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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

23rd Congressional Race Notes

The Republicans will in fact select their candidate on Wednesday July 22nd contradicting earlier reports that they would hold off their selection process.

The Republicans will hold a vote of the 11 county committee chairs after 4 regional meetings were held to give all GOP committee members an opportunity to listen to the candidates and give their input to their county committee chairs.

The candidates are:

The weighted votes:

While the GOP has held a selection process, the Democrats continue their march forward with the back room anointing process. Two more sources say Darrel Aubertine is in and one of the sources is a close friend of Senator Aubertine.


Dan Francis said...

The DEMS will hold a hearing(s) for all the "candidates." Bet on that ... timing is a key issue - as there is no vacancy yet and probably will not be a vacancy until mid-late August.

The wheels are turning - the DEMS will handle this fairly, honestly and according to their rules with all those "candidates" making their pitch.

Then there will be plenty of time for hand-wringing and other stuff.

— dmf

T. S. said...

I am most interested and impressed with the newest candidate Josh Lynch. He made an awesome presentation to the chairs. I think that he made the best campaign that was based solely on the issues. He will make an awesome candidate.

Anonymous said...

Josh had no issues??? were you in the same room. All he kept doing was quoting Ronald Reagan. I got it, he read a book on him the week before in college.

Displaced Upstate GOPer said...

I believe that Lynch is the best candidate. The goal should be to have someone who can motivate conservatives on the issues. Getting voters to show up to the polls for a special election is going to be of utmost importance.

Anonymous said...

No wonder we have been getting our a$$es kicked if that is all you care about is getting conservatives to vote. They vote anyway. We have to open up and get more people involved in our party before we have no party left.

Anonymous said...

Votes have been counted in Jefferson County. Are you going to break the news Political IV or we going to have to wait to see who Sandy will be voting for.
You have never had any trouble in the past letting the cat of the bag.

debbie said...

Yeah, time for some young blood!!! Lynch all the way!!

Anonymous said...

Josh Lynch came into this race as an unknown candidate, but surprisingly, he spoke to the issues intelligently and with presence. In addition, Josh Lynch has experience and connections in Washington. It's time for a change. Vote Josh Lynch!

Anonymous said...

Let's face it theres no difference between the 2 parties locally when selecting candidates for local offices.

Dan Francis said...

I just received a Robo-call funded by the RNC in DC ...

It blasts Aubertine as "the deciding vote on the tax laden new budget in NYS."

I suspect more are coming ... since I got it (and I'm not a GOPer), I suspect it was a wide splat at every phone number in this district.

This is getting nasty already... now in my case: I don't have an elected office record that can be smeared ... just 40 years of loyal, dedicated and effective public service (USMC and DOD)...

Damn - I was so looking forward to being the subject of Robo-calls ... now, I'm gonna miss all the fun.


~ dmf

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