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Thomas Jefferson

Monday, July 20, 2009


Obama keeps apologizing for everything and to anyone for the past eight years. The real question becomes who will apologize for Obama and his policies?


Obama's approval numbers are trending downward.

Trend where available:
a. The economy
          -------- Approve --------   ------- Disapprove ------     No   
          NET   Strongly   Somewhat   NET   Somewhat   Strongly   opinion
7/18/09   52       29         23      46       10         35         3
6/21/09   56       28         28      41       13         27         3  
4/24/09   58       31         28      38       13         25         4
3/29/09   60       34         25      38       12         26         3
2/22/09   60       NA         NA      34       NA         NA         6
b. Health care
          -------- Approve --------   ------- Disapprove ------     No   
          NET   Strongly   Somewhat   NET   Somewhat   Strongly   opinion
7/18/09   49       25         24      44       11         33         7  
6/21/09   53       27         26      39       10         29         9  
4/24/09   57       NA         NA      29       NA         NA        13
c. The federal budget deficit
          -------- Approve --------   ------- Disapprove ------     No   
          NET   Strongly   Somewhat   NET   Somewhat   Strongly   opinion
7/18/09   43       19         24      49       11         38         8
6/21/09   48       22         26      48       13         35         5  
4/24/09   51       NA         NA      43       NA         NA         7
3/29/09   52       NA         NA      43       NA         NA         5


Anonymous said...

There will be no need for the Great One to apologize or explain. Whether it's next year, in 2012 or in 2016; it will still be Bush's fault. His type never takes responsibility for their actions. Hell, who does? The psychobabble that has ruined our education system and is responsible for at least two 'lost' generations has taugh us all that someone else is ALWAYS the cause of our problems.

Obama in 2012! O!

Anonymous said...

No argument with 11:32, but with one addition. Media will support the Great One no matter what the outcome of these "programs". With that slant constantly being applied, it will be a long time before any unbiased evaluation will be done on Obama's moves. And as 11:32 says, our people are so stupid they either don't care or don't see the bias around them. Remember our Froggish friend. He thought the media was largely balanced and fair. He isn't/wasn't alone.

Anonymous said...

Cryptozoology Independent Voice. 'CIV'

PIV, since you are dealing mostly in fantasy and science fiction on this blog how about a name change to reflect the nature of the posts here.

hermit thrush said...

of course obama's been running up big deficits, as he should! by some measures, our economy has just suffered its biggest shock since the great depression. and with the fed having already cut interest rates to essentially zero -- meaning there's essentially nothing more that can be done in terms of monetary policy -- the only tools that remain are fiscal. but our conservative friends would much rather the government sit on its thumbs while the economy spirals into oblivion.

the greater threat to obama's legacy remains that he's done too little to combat the recession, not too much.

Anonymous said...

Hermit raises a most important issue in his last statement about doing too little. There is an immediate need for a second stimulus now. What has been done to this point has worked exactly as Pres. Obama had planned, but it has proven to be a bit short.

My concern is that Congress will balk at this notion. That idiot Reid has already gone on record that a second stimulus isn't needed. These politicians are not concerned about the future of the country, but only their own political futures.

"..some men in this world are born to do our unpleasant jobs for us....." To Kill A Mockingbird

Anonymous said...

Well, in a way, I guess if we want to really go down in flames, we might as well print some more money and spend it. It won't bother me much either way.

As far as things going "as planned" 8:37,, I have to question whether the unemployment figures are what the Great One had in mind. It certainly wasn't the story he gave us when this spending was proposed.

Tell your kids to roll over. They're done on this side.

Nice to hear from the Frog.

Anonymous said...

Obama inherited a $1.3 trillion deficit spending plan from Bush, which btw included $700 billion in the first round of bailout money.

Ergo: if Obama didn't do anything, which is what the GOP advocates, that deficit would be $9 trillion in 10 years; not $1.3 trillion.

But, by doing what he is doing, Mr. Obama will in fact reduce that projection over 10 years to $7 trillion (with the recovery money and TARP kicking in) - which is a lot of money, but still reduces the Bush deficit budget over those same 10 years by $2 trillion...

Doesn't that matter to you? Apparently not if you're a GOPer.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that the Dems are noy running short on Koolaid.

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