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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Message From Senator Darrel Aubertine

June 18th message from Senator Darrel Aubertine.

“We cannot continue to delay the people’s business. The time to act is now but the Senate Republican Leadership continues to insist on Pedro Espada’s leadership, which is unacceptable. He is a member of the Senate, but not suitable in our eyes to be one step away from presiding over this state as governor," Aubertine said in a statement.

“The New York State Senate needs leadership, not a boss. Now is the time for my colleagues in the Republican Conference to step up and say ‘no’ to continued efforts to put a man in charge of the Senate who is under investigation. This is not in the best interest of the people of the state of New York.

“I am calling on my colleagues in the Senate Republican Conference, especially the Upstate members, to join us and work around the misguided leadership of Pedro Espada to move legislation critical to the needs of the people we represent. We must put people ahead of politics. Pedro Espada’s personal power should not be more important than the needs of the people we represent.

“I believe that many members of the Senate Republican Conference are more principled than the few who put Pedro Espada’s individual authority over the people we represent. Together, we can move forward with a power sharing agreement that does not allow a handful of bosses led by Pedro Espada 
to put their own agenda over what is best for our state and the people we represent.”

The statement from Darrel Aubertine speaks for itself and speaks to his own lack of principle (his words not mine) now that he has turned this issue around and supports Pedro Espada who he vilified as "misguided leadership" and "not suitable." 

Read the story here Newswatch 50


k.muschell said...

The last phrase of Senator Aubertine’s comment is very poignant. In Cape Vincent Senator Aubertine wrote a letter to the town board telling them it is their responsibility, to make decisions for their constituents and the community. This vote involved turbine setbacks, Darrel had a financial interest in the outcome of this vote.
A conflicted politician advises a conflicted board, to vote, because he “feels” that it is ethically proper .In Darrel’s letter to CVTB, he also stated "governing by referendum is unwise". Darrel always puts his own agenda first.

Anonymous said...

That was ages ago folks,now that pedro has saw the light he will be just fine now he just misunderstood.Hahaha give me a break they all suck, every dam one of them!!!!

Earthbob said...

The New York State Senate has made ethics a cornerstone of their Sessions, which in turn has already caused a priority on ethics to trickle down into public and private companies.


Many businesses have already responded directly or indirectly by shifting their overall business strategy......OUT OF NEW YORK STATE!

Dan Francis said...

From WDT editorial today and I totally agree and have said so at this forum. That SUMMARY:

"Yet, all has been forgotten. Sen. Espada is now one of the three most powerful men in state government."

And, despite Sen. Darrel's hollow words, he and Espada are “One of them” - not “One of us.”

— dmf

Dan Francis said...

FYI: this post and quote is what I posted about last night at this forum - subject below is "SHAKE DOWN."

Just for the record

Aubertine Advises the GOP to not accept Espada

* This is not anti-Aubertine sour grapes or whatever a party hack will label it — it's pro-leadership and brother, he don't got it! IMHO.

— dmf

Dan Francis said...

Allow me to toss this on the table:

Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr., one of five Democrats who voted against the bill, all but said his "no" vote was retaliation against DiNapoli.

His quote that should get him booted out of office, but won't is this:

"If people think it was because of that (retaliation), I would say marvelous," Diaz, of the Bronx, said.

Diaz Story in Detail

What a scum bag - sorry, but public officials DO NOT vote out of anger or retaliation or spite... they vote in the best interest of the people, state, and public good. Diaz failed bigtime with that stupid statement.

~ dmf

Dan Francis said...

This is why at this point I support the Guv...

* Paterson told the AP:

"It is so blatantly quid pro quo that it borders on the boundaries of illegality."

(Paterson was referring to perks that were used to lure lawmakers to change their allegiances).

* He continued:

"[and] because no one is saying anything about it, it's becoming acceptable . . . it's becoming very dangerous."

(He revealed that on Thursday night a state senator threatened to jump to another party if Paterson didn't put a specific bill on the agenda).

~ and yet we stand by and let the press releases peddle the bullsh*t back home.

~ I'm beside myself trying to figure out why or how people back home can be so gullible?

~ it is all very worrisome.

— dmf

Political IV said...

Yes Dan correct. I thought it was a very good post and worthy of being brought forward.

Anonymous said...

As was posted yesterday, Darrel Aubertine is a joke personally and professionally.

He won an election based upon class warfare over a much more qualified opponent (Barclay) and then beat Renzi due to overwhelming Obama tide. He's never succeeded on his own...

How well has those decision served the people of NNY? Higher taxes, more spending, more regulation and less benefits.

Senator, where is our share? Where is our stimulus money? Where are our jobs...

Darrel, I've voted for you before, but I won't do it again. Not for Congress, Senate or Assembly.

Dan Francis said...

Thanks, Ivy...

The spin cycle is just starting ... so get your "waders" out -

No joke: this pair $69.00


~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Great post IV!!! Isn't this the same "aw shucks" mop-haired puppy dog who said he'd put people before politics?
Darrell campaigned against those who he said owned the Salmon River, well---it seems those who own the LOwer Hudson River OWN HIM and all the sandy land beneath his furry feet!
Darrell needs to be sent back to Cape Vincent where he can't do us any more harm, to sit back and collect his wind royalties.
Congress?? Ha Ha Ha! and how is he qualified?

Anonymous said...

I think there was a deal. Darrell voted for Perdo in exchange for the NYPA chairmanship.....

Anonymous said...

Oh it was a misunderstanding I'm sure

Anonymous said...

I say Darrell should run for Congress. There he can be among a much larger pool of like minded idiots.

Dan Francis said...

This is what every citizen in this district must copy, print and put on their 'frig door...

"Now, the Senate Democrats depend on the loyalty of their new majority leader, freshman Sen. Pedro Espada. The Bronx Democrat flipped to create the coalition June 8 only to flip back Thursday to recreate the Democratic majority, each time exacting a powerful title over loyal rank-and-file senators."

"Many Democrats hate him."

"Most don't trust him."

"But all nonetheless accepted him to get the majority back."

* The ALL is the critical point of this story - and the last time I looked, ALL means our Senator, too, doesn't it?

NY Senate Feud Rooted In Ugly Politics

— dmf

Anonymous said...

amen Dan! it's going up on my fridge!

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