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Sunday, July 26, 2009


Say what you want, the decision by Senator Aubertine caught the Democrats by surprise. All indications from every report indicate it was a last minute change of heart not to run.

From The Hill

New York Democrats are struggling with self-imposed deadlines for candidates interested in the upcoming special House election, as major potential candidates continue to be noncommittal about seeking their party’s nomination.

It was still unclear Friday who had applied by Thursday’s deadline or if further applications would be accepted. A spokesman for the 11 county chairmen tasked with picking a nominee in Army Secretary-designate John McHugh’s (R-N.Y.) district wasn’t commenting Friday.

A conference call has been set for Tuesday, but for now, chaos reins.

Attorney Dan French and Dr. Robert Johnson are among the major possible candidates who had yet to file at Thursday’s deadline.

Johnson told the Syracuse Post-Standard shortly after the deadline that he remained undecided.

French told The Hill that he is not sure whether the deadline will be extended, but he doesn’t appear in any hurry to submit his name.

“First and foremost, I plan on spending the next week discussing with my family whether a run makes sense at this time, as I have two young children,” French said.

Much of the indecision and confusion stems from the fact that leaders and several of the candidates were expecting state Sen. Darrel Aubertine (D) to run for the seat. Aubertine, who announced shortly after the deadline that he wouldn’t run, probably would have cleared the field of major opponents.

Former assistant state Attorney General John Sullivan has formally applied but is still weighing his options. He said the uncertainty created by Aubertine’s decision Thursday has left Democrats in a tough spot.

“What does concern me is … it would have been nice to have had time to do some vetting for fundraising and that kind of thing,” Sullivan said. “But everything was in suspended animation until Darrel made his decision.

”Aubertine’s decision has left Democrats without their top candidate and has also had the effect of handing Scozzafava the Independence Party’s line on the ballot. The biggest third party in the state was quick to endorse Scozzafava on Friday.

Sullivan said he spoke with Aubertine and those close to Aubertine and truly believed he would run.

“I think something changed; I think he really was going to go, and then he decided not to,” Sullivan said. “Now the question is what is Plan B. Am I part of Plan B? I don’t know yet.

”Others who could be a part of Plan B include former state Democratic Rural Conference Chairman Stuart Brody, Assemblywoman Addie Russell and 2008 candidate Michael Oot. All three appear to have expressed their interest to the county chairmen.

Others mentioned include attorneys Brian McGrath and Bill Owens, and Danny Francis, who was the party’s nominee against McHugh in 1994.

Sullivan said Friday that about a dozen candidates filed by the original deadline, which was set for least week, while another six applied by Thursday’s deadline.

But he expected more candidates to be allowed to seek the nomination.

“They’d have to further extend their deadline to allow French and Johnson,” Sullivan said. “I assume they will. Certainly Darrel’s withdrawal is a game-changer.”


Dan Francis said...

Oh, I don't know whether or not I'd go as far as to call it this selection process "turmoil."

A lot of folks jumped the gun and presumed, falsely if you take Darrel at his word, and I do, that now have egg on their collective chin.

Where are they now -- those who whipped the flames they were so certain about?

The only turmoil that I see or know of, if any exists at all, is in the mind of those who just do not know, but think they do.

I know a lot, but I ain't talking ... that is up the party officials, not me - a potential candidate. They will move smartly, don't worry about that.

It sure makes for good drama, though, doesn't it?

The rumors are extra -- no cost ... LOL

Anonymous said...

Sullivan. I'm lukewarm about Johnson. I'll never support a French. We have enough arrogance in congress.

Mr Sullivan is a good man. That probably means he won't get the nod.

Anonymous said...

I don't think AJR is ready for the office, but then her uncle could be the Assemblyman, and her father could be the county leg person. Let's keep it all in the family.

Anonymous said...

AJR give me a break, she is not even ready for the Assembly seat she holds.

Anonymous said...

Voters should remember the chaos caused by In-and-Out Darrel -- first in Albany, now in Washington and the North Country.

Anonymous said...

Dan Francis would be a good choice.

Earthbob said...

The Democrats will wrestle this situation to the ground.

In the process, they will help the NRCC conserve it negative campaign war chest.

Magnanimous, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

EB, please, no more PROCESS. You're drivin' me nuts. And I was pretty much far along in that process anyway, before you.

Earthbob said...

Process means time.

Would that be better?

hermit thrush said...

EB, please, no more PROCESS. You're drivin' me nuts.

i have a better idea: if you don't like eb's comments, then just skip over them. i happen to enjoy them and hope he continues.

Anonymous said...

Hey anon @ 9:38 you are right.

Dan Francis said...

Talk about "turmoil" this comes from the Commonwealth of Virginia:

Posted on July 26, 2009 by Someone Named "Riley"


~ dmf

hermit thrush said...

i don't think i'd say that a blogger in a district 500 miles away being opposed to dede really constitutes "turmoil," dan. i think we'll see some real turmoil on the gop side when dede wins the race by a comfortable margin, if not a landslide, as i predict she will. what will the right-wingers make of the success of a republican with such liberal views, when so many of their own bona fide conservatives have lately been trounced?

Anonymous said...

Oh Klemit, did you get enough nerve to come out from under your rock? Please, once again, become part of our little process.

What have you been up to? We haven't seen much of you of late. I thought a turtle got you.

Anonymous said...

And EB, time is better than process. Go with it.

Anonymous said...

Want Dede to win up here like Obama did last year?

Simple - it's easy - listen up.

Tie Dede to Obama

Like the Staples shopping commercial says:

"That was easy!"®

~ A. Friend

Anonymous said...

Ya know, that A. Friend guy might be right. But if you want to tie her to The Great One to ensure success, you better do it fast. That Great One isn't rolling quite like he was a month or two ago. People are starting to read stuff, like Capntrade, Healthcare, Stimulatin' and Spendin' Bills and such. It ain't addin' up and people know it.

Anonymous said...

How about his handling of racist and stupid cops? A very bright leader he was on that subject.

Oh Great One, methinks it was you who was stupid.

Anonymous said...

He didn't have a meeting - he had a phone conversation. Politicians talk like this all the time.

Anonymous said...

Hey 5:43,

You stole that from me.

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