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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oh Look Here - A Must Read!

And this is even written by a Democrat.
Cross post from NexGenDems:

The Dog Ate My Bill Copy 
"Aubertine decides he's going to sue the Assembly for its refusal to hand up to the governor the Power for Jobs bill that recently "passed" the Senate by virtue of something akin to an Elvis sighting.

The same MO holds true for the Power for Jobs legislation that Aubertine is suing on.  That this law was to expire isn't not a late-minute revelation--at least for anybody bothering to read the enabling legislation."

(Memo to Bob Gorman - the is a member of his own party - tough to score partisan points here by manipulating the news - wink - wink)

And read here: Auburn Pub
This is no way to run a government, and Aubertine knows it.

We would have liked to believe that Aubertine was above this kind of foolishness.
He could have chosen to separate himself from the child-like conduct of some of his colleagues and worked toward a real solution to this stalemate.

We hate to say we told you so, but we did!


Anonymous said...

Aubertine is such a tool. He puts a press release on Newzjunky on his plan for power sharing, but doesn't even attach his plan. I wonder if it even exists anywhere.

This guy is a jerk

Anonymous said...

soooo, a state senator should not avail himself of all legal remedies available?

Yeah. if he left ONE stone unturned, you would be all over him for that, too.

topo g said...

$750 an hour at taxpayer expense for Aubertine's lawsuit?!!

See the Buffalo News story.

Anonymous said...

This ALSO a MUST read: Matt Dohney has dumped in $500k of his own money and WDT says he raised $250k already... this is an accounting of WHOM he has given money to over the years:

Dohney Contributions #1

Doheny Contributions #2 - note spelling of last name - still same person


Doheny Contributions #2 - uses full first name

Thought the public needed to know - these are official records.

~ A. Friend

Dan Francis said...

FLASH - Espada heading back to the DEMS... where it's safe, I guess?

The Guv picke a new Lt.Gov. and Espada saw the handwriting on the wall... he would have been stuck with the minority GOP...

What a weasel... surely.

Espada Hitching Back Home?

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

IV: Where is all that pent-up indignation now that it is the Republicans that are suing????

How dare they continue to hold the NYS Senate hostage by blocking a "workable solution"???

Dan Francis said...

More gas for the fire to help put it out, right/

Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. this morning took credit on behalf of himself and his fellow amigos for spurring Gov. David Paterson to appoint Richard Ravitch lieutenant governor yesterday in an effort - however illegal or misguided it might turn out to be - to end the Senate stalemate.

"We said they better do something or we were going to do something; we were going to fix it ourselves," Diaz Sr. said this morning in a brief phone interview. "According to the governor, he fixed it."

Ruben "Sandwich" Diaz Story - What a Crock?

— dmf

Earthbob said...

The real deal is what way the wind blows so Espada goes...

Dan Francis said...

Sen. Darrel on the new "Lt.Gov." pick - his quote, not mine:

Sen. Darrel Aubertine, D-Cape Vincent:

"There are obviously some questions surrounding the governor's decision, but regardless ... I believe we need to continue to move forward with the proposed power-sharing agreement that I and others have been working on for the past couple of weeks. I think we are very close to coming to an agreement."

Move on and set aside the legalities, right? Um... okee, dokee, then.

Aubertine View on Lt.Gov. Pick Method

— dmf

Dan Francis said...

GOP gets court to stop Guv appointment of new Lt.Gov?

Court Halts Paterson's Pick: GOP says

What does the law say? If it's legal, the GOP is screwed for not knowing the law, if it's illegal, the DEMS are screwed for not knowing the law... and either way, the PEOPLE lose again!

IMHO ... but I kinda side with the Guv on this approach, assuming it's legal.

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