"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Great Empire State

Dede Scozzafava can stop going into all these convoluted explanations of what is happening to her family's business, people will glaze over.

Here is the short and sweet answer: New York is a difficult place to create jobs and do business! 

Further, as the state and federal governments lurch more to the left it will become even more expensive for business owners to survive.

So here is a memo to ya' Dede - tell business owners that you understand, share and experience their anguish first hand. And whomever else wants to criticize you, someone should ask them how many jobs they have created.

If they need proof of how difficult it is to do business in NYS point them right here. Cost of Business Index

"Cost is a major consideration when a company chooses a state. We looked at the tax burden, including individual income and property taxes, business taxes, even the gasoline tax. Utility costs can add up to a huge expense for business, and they vary widely by state. We also looked at the cost of wages and state workers’ compensation insurance, as well as rental costs for office and industrial space."

New York ranked the 50 out of 50 in the cost of doing business and cost of workforce categories, 47 of 50 in cost of living and 42 of 50 for business friendliness.


Anonymous said...

So you are telling her to be an arrogant prick? Nice.
She would best shy away from any of your advice.

Perro de Presa said...

I love how the "delta bravo" mud-flingers so willingly publicly insinuate that Dede owes almost 200k in taxes...oh, wait...her brother does...oh, wait...the investment arm does...oh, wait...Nice and classy, folks! The taxes are owed by someone else altogether, and quite frankly, anyone who can read and write beyond a 5th grade reading level knows it. Thanks mud-flingers for insulting the intelligences of those who are paying attention.

Anonymous said...

No, I think PIV's advice was to have Dede remind NY voters of what they have already done to themselves.

Many people do like to look the other way. I'll count you in that group, 7:12.

Jeff Graham said...

We all hope her business encounters have impressed upon the need to oppose cap n; trade and single payer health care.....
Trying and coming up short is not a sin, unless of course you learn nothing from the experience.....
I will agree with the florist on this one.

Jeff Graham said...

What are the 8 states that are less business friendly ?

Dan Francis said...

From that report:

* NYS is dead last in "Cost of Doing Business Here" ouch, but other things cannot be discounted like (we are):




Those things matter because NYS still appeals in name and stature to millions.

And, yes, we have to work on the last place finish in DOING BUSINESS HERE category for sure..

Sound bytes don't work - how about better people in office who will?

~ dan francis

Anonymous said...

I don't know about those positive rankings, Dan. We have a legion of state employees whose job is to tell everyone how wonderful other state employees are doing in certain areas of the economy. Look on the back of those recently minted quarters. Iowa claims "excellence in education". It all depends on how strong your advocacy groups are. We are second to none in that department. I'll bet we rank right up there in telling our kids they have to move out of state to continue their life too. We should be proud.

Political IV said...


That only means we are spending plenty on Tech and Innovation and not attracting jobs as well as educating our youth and then exporting them to other states.

Anonymous said...

The exportation of our youth will continue until we learn to make NYS more business friendly, Listen up, the alphabet agencies are there to help there friends, and themselves, dissolve them start over.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 6:58 and IVY 8:10 .... I realize that -

As I said, "Sound bytes don't work - how about better people in office who will?"

Ponder this while you're at it -

The rich have never had it so good


~ dmf

Earthbob said...

In the 1970's Jefferson County and Ireland shared a common problem: Rural Outmigration.

The location of the 10th Mountain Division to Fort Drum mitigated that problem to a large degree.

This redeployment was accomplished with the unparalleled leadership and cooperation of local, county, state and federal governments.

Both Republican and Democrat governments coordinated, communicated and cooperated.

Assistance to operate in a regulated environment was available. The "Free Trade Zone" is an example.

Regional liason organizations, that I hopefully wrote about in a 1977 Report, still exist.

If you are solving a problem, you are creating an asset.

Both parties wring their hands and complain.

In fact, as they spend millions in negativity, they are fiddling as the North Country economy BURNS.

Section 8 (a) is an example. It allows for Alaskan Native Corporations to systematically preclude North Country firms from contracts.

There is a solution.

When 8 (a) was voted on during the Reagan Administration there was a Geographic Set Aside Provision.

The North Country has Canada on its West and North. The Adirondack Park borders the East.

Our firms need action, not chest thumping or horn blowing.

Action speaks louder than words. This requires person hours and filling in the blanks.

What is the feedback from local, county, state and federal representatives since 1993?

Either their eyes glaze over or they provide a verbose response that sounds supportive, but means maybe.

"The Great New York State" is us.

This will not be resolved with negative blattings or JELL-O like responses.

Which Congressional Candidate is going to pick up the mantle and resolve this particular problem?

Which political party is going to divert funds from their negative ads to assist their candidate in solving this problem?


That would require communication, coordination and cooperation in "The Great New York State".

Paging a Leader.

Is there a Leader out there?

(thump, thump)

Is this on?

Anonymous said...

She already is arrogant. No one has to tell her to be.

Anonymous said...

The expansions at Ft. Drum have have been a boom to upstate it has just masked a serious problem in ths state not limited to the north country. New York is not a good place for business. In NY the CITY and its suburbs has been flush with cash from the financial markets, Albany is gorging on state workers' payrolls. Until politicians in state government are changed, they will never care about any other parts of the state.

Dan Francis said...

A trip to Albany and the State Department of Education will turn anyone's views against "big,
ineffective and 'top heavy' government (multi-layers where you can't get to anyone in charge of anythimng) in a heart beat as soon as you enter that "ivory" Palace and try to find someone, anyone in charge of

I know, I have - you can't.

Anonymous said...

I said that before, Dan. Just go to Albany. Look at the State Ed building. You'll need a wide angle lens to see it all. Seeing that building will tell you all you need to know about the State of NY, education spending in particular. You will have no further questions about anything. It is the most amazing monument to crap I have seen in my lifetime.

Anonymous said...

"What is the feedback from local, county, state and federal representatives since 1993?
Either their eyes glaze over or they provide a verbose response that sounds supportive, but means maybe.""
The feedback from local residents hasn't been sparkling either.
I went to the public meeting at JCC a few years ago held by the C of C and the Center for Community Studies I think, and listened to Michael Kinsley tell us how we could benefit from the $$ flowing into FT Drum. I am still waiting for all the tortises on the City Council to get the same ideas at the same meeting. Bradley left in frustration, and is so frustrated on the sidelines that he runs again.
But why should the political big shots come here? There is no large positive vocal base that I know of, only backbiting on sites like this one.

Anonymous said...

6:43, no sarcasm intended, but what do you mean by that statement? I don't understand what you are advocating.

Anonymous said...

As if we didn't need another nail in the coffin, so to speak, But the Heidi award will certainly drive another one home, and to think it started righ in Jefferson Co. Thanks Mr. Tingley.

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