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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

O Fatigue? And 23rd!

Yesterday in a post it was pointed out that the 23rd Congressional Race will be different than the 20th Congressional race when the country was still giddy over the great One.

There is more polling information out and it is consistent with the other recent polls, which show people are leery of the Obama administration's policies.

AP GfK Poll

The May polling showed 48% of the people polled thought the country was headed in the right direction while 46% thought the country was headed in the wrong direction. The July polling shows a reversal in the numbers at 40% and 54% respectively.

The same periods showed Obama had a 64% approval and a 32% disapproval and during the current poll the numbers are 55% and 42%.

Unemployment and the economy remain the issues with the highest importance followed by health care and the federal deficit - all issues that have been recently impacted by decisions or currently being dealt with by Obama and the Democratic Congress in Washington and people's view of Obama's handling is waning considerably.

These issues loom large in the upcoming election for the 23rd district. The Republican candidate, RNC  and NRCC will be critical of the Democrats handling of them, but that criticism should not be without their own ideas.

It will be interesting to watch Aubertine or whomever attempt to defend policies that are losing support with the public.


Dan Francis said...

This so-called "GOP attack" memo is hitting the airwaves. The site that posted it claims it is from the RNC in DC.

But if you read it carefully, I think you will reach the same conclusion that I did: it did not originate from DC for one blatant reason that I read.

- see if you can find the sentence that, I think, proves my point.

GOP Hit Exposed: Article and Memo Posted from TNA (The New Argument)

These attacks, from either side, are flat out wrong, and I hope people from both sides stop producing and airing them. I also hope the voters just ignore them...

Personal attacks, smear politics, and attack Ads do not work - do they?

— dmf

Earthbob said...

Cue the Reagan "Misery Index"...

Anonymous said...

Voters, when McHugh leaves there will be only one republican in the entire NY congressional delegation - leaving one voice for the opposition in NY. One more republican vote isn't needed by the Pelosi/Obama machine, their refacing of America will continue, but one more voice may prove to be beneficial to upstate. NY doesn't need another Obama rubber stamp in congress.

liberalandproudofit said...

There are currently 3 Republicans in NY's delegation, John McHugh in the 23rd, Pete King in the 3rd, and Christopher Lee in the 26th in Western NY.

Dede Scozzafava is WAY TO THE LEFT of Darrel Aubertine.

Dede supports Gay Marriage. She supports and is Pro-Choice. She is pro-union, her husband is a MAJOR LABOR LEADER! She is Pro-Legalization of Marijuana! We like Dede on the left.

We like her more than Darrel Aubertine. I like Dede and will vote for her, and once elected, I'm sure Democrats will continue to work to get her to join the party where her heart belongs, the Democratic Pary.

Anonymous said...

FACT. GfK Custom Research
North America is a 'dollar for hire', opinion taker. You tell them whom to poll and they do it for money. OK lets hire GfK Custom Research
North America, to survey 1000 white Americans in upscale neighborhoods who are Christian and have voted Republican in at least two of the last three election what they think of the Presidents policies. Surprise, surprise, just what I suspected the President is no good.
What garbage this site posts. What's next Hawaii's was annexed and then became a state therefore no one from there can possibly be a natural American. The 'birthers', could use an alien abduction right about now. Desperation is such an ugly business.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, Dan. Attack ads as well as campaigns, seem to work just fine. We've been subject to years of the "hate" Bush dogma, with the final result being a huge donkey win at all levels of government. And as Earthbob says, Reagan's misery index did result in victory. (I didn't and don't view it as an attack theme, but it did work)

Attacking people has always seemed to work. Palin certainly wasn't destroyed by honest debate.

Maybe I'm wrong. It just looks to me like the path to victory follows hollow, personal, unsupportable attacks that a lazy and biased media will gladly repeat.

DownStateOperative said...

I wonder how Bruno feels about Dede's gay marriage stance?

hermit thrush said...

it's very interesting to see so much focus on polling around here lately. don't real conservatives believe you shouldn't govern based on polls? we seemed to hear that over and over from mr. 20-some-odd-percent.

Anonymous said...

I don't blame you, Kerm. The way things are going I wouldn't want to talk about polls either.

Don't fret, it's not a big deal. The big problem is going to come when all the bills come due. Polls will then be the least of your concerns.

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