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Friday, July 24, 2009

Dede To Get IP Line

Dede will get the Independence Party line in the race for the 23rd Congressional seat.

Here is Mayor Graham's endorsement of Dede Scozzafava.

The North Country has an opportunity to elect a decent,independent woman to the Congress of the United States in DeidreScozzafava.

Like many of my constituents in Watertown, I have knownAssemblywoman Scozzafava for years and found her to be a conscientiousand dedicated advocate for our region and in particular for Fort Drum,which means so much to Jefferson County.

DeDe Scozzafava is a former mayor from the Village of Gouverneurwho understands life in the small towns and rural stretches that arethe 23rd Congressional District.

DeDe knows the North Country....knows its people....and has theblend of fiscal conservatism and social tolerance that is shared by thepeople of this district.

She will be an able and exemplary representative of the peopleof the 23rd, and I heartily support her candidacy for the seat held byRep. John McHugh, whom I have also had the privilege of supporting overthe years.

Jeffrey E. Graham
Mayor, City of Watertown (small but still the biggest city in the 23rd !)


Anonymous said...

The INDY line and clout? - um ... up around these woods, that to be, what: dozen folks at Fort Pearl during Happy Hour?

* Oh, you meant downstate INDY support and money? Well, that's different then. LOL

Please don't fall into the trap that confuses "Independent-minded voter and/or Rep. in Congress" with "Power and Influence of the Independent or Independence Party."

Their clout just ain't there - even as much as Graham wants it to be, IMHO >>>>

/s/ A. Friend

Earthbob said...

Dede would best look for the Unaffiliated Voters.

There are more of those voters than in the IP.

Evidently they are independent enough not to belong to a party, but still vote, too.

Anonymous said...

FLASHBACK May 21, 2009: John McHugh with CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) - about 1 hour clip.

McHugh with CFR

His views and those of the Ranking Member (minority member) of the GOP - a must listen.

— A. Friend (who listens)

Anonymous said...

"Indy or Conservative" view of some GOP members? Enlightening...

Crap and Traitors

The speaker's view of "Cap and Trade." Dede's view, I wonder?

— A. Friend

Anonymous said...

Another kiss of death from JefCo ?

How to screw up a district. Go build a deck and let the REST OF THE people of the 23 try to be Republican.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a nicely worded endorsement. However, where does the Mayor get the idea of Dede being a "fiscal conservative?" I see absolutely no evidence of that whatsoever.

Then again, if she were, she would have no chance of winning this district. We love spending and taxing. So I guess we're back to square one. Which candidate will screw our kids the least? That might be Dede. It certainly isn't that French guy with the mansion on the River. I like Mr Sullivan if given the choice there.

Anonymous said...

The Conservative branch or wing of the GOP is highly po'ed about Dede's nomination - at least the media show it that way in various reporting.

This hit the airwaves recently.

Conservative Activist Forwards Picture of President Obama as a Witch Doctor - pic and story

One has to wonder whether or not some, all, or any other conservatives think that way?

— A. Friend

Anonymous said...

— A. Friend

July 24, 2009 6:11 PM

HAHAHA that pic was funny thanks I needed that. Not sure if laughing makes me a conservative but I have a sense of humor.(sick some say)must be because I saved the picture.

Anonymous said...

You can wonder all you want, Friend. Ever thought of the possibility that this crap is shopped out there just so folks like you will lap it up? I commend you on your critical thinking.

Many of us Conservatives are concerned about one thing, government intrusion into our lives. Forget the fact that we can't pay for what these buttheads have promised. Just take a look at the areas of our lives that are now controlled. Things that would have been unimaginable a generation ago.

But if the racial stuff makes you feel more comfortable, so be it. Believe me, there are lots of folks who are happy that you are focused on such absurd matters.

Anonymous said...

if, as the previous poster declares, that conservatives are concerned with government intrusion into our lives, maybe the poster would like to defend Madoff and dismantle the SEC, or maybe the FDA, take down social security, and social services like medicare. I think the government ought to limit itself to national defense, and protecting citizens from killers, liars, cheats, and robbers, whether they are in business or not. That should cover just about everything. Wasn't the Patriot Act passed during a supposedly conservative administration that outspent any liberals to that time?

Anonymous said...

Oh that's deep thought, 7:28. Now conservatives want to end social security. I haven't heard that in a few months.

Hey thinker, there are limits to what goverment should be involved with. They now build decks on private property, give you cash for your "clunkers", micromanaged the tax structure so only dumbasses pay taxes, ensure bad schools and protect corrupt agencies. Funny that you mention Madoff. The only ponzi scheme that could compete with old Bernie is the government's own Social Security system, which is headed towards failure if someone doesn't fix it.

We achieved what we have through freedom, not taxation and regulation. Why does freedom scare you so? I guess, like most, you've become used to wearing a collar.

LiberalLaugh said...

"must be because I saved the picture."

And I bet you are going to set your son on your lap and tell him, "Look boy, that yer prezdent".


Anonymous said...

Again LL, yous gotta post some substance when you use a name. This last effort is not one of your better moments.

I would suggest you spend a few minutes to think about your response before you start puking out verbage.

Anonymous said...

"Look boy, that yer prezdent".
I told my kids that we don't have a pres at this time and most likely won't until 2012. Because we all kmow this one is a Kenyan and not legally president. It's funny how the media waves of the issue. Yet the real BC and school records still have not been produced. Hmmm makes one think.

Anonymous said...

4:08 PM
Naw I just thought it was funny. I'm going to use it as a letterhead on my emails until this healthcare stupidity is over.

Anonymous said...

she's a democrat in sheep's clothing

FlatsFarmer said...

"Again LL, yous gotta post some substance when you use a name. This last effort is not one of your better moments."

Lighten up Anon. Laugh is full of substance which why he uses a name. You have no substance and must remain anon.

Dan Francis said...

The IP's and their party and movement to show independence aren't...

* they will endorse any candidate just to keep their numbers and line in tact regardless of core issues of the one they endorse. To wit: Ms. Scozzafava...

1. Everyone admits she is pretty liberal (ergo: the Indies like liberals).

Everyone admits she is not very conservative (ergo: the Conservative party is looking for their own candidate).

Most Indies will say they want something different, something new - not real liberal or real conservative (and that's they are Indies, right), so how come they early endorse her w/o even waiting for the DEM candidate?

Maybe the DEM will be more liberal than she, or maybe less and more independent; or a staunch moderate who can work for everyone - who knows for sure at this stage?

So, it seems to me, they jumped the gun, and that takes away any real independence that they claim they want or have, IMHO.

— dmf

Anonymous said...


Maybe the IP picked Dede because they thought she was a better pick than ANY of the Dem candidates.

Anonymous said...

Hey Flats, why would someone take the time to respond to a lack of substance? Got time on your hands?

Anonymous said...

She get the GOP line (w/o the conservative vote might be tough, however), the IP line, and as expected the WFP line, so only left to seal the deal?

Libs for Dede??? Why not???

— "Casual Observer"

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