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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Selection Process By Contrast

The selection process for the candidates in the race for the 23rd Congressional seat are mightily different between parties.

The GOP is having a very open process, as open as the process for selecting a candidate in a special election allows. The 11 county GOP committees have decided to hold 4 regional meetings for committee members to meet the candidates and ask questions of them in an open forum. The committee members will then have a say as their county chairperson is asked to cast a vote.

The regional GOP committee meetings as follows - for committee members.
7/7 Southern Area Meeting: Counties of Fulton, Hamilton, 6:00 at Zeiser Restaurant, Speculator
7/9 Western Area Meeting: Counties of Madison, Oswego, and Oneida, 6:30 at Schneibles Restaurant, Verona Beach
7/14 Central Area Meeting: Counties of Lewis, Jefferson, and St Lawrence, 6:00 at VFW, Gouverneur
7/16 Northern Area Meeting: Counties of Clinton, Essex and Franklin, 6:00 at T/Plattsburgh Town Hall, Plattsburgh

Two front runners are emerging in a strong way for the nod; Matt Doheny is putting his money where his mouth is and Dede Scozzafava, who says it is time for her to make a move. Both candidates and the ultimate local party choice should be well served by such as open process.

By contrast, the Democrats appear to be running a smoke filled backroom process of selecting Darrel Aubertine as their candidate. Funny thing that Dan French, who aspired to the seat is no where to be seen and does not appear on anyone's radar, while John Sullivan flops on the dock like a fish. The Democrats will look to three county chairs from Jefferson, Oswego and St. Lawrence county for their punctilious answer, but the real answer is predetermined and the nod to their candidate comes by way of a tap on the shoulder from Washington, DC.

So as the Republicans air their selection process openly, WH political chieftain Rahm Emmanuel has polled the district, is setting up the organization for  Aubertine and raising the money for the race so we can be inundated with phony commercials.

The 23rd Congressional race is no different than the Great One meddling in the US Senate seat race, clearing the field for Gillibrand in that case.

Which process do you prefer; a selection by local folks or the White House ramming their candidate choice down your throat?


Earthbob said...

I prefer the process that is open to the public.

Are these meetings open to the General Public or, at least, party members.

If not, I prefer neither...

Anonymous said...

On another political note, today our politicians whiners chose not to stand during the national anthem just because the "other" party played it. One guy stood up but was pulled down by a tug on his pants and sat down by some jerk! Next election I will vote for a chipmunk if it decides to run. I will never vote for any incumbent now serving.

Anonymous said...

The Watertown Times reported that it NOT open to the public, and these meetings are open to committee members ONLY!

Dan Francis said...

Good run down.

I have spoken out about this race deveoping this way. I have contacted all 11 country chairs and insisted they keep the process fair, balanced, open, and public. Each has my resume (bio sheet) and yet... silence to date.

This race will be a mess I assure you that.

And, in view of IV's post, I must add this about the leading GOP candidate... to wit (WDT today):

The assemblywoman said she was "in the process of hiring" Mr. Howard Decker, but said they had not yet agreed on terms.

The fundraiser lives outside the district, but has "good connections" with the National Republican Congressional Committee, Ms. Scozzafava said.

So, as you all rant about the DEMS and their DNCC picking and funding locally, think about the outsiders SHE is hiring to do the exact same RNCC work, too? Then read the rest of the WDT article about her almost considering becoming a DEM... what's that all about?

Nothing changes the more it stays the same ...

The Q of who is best qualified and experienced and ready to serve everyone in this vast district is the issue, or should be the issue, not: who is in office now; not who has the most money or can raise the most OUTSIDE money; or other nonsense factors, but the most-serious considerations about knowledge of defense, intelligence, education issues for example should matter...

I've stated my case about being the best-qualified and one who knows this district front to back, who is well-prepared on many tough issues to serve the people, but it appears to be falling on deaf ears - and for the life of me, I can't figure that out. It goes against everything I've ever stood for...

— dmf

Dan Francis said...

FYI - from the Plattsburgh area.

EDITORIAL: Congressional seat up for grabs as never before

The voice from the Eastern part of the district...

— dmf

Dan Francis said...

From Roll Call in DC.

Self-Funder Enters Race to Replace McHugh

Starting to get wider attention.

... It must be the expected cost.

... Outside money, inside votes - what a combo?

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Dede will fire up the base. What Republican doesn't love to turn out for someone who's voted for gay marriage and excessive government spending?

Anonymous said...

Anyone that is too simplistic to figure out how to get the ears of only 11 party chairs from Northern NY, would be hopelessly lost in the quest for ANYTHING inside the Beltway.

(Actually, he only needs ONE ear from only SIX of those chairs. Let's see if he can figure THAT out!)

Another night of sitting in the limo, dressed in tux, with bouquet in hand, and not knowing the address where the party is held.

Nothing like spinning your wheels, sittin' at a keyboard, crying in despair to . . . well, NO ONE!

Anonymous said...

If Howard Becker is so smart, why isn't Jim Tedisco in Congress? And why is he no longer working for the Assembly?

Dan Francis said...

How can any "candidate" take his or her message to the voters at this stage? We don't even know what procedural system the Guv will choose - special election with chairs choosing their party's pick, or wait until November and have a wide open primary-general election smack down?

There are only two options...

Dan Francis said...

Boy talk about a motivating web page - check this out:

23rd District History: Shock Treatment

I remember talking about our CD history back in 1994 ... when I ran the first time (and the only CD race) and lost.

You're welcome

— dmf

Dan Francis said...

Maybe I can park this here and help the "democratic" process along (I know DEMS read this IV), - and for all my friends (and admirers (LOL) out there in Blog land - enjoy)...

50 years ago today...

~ dmf

Dan Francis said...

Changing tide: I advocate this - but that's just me thinking out loud [again]:

* We need a strong, viable, grass roots (not millionaire owned) National and State third party.

* That to me is the only solution to the death grip of the two major parties right now.

* Along with that, a few major changes like adding a recall provision to the constitution for all congressional members ... House and Senate...

* Then when we have stalemate and/or gridlock, we can toss them out and replace them in a timely fashion.

After all, they work for us, We, the People, right?

When citizens rise up, you just know they change their tune and rally to protect themselves and then sell themselves... we have to put a stop to their flim-flam game...

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Dan -- maybe you should have your own blog!!!!

Dan Francis said...

Anon. 9:47 - matter of fact, I have three up and running now - take a peek:

My General Topics Blog

23rd District and National Issues Blog

Detainee, Interrogation, and Torture Blog


~ dmf

Anonymous said...

DMF- when you get to Washington please address the Madoff Syndrome, where our gov't becomes a personal refund specialist for stupid investors.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 10:37... good link, but I think it's too late - it should have been caught on McHugh's watch, if congress acted to "help those ripped off by Madoff."

But, I'd look into it vis-รก-vis, fairness for ALL investors who get ripped off...

Easier link to that story.

Madoff Investors Get "Repaid?"

Dan Francis (Eyepublius) said...

* Interesting tidbit from "The Hill" article (July 5, 2009):

Obama’s Army pick nets $44M in earmarks

* Highlights:

"While McHugh has always asked for earmarks throughout his congressional career, he has never been considered a prolific earmark requester. Due to his position on the House Armed Services Committee and his representation of a district with high military presence, McHugh has also received generous campaign donations from defense contractors and lobbyists."

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