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Thomas Jefferson

Monday, July 27, 2009

Another Misunderstanding?

Senator Aubertine in a WWNY interview said,

"No.  No I didn't (have a meeting).  The Governor and I haven't had any conversations revolving around my decision to run or not run for congress."

But the Daily News reports,

"He was leaning against running, but the calls from the governor and Sampson definitely put him over the top," a D.C. source said.


Anonymous said...

Ha, DA can't remember what he had for lunch PIV. Forget about who he meets with. He is about as clueless as our Governor, which is saying a lot.

Can't wait to vote all him out.

Jeff Graham said...

So what if the Governor did call him....It was his decision and by reaching it DA gives IV's party a likely win in a race they were in danger of losing.
Just wise up and get those anti Darrel ads and robocalls off...your party is behaving "stupidly"

Anonymous said...

Gotta run the Miss Understanding pix again, PIV!

Earthbob said...

An Anti-Aubertine Robo Call.

An Anti-Aubertine Mailer.

An Anti-Aubertine TV Ad.

These NRCC Strategies, given Aubertine IS NOT running for Congress, are vapid.

The absent minded strategy is just as insipid.

Perro de Presa said...

There's a recession and the NRCC is running ads that serve no purpose...or do they? I guess one could spin it that they may have been a preemptive strike to scare DA out of running...and, they can be used to remind folks of choice they made in electing DA last year, twice. The latter seems a bit invalid since he will not be running again until 2014...right?

Anonymous said...

Why are so many Dems worried about how elephants spend their money? You'd think it was your own.

Anonymous said...

"Vapid" -- what a great word!

Earthbob said...


I thought the two parties were too big to fail!

Anonymous said...

Um no he is running again in 2010 for the senate seat.They will stop running as soon as what they paid for is done. They had already spent the money so they couldn't stop the ads and mailers.

Anonymous said...

I dunno Mayor. Listening to comments by other Dems, and talking to anyone on the street, it's pretty clear that Darrel had a stunning reversal on teh congressional race. What caused it? What did downstate leaders promise/threaten? Did Darrel cave --once again-- to pressure from his NYC bosses? What role did Paterson play?

How come our intrepid media isn't asking these questions?

Anonymous said...

Is a call the same as a meeting?

Dan Francis said...

Kinda fits here (understanding or not)...

We all know Dede's view on "gay marriage - she's for it." I have had some calls for my view.

My View from June 19, 2007

In case you wondered.

— dmf

Perro de Presa said...


I think that the gay marriage debate is a waste of time, energy and resources. Who cares what two people do with their personal lives?! I do not. Frankly, time should be spent on real, tangible issues that we all face.

hermit thrush said...

perro de presa,
what could be a more "real, tangible" issue than the freedom to marry who you want? i mean, choosing a spouse (or not to have one) is probably the most important decision we make in our entire lives! i, like you, support same-sex marriage and wish we could immediately legalize it and move on to other things. but it remains illegal in nys and most of the nation. and until that changes, it will remain an issue of the utmost importance and urgency. the status quo, even though it directly impacts only 3-some-odd percent of the population, is too gross a violation of freedom and justice to stand for.

Perro de Presa said...


to put it another way...it is a damn shame that we have to waste time on this issue...i do not care what others do, as i don't want them to care what i do (a libetarian perspective, i guess)...we have too much else to worry about and work on.

Anonymous said...

Red Alert - Red Alert:

Can't Get the GOP Nomination. Try the DEMS...


— "One Who Tracks this Stüff"

Anonymous said...

I gotta an idea Klemit. If someone says something that bothers you, just ignore it. I kinda like Perro's comments and hope he continues.

Get over yourself.
Too much time in the sun.

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