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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Changing Tide?

What will ultimately undo the Democratic party power surge?

A swift move to the left, just as much as a swift move to the right is detrimental to the GOP. More people are viewing the Democratic Party as "too liberal."

If the GOP could possibly find its fiscal footing and stand for something these days, specifically fiscal restraint, they may be able to capitalize on the tide that will eventually undo the Democrats. For all the chortling about the Democrats being  forever in power and the GOP is dead, public opinion is changing.

The Great One's policies will and are catching up with the electorate.

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Anonymous said...

It has been known for a long time that people do not agree with Obama’s policies yet his approval rating continues to soar. Normal people do not care/pay attention to policy and politics. Obama has a way of connecting with normal people at a level that Republicans have failed to do for a long time. This is the fact that will secure his presidency for a second term. Until normal every day voters start paying attention and caring, we will continue to get status quo. Until then, your GOP party will be doomed.

hermit thrush said...

two points.

first, i really hope everyone does "Read more from Gallup," as piv suggests. there you can learn that although democrats poll at 42 about right/46 too liberal -- which we can call a net of -4 -- republicans are in worse shape, polling at 34 about right/43 too conservative, for a net of -9. and independents view democrats much more favorably. how could any non-hack have failed to mention that?

also, take a look at the numbers from the late 90's. democrats had a clear polling advantage then, but it was the republicans who dominated the early 00's. i don't know that my republican friends should get too excited just yet.

second, anon 12:36 writes

It has been known for a long time that people do not agree with Obama’s policies yet his approval rating continues to soar.

no. obama's policies are actually quite popular, broadly speaking. they're just not popular among conservatives.

Dan Francis said...

There is nothing basically wrong with holding "liberal" views or "conservative" views ... but it matters a great deal how one translates those views into sound, workable and beneficial public policy.

Public policy should not hurt or hinder as segment of our society - was created to help, not hurt.

We've had good from both and bad from both. These days, I think the bad outweighs the bad 5-1.

Being rabid and out of control with either extreme view (left or right) is what's wrong with us today, IMHO.

— dmf

Anonymous said...

All Right, I mean great. Frog is back. Must have been away spending some stimulus money.

I disagree, Tadpole, that people support The Great One's policies. I believe they just haven't seen the results as yet of those initiatives. Wait till they see their utility bills after CapnTrade hits 'em. Wait till they see their taxes in a few years when we have to start paying for some of this crap. Wait till they see the results a new health care system. The only question is whether they are smart enough to make the connection. In that regard, you and yours may come out ahead. Our schools aren't putting out a great product, which bodes well for your political leanings.

Nice to see you back. I thought the Frog had turned into a Chicken.

Dan Francis said...

This article kinda fits here, assuming a poll were to be asked about that topic?

GOP House of Pain: Class of 1994

Interesting reading.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

I myself am glad public opinion is changing the scary part is it took 5 months for the country to wake up! but it may be to late. It began today in Calif. and we are next very soon.

LiberalLaugh said...

Frog hater anon. 5:30.

I am actually dumber from having read your comment.


Anonymous said...


You could use a graph showing a similar trend to "prove" global warming.

Anonymous said...

5:30-if you have obviously better ideas than the current ones, by all means don't hesitate to share them with us. I see millions without steady incomes and bills to pay, I see trillions of dollars racked up in consumer debt; half the health care system is choked with smoking-related ailments, two thirds of the country is fat, gangs have moved into Wtwn, the glaciers in Glacier National Park are almost completely melted,rational NY leadership has left the building. I have an idea- if you want to lower costs to the next generation, then convince your friends to return every last penny in gov't handouts, subsidies, milk supports, corn supports, ethanol kickbacks, close the tax loopholes, and pay cash for all your goods. If our Amish neighbors can do it, you can too. I bet they don't waste much time bit**ching on the internet either.

Joe the Methane Cloud

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