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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Good Process

The Republicans chose not to play footsy with the Democrats and selected their candidate yesterday; Dede Scozzafava. And now she awaits the decision from the Democrats who are in the back room making their decision.

The process for the GOP was deemed fair and open by everyone near the selection process including those who participated as candidates. A special election does not allow for a primary, therefore absent a primary this is the most open process possible.

It was a hard fought battle for the decision between Matt Doheny and Dede Scozzafava, taking three rounds of balloting by county committee chairs before a decision was reached.

Matt Doheny came to table serious about the selection and put a lot of time, energy and resources behind his bid, which caught Dede Scozzafava off guard. In the end the known candidate, Scozzafava, prevailed.

Doheny was gracious and a gentleman in the end as well, first by congratulating Dede and then by calling over 200 committee people last evening to thank them for participating in the process. Matt Doheny is a class act and if anyone paid attention to his brief campaign there was something to learn. The Republicans would be well served to embrace Doheny and keep him around.

The benefit of this process for the Republican's proved their bench is deeper than the Democrats, who only drag around on Darrel Aubertine's pant legs begging him to run for the next open seat. The GOP unearthed the likes of Doheny and Josh Lynch who have promising futures.

Congratulations Dede, you have a lot of pressure on you and hard work ahead of you in what will be a hard fought campaign.

Congratulation to the GOP for running a fair process.


Anonymous said...

Wow. 200 people. That is awesome. Nice to see a nice guy in the political arena for a change. Matt: Thanks for a making the race so interesting. I hope we see you running for something else down the road - you are a great asset for the district. All the best to you.

Dan Francis said...

I offer my congratulations to Dede, too.

Now, as soon as I am nominated, we can start debating the many tough and critical national, international, and district issues.

As for me, I will avoid personal attacks that are not only already underway, and predictable, but highly expected from the high-rollers at the DNC and RNC -

We can handle things locally as we debate, debate and debate some more in this short period of time. I mean real honest, old-fashioned Lincoln-Douglas style debate.

There is a lot on our nation's plate that directly impacts NYS and this district. I look forward to discussing those issues with you and the public as we search for the best ways to find solutions to our pressing problems.

Again, congrats and good health always - I look forward to meeting you.

— dan francis

Anonymous said...

"...the most open process possible"?

How about if the candidates actually spoke to the constituents instead of just to the committee members? And then letting the constituency contact the committee members with their recommendations/criticisms/ideas?

This process completely left the voters out. We didn't get to see the stances of the candidates on the topics we are interested in.

The only good thing I can say about it is my choice came out on top. However, she was primarily my choice because I didn't know a damn thing about anybody else.

Earthbob said...

A good process?

It wasn't a great process.

Given the time constraints, it was a mediocre process at best.

Process means time.

What would have made the Republican or Democrat Congressional Candidate Selection Process Great?

A District Party Caucus within each County, binding the County Chair People to that selection on the first Ballot when the County Chairs met.

Perhaps next time when these unusual circumstances arise again.

Anonymous said...

Caucuses can be rigged #4. Committee people are elected, and can be challenged and replaced. As a sitting committeeman I have been in races a few times.
This is a pretty good process, and saves the state $$$ to not have a primary

Dan Francis said...

Boy, oh, boy - the local GOP ain't gonna like this ... take a peek:

Conservative Party to Challenge Dede - Wheels Turning?

Ugleeeeee comes to mind.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Go Dede Go! The party is 100% behind you. I think you will be fabulous!

Anonymous said...

"I just wish the process were more transparent."

"It wasn't a great process."

Process this.


At least the Reps have given us a candidate. The Dems are still processing behind closed doors.

Earthbob said...

I don't recall the Republican doors being open, other.

Relatively speaking, the Republican Process was not as closed as the Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Relatively speaking, you're beginning to bore me.

Not you personally, the process.

Move on, will ya EB?

Anonymous said...

the process in Jefferson was about as open as it could be w/o a caucus or convention.

Matt is a straight shooter, I think he will be back. I was impressed w/him.

Anonymous said...

Please take a break all, I'm processing my lunch.

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