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Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Poll Notes

A number of new polls are out on a variety of issues:

New York State: Siena Poll

Governor Paterson had a slight uptick in his favorables (5% points) while his unfavorables remain high at 56%, which is virtually unchanged. Only 22% of those polled thought he was performing his job as excellent or good while 77% thought his performance was fair or poor.

The New York State Senate has reached it's highest unfavorable rating with the public at 74%.

Most people want to see a coalition leadership of the New York State Senate at 52%.

Here is one for Congressional candidates to pay attention to - same sex marriages is favored by voters 49 to 44%.

The United States headed in the right direction went for 62% in May to 49% in July, which is certainly a reflection on Obama's policies

National: USA Today/Gallup poll continues to have concerning news for the Great One and those who have hitched their wagon to his star, including a Democratic Congressional candidate in the 23rd District, it is not rising any longer. 

His overall approval rating was 55%, the lowest of his young presidency. That puts Obama 10th among the 12 post-World War II presidents at this point in their tenures. When he took office, he ranked 7th.
Rasmussen Reports show a potential 2012 match up between Romney and Obama tied at 45%.

And ABC/WaPo poll shows an increasing number of people view Barry as just another tax and spend Democrat.


Anonymous said...

Pres. Obama's poll numbers put him about the same place that Pres. Carter was at this stage in his presidency. We can only hope that this trend continues. I, for one, can only hope that he turns out to be the type of leader that Pres. Carter was.

Anonymous said...

Yes there wil be voter backlash until the next candidate promises "pie in the sky" then it will be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Obama will never be held accountable for his decisions. Media will protect him. They have too much at stake to allow him to be labeled as a failure. They are the ones who chose him in the first place.

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