime possibly subjecting our youth or adults seeking increased care or your most critical records and information to the hands of past convicted felons and drug users by allowing sealing of past criminal records.
Read: A bad reform amid the good.

Really, is New York State better off now that the Democrats control the New York State Senate, read and you decide.


Anonymous said...

Wow. The PIV News Service. Great job condensing all these tidbits in one place.

Dan Francis said...

Good rundown, IV:

Then add: The silly idea of overtime pay for farm workers (seasonal workers); the stupid idea about handgun permit/owners, mandatory re-check every 5 years, and a couple of other things lingering out there (awaiting committee/passage/etc).

It's not a pretty sight to say the least. But, then look at who is in office, how they VOTED; not what they said, or campagined on, but how they actually VOTED...

Then check the nearest mirror to see the who is behind the solutions needed, or to any lingering problems you still have regarding anyone in office who claims they are representing you.

The answer is in that mirror.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

It's a fair question, 1:20pm. Accurately answered as well. I don't blame you for not wanting to talk about it.

To Dan's good points I'd also add the fact that we HAD, with all the Great One's play money, a chance to bite the bullet on budget concerns. Instead, Shelly and the boys just kept giving money to special interest groups. I don't think the Great One can throw bags of money at us next year. Our financial problems will be worse than ever. Then comes the following year.

As one fine contributer is fond of saying..


Anonymous said...

So what exactly do farm workers earn weekly? How many hours? I was in Texas in 2000 when Bush was gov and farm workers made $3.35/hour.
And why wasn't Paterson's Tier V pension plan mentioned?

Anonymous said...

The average farm working in Jefferson County make $11.35 and hour. Plus many get housing, transportation and meals.

Dan Francis said...

To ANON 4:00:

If farmhands are getting nearly $12.00 an hour and I know the work is hard, very, then it would serve to show that those farmers paying that ARE NOT hurting as badly as they claim and I point no fingers at any one farmer! I simply raise the point.

Anon'sMother said...

"Wow. The PIV News Service. Great job condensing all these tidbits in one place."

Give me a break.

Political IV said...


I rejected your comments that you entered, they are factually incorrect.

Nice try though.


LiberalLaugh said...

Since when we were you concerned about facts?


Anonymous said...

Dan, Why shouldn't people who are employed as farm workers be treated equally with other workers? Not all farm workers are seasonal-dairy farming is a year around business. But so what if they are seasonal? Ski resort employees and construction employees are seasonal and they get overtime protection and farm workers should, too. As for the relative economic status of farmers, well, that is really in large part their own problem. They have never organized in a meaningful way to better their economic condition. Instead they look for labor exemptions, tax breaks, and subsidies rather than organizing in their own right to gain better market prices. Understand something, I'm saying this as a relatively small family farmer that mostly makes do with our own labor. I feel no sympathy whatsoever with large corporate style farms that survive by exploiting the labor of others while at the same time making it more difficult for more sustainable family farms.

Anonymous said...

If you think that this is bad for NY. Get your head around the fact that there are only three republicans representing NY in all of congress, probably 2 after McHugh leaves. I have to think that this will be as bad or worse than NYS government.

Dan Francis said...

Anon: 5:43. Good points, but review my post and the bill... it addresses 'migrant farm workers - seasonal - those who follow the crops and weather.'

The other stuff I didn't address - I'd like to review the entire bill before votes are taken...

Anonymous said...

So, Francis, all workers are not to be treated equally? Are you suggesting that "migrant" workers should be paid less, and if so, for what reason? I was a construction worker who worked all over the state-we'd be out of town for weeks at a time. That means I should have been worth less? Are you making ethnic distinctions? Why should farmers per se get the government's help in a labor market their own children won't participate in?
"The Federation for American Immigration Reform, which has pushed for legislation against legal and illegal immigration, argues that farmers already have "access to all the foreign labor that they want."
"Our view has been there is no shortage of labor in the United States," Media Director Ira H. Mehlman said. "What you have is a main industry that decided it doesn't want to compete in the local market for labor."
Mr. Mehlman argues that hiring illegal workers is a way for farmers to get out of paying equitable wages and benefits, while shortchanging the tax system and ignoring federally enforced working conditions.
"The federal government shouldn't be regarded as a personnel agency, to provide you with workers you want, at the time you want them, at wages you want to pay them," Mr. Mehlman said.
From WDT 10/12/08

Anonymous said...

Dan Francis for State Senate.

PS -- The bill is S5212, a bill number that will live in infamy when there are no farms left in the North Country.

The other ignonimous number -- One -- as in the "Upstate One," or the One vote that could have stopped this disaster, and those listed in PIV's original post: our current Senator and would-be congressman, Darrel Aubertine.

"He'll do for us in Washington what he did to us in Albany."


Anonymous said...

6:47 In our group-think schools we've now educated another generation of youth who believe government is the answer to all problems. Pop culture pumps the same crap all day long; have fun, make babies, borrow some more money, American Idol, and get your belly pierced asap. Our news people are activists, in bed with every special interest out there. Not a serious question is asked. Obama must decide what the most "enchanting" thing he's seen since his coronation, and this from the New York Times, an institution we depend upon to ask real questions. This is why we are now a one party state, and soon to be nation.

Not that the elephants didn't deserve their recent slap. They pretty much stood for nothing the last few years. But one party rule is here to stay. I'm just hoping Obama can print some more money for next year. NYS will need some more, with Shelly living the dream as he does. We need about three or four more years of annual stimulation.

Anonymous said...

When corporate farms have to pay a fair wage the shroud of their so called efficiency will be removed.

Anonymous said...

9:05- it's a gov't subsidized form of slave labor. We imported Chinese to build our railroads, we imported Mexicans under the Bracero program more than once, we use prisoners (I know, I know) for cheap labor, Colorado hires out their prisoners for $10-12 /hr to farmers, and pays the prisoners about $.60 of that. That's capitalism for sure. I understand that a lot of pressure is put on local farmers who have difficulty with expenses. Talk to Darrel about an amendment to the bill exempting family farms with only a few hired hands. Tie the wage package to the gov't subsidies that a lot of farms get. Get the right visas out, and get the supervision under control. As usual, the answer lies somewhere in the middle of the argument, not at either extreme.

John Peck said...

Anon 5:43 But your tongue you liberal union jockey! I am a dairy farmer, I don't want to receive 9.00 for a hundred pounds of milk. I pay my employees $5/hr for milking and $7 for doing hay and other harder forms of manual labor. Farmers are an independent group of people and see unions as an evil more than a good. Farming is a strictly seasonl job that is dependent on the weather and many circumstances that are completely out of our control. A ski lift owner sets public hours. Construction work is seasonal and higher paying. Whether you are a small farm or a larger farm it doesn't matter, were all in the same boat. Our expenses our similar in that we need to buy the same things. Our economies of scale are different, but that is a matter of choice for each farmer to be as big or small as they want. I don't want a tax break subsidy, or any government assistance. Because they do exist I take advantage of them. I would be a fool not too. But I would rather be givem a fair price for my product instead of recieving the MILC program. I would rather be able to pay my employees a better wage, but at present they are paid more than I pay myself! I am utilizing what little savings I have to keep up on my bills. How dare you think that all farms are the same and that this is a business that should be regulated in the same manner as any corporation. This proves how far backwards we have come in American society that we now view the farmer as the enemy instead of the friend and provider for those who can't sustain themselves. The NYS Government is a failure! And if this bill passes I shall NOT continue to farm here after nearly 200 years of farming in Jefferson County. I wouldn't be able to afford it and I am sick to death of being controlled by a liberal no nothing Democratic Party centered in NEW YORK CITY who comes to NNY and buys out our election districts with people who say they represent us and then don't!

Dan Francis said...

For: Anonymous 8:21 ... I never said anything like you try to imply I said ... hiding behind this Anonymous moniker and slinging your crap is pretty low, and that's a fact.

Come out and ID yourself and then we can debate, but not under this cover of bullsh*t ...

I know and appreciate people posting Anonymously, but not to use that "right" to insult, degrade or flatout lie about posters who aren't afraid to say who they are or what they stand for.

You are simply pathetic.

~ dmf

Dan Francis said...

Dean Norton, in his piece to the WDT, nails the issue in simple and stark terms ... is anyone listening?

Overtime Pay for Farmworkers - Bad Law for All Concerned

Anonymous said...

Dan, I thought I was pathetic. Now you're saying HE is pathetic. Even us pathetic people have feelings, ya know.

Now that I can't be the Car Czar,
I want to be Pathetic.

A man can dream, can't he?

I agree with your statements about being personal, Dan. I've been doing better of late in avoiding that practice. I will not, however, cease to hide behind my anonymous blanket of cowardice.

Anonymous said...

UGHHH OHHH IV....UR favorite scape goat (Senate Dems) are gone....who are you going to blame for the states woes now?

Dan Francis said...

Anon 4:11> I'd make an exception for you based on that post... LOL.

Anonymous said...

12:37 PM
This state and country of MTV and Saturday Night Live koolaid conosaurs will not understand what they are doing and have done until the country is hungry. I left the ag business a few years back because I refused to work for nothing.Now I keep a few beefers and chickens for personal use the rest of the country can kiss my a**. Now i'm done work at 5, weekends off and have all the vacation time I want.When enough farmers give it up this country will smarten up in a hurry.You will see this phenomenom very soon.

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