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Monday, July 6, 2009

Checking Out?

Senator Darrel Aubertine appears to be checking out of Albany just like it was a hotel room. Our Senator was absent from court order mandatory attendance sessions on both Thursday and Friday of last week.

WWNY reports (here) the Senator was in his home town of Cape Vincent.
"The senator was apparently attending a constituents meeting in Cape Vincent, but details of what that meeting was about were not revealed."
Did it ever cross anyone's mind why the details of that super secret "constituent" meeting were so secret and not revealed or just simply public knowledge.

A very good source directly involved in the Congressional campaign says the super secret constituent meeting was actually a meeting with operatives of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Hence why he received a free pass out of Albany from the Governor.

You knew it was not going to be a local process for choosing the Democratic candidate.


LiberalLaugh said...

I also understand he stopped at a rest stop on the thruway for gas, coffee and the men's room.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the big 'D' will bring back a jackass from his barn to Albany to join the others!


Dan Francis said...

* That all may be true - we'll probably never know, as the truth seldom comes out on these kinds of things, right?

* But, with Mr. Obama chasing away the field for Sen. Gillibrand, why couldn't the Guv, the DCCC or the 11 county-district DEM chairs make their pick in secret and then later hold a token "public hearing?"

How's that for your conspiracy?


~ dmf

Dan Francis said...

Whoa, Nellie... hang on a bit...

Aubertine Files Suite to Get Bills to the Gov. for Signature

Main Point of His Suit:

"My colleagues and I voted to protect these jobs and give our localities the resources they need to keep property taxes in check.

"Under the rules of the Senate, our votes count.

"The Assembly does not have the constitutional authority to say otherwise."

So, whoa, Nellie> He blames the Assembly?

or blame one GOPer who wondred into the Senate and the DEMS decalred a quorum and sent the "passed bills" to the Assembly.... remember that story?


On June 29, Senate Democrats, using a proposal first put forth by Senator Aubertine, offered to let any Republican preside over the chamber to pass these bills. Though the Espada-led conference turned down this offer to instead continue fighting over leadership - [but] one Republican Senator did provide quorum needed on June 30.

This suit contends that the quorum is legal and the Assembly must accept the bills.

* This is getting dicey?

~ dmf

Dan Francis said...

Update on Sen. Darrel's lawsuit against the Assembly for not passign the Senate bills (approved) to the Guv for signature - reads in part (which I mentioned above):

Mr. Aubertine and his 30 Democratic colleagues argue that quorum was met June 30 when Sen. Frank Padavan, R-Queens, walked through the chamber briefly as the session was about to start.

He was marked ‘present’ by the journal clerk, and was then considered to be voting ‘yes’ on all bills.

So, walking through the senate chamber makes ones "present" and thus counted to the quorum the DEMS needed to pass bills?

I once drove past Harvard: does that make me eligible for admission to Harvard?

~ dmf

(fn: I think Sen. Darrel is reaching for straws)... IMHO.

Anonymous said...

a very good source? If they're such a good source then why not quote them directly?

Anonymous said...

Darrel Aubertine ihas now solidified his role as Malcolm Smith's beard.

He files a lawsuit--under th guise of protecting jobs--that seeks to get a judge to recognize Malcolm Smith as the legitimate head of the Senate!

The only job he wants to save is his own and those on his patronage rich Senate payroll.

Altogether now:

People before politics before people before politics before people and politics without people.


Anonymous said...

That's Addie's line.

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