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Friday, July 3, 2009

Present - Oh Just Kidding, Not Physically

Senator Aubertine waved to the journal clerk on his way out the door heading home to Cape Vincent.

So, that means he was "present" without being physically present and in turn voting yes on any and all legislation brought before the session, essentially just becoming a rubber stamp for the NYC leadership.

He claims to have special permission from the Governor and Malcolm, but can they overturn a court order?

Below is the judgment ordering them into session, while it is dated for June 30th at 10:00, it specifies "...at extraordinary sessions (plural) of the Senate called by Petitioner..."

If the point of the court order is to keep them in Albany during the holiday weekend to make them work out their differences; what is Senator Aubertine doing at home and not in the chamber Thursday or Friday.



Dan Francis said...

I just posted about this (below someplace).

I'm not a lawyer, or maybe Guv Dave gave Sen. Darrel special permission, or whoever ran the Senate for day or so did?

But, hey, he's one of us, or at least on the Harry Houdini side of the family tree he's one of us?

"Abracadabra: Now you see him, now you don't. Poof."

He's here; no, he's not.

He's present; no, he's not.

He's in Cape Vincent, really? I guess? Did you see him?

Only in Darrel-speak, I guess.

— dmf

Dan Francis said...

Oh, I just read the "pen-change" w/in the Senate rules - so w/in those rules, Sen. Darrel was excused to go home?

I see, I see. Doing the people's work from home - neat.

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting the court document. Now we all see that "within senate rules" was penned in.

Dan Francis said...

Last question: "Who's senate rules" the old GOP-written ones; the "new" DEM-written ones; or the ones not yet agreed to (I assume the majority tries to change the rules - or the Senators don't like "their" rules changed?

I'm confused.

MadMitch said...

What "rule" allows you to say you're there when you're not?

Anonymous said...

What was his excuse for not being there today?????

Anonymous said...

The incumbant rule.

Anonymous said...

What was his excuse for not being there today?????

He had hay to bail and bullshit to spread.

Dan Francis said...

If you "make" the rules, you can break them.

Same for the laws they write:

"Make 'em / break 'em."

Anonymous said...

Didn't he have some relative standing in for him while he was up here for the weekend?

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