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Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Your Money At Work

This will make you warm and fuzzy about the Feds and State handling of the stimulus money. The taxpayers are being hijacked by the Democratic party, one can only hope the electorate rises against this soon.


Anonymous said...

Bridge painting and now roadside signs.

This is just great.

Will every one say, "Thanks Gov. Paterson and Sen. Aubertine?"

Anonymous said...

No signage is necessary. I just tell everyone I know, in pleasant conversation, how happy I am that we had the stimulus package happenin', courtesy of the Great One and Naancy from out West someplace. Word of mouth is good enough. Wanna make a party get real quiet, tell how much you are enjoying puttin' it to their kids.

Oh Great One, thanks be to You, major media, and a dumbed down America.

On second thought, if we are going to use signage, better make 'em real simple. Use stuff like "Change" and, well, just stick to "Change".


Anonymous said...

We are in compliance with a federal requirement. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Stick your federal "requirement" and go back and listen to the report. IT IS A SUGGESTION! Then listen to how NYS and spending much more than other states.

You must be operative who takes us as idiots.

Anonymous said...

New York signs cost more then other states because are signs are being made here in the good old USA by by Americans and maybe just a few illegals not in China. Signs and there installation create immediate jobs locally. Besides on every single large project I have ever seen they always had signs before, during and after making claims about the work.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that we NYers are spending more than other states on these signs. It makes me proud.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this just like the BIG-ASS sign that stood in front of the 'new' Jefferson County Court House for about 3 years during its construction?

You had an opportunity to say "No
Way!" to that sign. Where was your sense of moral outrage over that?

Another keyboard-in-mouth moment.

Anonymous said...

9:14 PM
Jesus 1 sign is alot diff than a million $ worth of them. It's funny how the three states that refuse to waste the money on them and are not run by idiots are not broke.Hummm let's see if we can figure this one out.

Earthbob said...

The more things change, the more they remain the same.

In the early 1960's, when new road construction projects like I-81 were being built, there were signs with Governor Nelson Rockefeller's name on it.

Anonymous said...

It's laughable that the country folk here in the NC actually think their opinion matters as far away as Washington. What was the contribution to the Dem party in 2008- $3700?


Anonymous said...

I believe that the signage is necessary to tout the successes of the stimulus monies. I think it very important for the minority (those that actually pay taxes) to see the benefits of their contributions.

It would be a terrible thing to not provide this type of signage and a personal affront to our wonderful President. If not for his plans to revitalize the economy, we would be in much more dire straits.

I thank God evryday for delivering President Obama to us in these difficult times.

Anonymous said...

EB, fifty years ago we weren't completely broke. Does ya see a difference?

You be slippin'.

Fifty years ago...chuckle.

Earthbob said...

"EB, fifty years ago we weren't completely broke. Does ya see a difference?"

I do.

The same signs remained in the early 1970's when Nelson Rockefeller's Government had to perform retrenchment.

Anonymous said...

Did they have signage 100 years ago, EB?

Please fill us in.


weak, but fashionable

Earthbob said...

"Did they have signage 100 years ago, EB?

Please fill us in."


Along the Erie Canal....

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure we had signs along the Erie Canal convincing the donkeys that digging that ditch was a good idea. But then again, donkeys haven't evolved much since those days.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure looking forward to a 60% tax rate to pay for the Great One's new health care plan.

We didn't have that a hundred years ago either, EB.

Strange argument.

Anonymous said...

"The taxpayers are being hijacked by the Democratic party.." no, we are being screwed by the democrat party. Enjoy the last few years of freedom in America while we are watching it being pissed away by the dems.

Anonymous said...

2:49 I agree with you. The Dems have become the go-to party for all answers, and people are now willing to pay any level of taxation in hopes of having everything provided for them. The Elephants have thrown as well. Free stuff is the norm. NO ONE wants to say no to anything.

What I can't understand is why this has taken place. Freedom used to be important to us. Our kids come out of the most expensive school system ever devised and buy into this crap completely. Why is it that people have lost their ability to think?

Anonymous said...

5:21 PM
You answered your own question.This crap started in the school.The teachers and union learned how to grant themselves raises,vacation and job security by dumbing down the population.They are taught everyones a winner and no ones a loser,self pride is bad and our history is a thing of the past.The kids nowadays are lazy,disrespectful and feel the world owes them a living. Sound familiar? It's part of the curriculum

Anonymous said...

10:02, I couldn't agree more. Remember, we can say what we want this time of year. All the educational bigshots are at their second home in Florida. We're the only ones here, working.

Speaking of being and staying dumb. Didja see Gorman's article in that weekly reader about welcoming letters to the editor? He claimed this newspaper offered a voice to the "little guy". Neat stuff. After years of needlessly editing letters so they read like JB's editorials, bland and pointless, now this Gorman fella reaches out to all the folks this "pubication" chased away. Tell you what, Robert. Next time I want to say something meaningless and politically correct in every way, I'll write to "letters to the editor".

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