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Saturday, July 4, 2009


Website - Aubertineforcongress.com  is a register website, but is it the real deal or a hoax?

The site is register to Ken Girardin.

Republican activist, working on 2 GOP races and young Republican's Club at RPI

  • Campaign Manager and Strategist at Chris Laing for Assembly
  • Volunteer Coordinator at Mike Rocque for Congress 
  •  RPI College Republicans
Seems hard to believe that Senator Aubertine would cross the aisle to have an active Republican register and prepare his website.  


Earthbob said...

Holy "TheAddieTax.Com" Batman!

Anonymous said...

There's no difference between the two parties anyway, The State senate has showed us that.

Dan Francis (Eyepublius) said...

* A minor glitch; an oversight; a misunderstanding; or maybe another miscommunication; or, and I'm only guessin' here - mistaken identity?

LiberalLaugh said...

Politics is of no concern when you register a site and then offer it for sale. The kid just wants to make a couple bucks. How hard is that to figure out?

Kinda like buying a rose for a nickel and selling it for two bucks.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if it's real or not, but it's not that surprising. I know lots of Republicans who voted for Aubertine.

Anonymous said...

One more angle: maybe this is just more "dirty politics" like that DeeDee as a DEM movement Blog?

Anonymous said...

"I don't know if it's real or not"

Is this your first day on the internets?

Huh? You don't know it is real? Google the address and you will find it is real, Duh.

People speculate in registering domains. This guy is now the proud owner of aubertineforcongress.com and now he can do what he pleases with it. Either he will use it himself, sell it to the highest bidder or simple let it lapse.

Is this your first day on the internet, PIV?, calling it a hoax? Trust me PIV it is real. I can see it with my own eyes right there in front of me. Your smoking too many of your flowers, dude.

I just registered grayforlegislator.com. Wanna make me an offer?

Anonymous said...

Hey there 8:17 you're a brain surgeon.

No one ever said it was not real.

The question - is someone trying to play a trick on Aubertine.

Get a grip you simpleton

Dan Francis said...

Another site weighs in with coverage of this upcoming race.

"Our Campaigns: NY Dist 23"

Four photos to date posted there. Can't tell who the sponsor is, but it's there.

— dmf

Dan Francis said...

From the Rome Sentinel - some district race coverage.

Dan Francis in the Race

— dmf

Dan Francis said...

From CQ - our district race news.

Another Republican Leaps in the Race

Getting crowded, isn't it? LOL

— dmf

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