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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Quote of the Day

"National Democrats will likely pressure the chairmen to pick Aubertine, whom they believe would be best able to steal the seat."

From The Hill


LiberalLaugh said...

The best quote from the Article was:

“The ideological center of the district is not way, way to the right,” said Kristi Andersen, a political scientist at Syracuse University. The seat has long been a Republican bastion, drawn around LAKE ERIE to encompass as much rural territory as possible.

“This has been gerrymandered, essentially, by Republicans to skip all the cities,” Andersen added.

She must learned her politics from Jefferson's Leaning Left and her geography from Mayor Graham


Dan Francis said...

I hope sincerely that the "national" Democrats and/or the NYS Democrats apply any pressure for this race - it must NOT be "politics as usual."

To do so, would be to take away one more block that holds our fragile democratic foundation in place and right now that 4-corner foundation has only two shakey corners left. IMHO

— dmf

Anonymous said...

LiberalLaugh.....it's Lake Ontario, not Lake Erie. Open your atlas the next time you're going to comment on how the district has been gerrymandered.

Anonymous said...

I believe LL was recalling a quote from the article made by the renowned political scientist, Kristi Andersen. I am pretty sure LL knows it's Lake Ontario and not Lake Erie. I think he was drawing attention the knowledge base at Syracuse University.

Anonymous said...

On most of LL's posts, I don't understand what he is trying to say. Can't say I disagree as I don't understand his point in the first place.

And Dan, you "hope the Dems apply any pressure...". I'm confused on what that means as well.

Dan Francis said...

... "NOT" apply any pressure - typo ... oops... thanks Anon 4:18.

So, all outsiders: keep away - we can handle this just fine, right?


~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Dan will give more people in government a headache than any other candidate, with the possible exception of Mr Bonner. It's either Bart or Dan.

Unhappy bureaucrats. In a perfect world, that would be my standard.

All the major news networks would have to open an office in Watertown. Talk about creating jobs.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I thought Dede's hubby, Ron McDougal had greased the DEM skids for her... but I guess that fell through with the GOP picking up the slack, right?


Dan Francis said...

This is a rather long post - enjoy:

Based on this story and the two main links therein, just gets juicier and juicier as links are discovered. It makes me I wonder exactly how it all went down, as they say, but more importantly, why?

Background: NY Democrats expressed serious interest in recruiting, Assemblywoman, Dede Scozzafave, as their nominee for Rep. John McHugh’s seat, but nagging questions over her unpaid taxes drove them away, according to a Democratic operative familiar with the recruitment process. Scozzafava by most accounts is a moderate in the state Assembly who has alienated conservatives over her support for abortion rights and gay marriage. Scozzafava acknowledged that aspect of the story to POLITICO.

Her husband, Ron McDougal

McDougal was a Democrat, now turned Independent, and a leading labor official in upstate New York, had multiple conversations with local and national Democratic officials who were interested in recruiting her into the race as a Democrat.

Then add this gasoline to the that fire from the NY Daily News

From June O'Neill

O'Neill confirmed reports that Scozzafava's husband had indeed talked with key local Democrats and union heads about the possibility of his wife running on Row A if the party's presumed first choice, state Sen. Darrel Aubertine, takes a pass.

Further, added O'Neill, this wasn’t the first time the Democrats have spoken to Scozzafava about switching sides.

* My wondering was clarified by this recent unauthorized and non-approved NSA wiretap:

“Ring, ring, ring ...”

“Hallo. Diss iz da DC office of da combined DNC and AFL-CIO Team, Don Trumpet, Acting Chief of Upstate NY Recruiting speaking. How can I help ya?”

“Err, yes, Don, this is Ron, Ron McDougal from Upstate NY. I am a labor leader representing Central Trades. I’d like to talk to you all about getting an endorsement for NY Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava to replace John McHugh whom President Obama has nominated as the next Secretary of the Army. I need to say right up front that she is a strong moderate-to-liberal Republican serving in a very conservative district. A district, I might add where no Democrat has ever served in Congress since the late 1850’s – yes, that’s right, the late 1850’s. So, I was wondering – how respective are you all to that idea? By-the-way, I can guarantee you that she will have 100% labor support from this area, just like McHugh always got. So, what cha’ think, eh?”

“Well, Ron, I see, I see. So, dare ain’t no Dems up around dare who is willing or able to run – iz dat 'bout right?”

“Well, no, not exactly. There are a few old party hacks who have run in the past and lost – you know that 1850’s thingy I mentioned before. And, a few others who no one knows, or let alone cares much about, or would trust with the keys to all that power in DC, even if they were a Republican with minority status. (laughter, laughter). But, all joking aside, I know and we up here hope that if you were to lock her in place that it will show the RNC how strong we still are in Upstate NY – what cha’ think about that aspect, eh, Don, old buddy?”

“Tell you what, Ron; it is Ron, right? Can we get back to you? Say in a few days. I has to run this past the White House and Mr. Rahm Emanuel – you understand dat, don't cha? So, give me your cell and we’ll be in touch, real soon.”

“Err, yes I do understand, and err, that would be great – thanks a whole bunch. Oh, I forget to mention one thing that might be important, not that it really matters, but Dede Scozzafava is my wife. Scozzafava is her maiden name. Anyway, thanks a whole bunch, Don, and I do look forward to hearing from you real soon, and I'd like to add that ... .”


“Hello, hello, Don... are you still there?”

“Humm, humm, humm - silence ....”

~ dmf

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