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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Darrel Is In

A notable elected official from St. Lawrence County has said that Senator Darrel Aubertine told him that he is in the race for the 23rd Congressional district seat.

This may not come as a surprise to many who are anticipating his announcement, but this confirmation comes directly from Senator Aubertine this morning while he was in St. Lawrence County.

There has been no mention for weeks about any alternate candidate for the Democratic Party other than speculation about, as well as, field clearing for an Aubertine candidacy. Any selection process the Democrats claim to have is nothing but a fallacy

A push poll was reported in Oswego County with callers receiving an upbeat message about Aubertine and derogatory messages about GOP potentials. This is a clear signal that the Democratic Party is gearing up for a nasty campaign by testing what opponent's negatives will spark a rise with the voters, which in turn sets the stage for their attack.

On the GOP side, the decision for the candidate is tight between Doheny and Scozzafava with a last minute surge by sleeper candidate Paul Maroun. Jefferson County has become the clear battleground for the nomination of the GOP candidate.


Dan Francis said...


* The DEM pick/ choice/ selection/ "nominee" is announced on a GOP Blog site (sorta GOP blog site), and not on a DEM site ...

We shall see.

— dmf

Anonymous said...

Uncle Darrell told me if he wins Grampa and I will surely get to fish the Salmon River again.
First though we gotta beat the Wise buy lady.


Anonymous said...

Given Aubertine's public recognition why would the Dems bother to run a no name candidate? Seems logical.

Dan Francis said...

FLASHBACK: June 4, 2009: from the NY Times:

Upstate DEM May Seek House Seat

* There has been plenty of chatter in the halls of the State Capitol building that Republicans are offering various enticements to Mr. Aubertine to run, suggestions that Republican officials deny.

* Asked if the Republicans had offered to clear the field for him, Mr. Aubertine smiled.

“Well, I really haven’t had any sit down discussions with the Republicans, kind of hallway discussions,” he said.

“But, no, I wouldn’t characterize it that way.”

* Er ... excuse me, then how would you characterize it then, Senator?

As for me, I find it harder and harder to believe much of what Mr. Aubertine says, but more importantly, what he will/ or will not say should he go to Washington - which is on a much, much larger scale that this senate district!


— dmf

Anonymous said...

Well Dan, Henissee's site doesn't allow input of any kind. This policy leads to inaccurate information as well as late reporting of news events. Therefore, the fact that the donkeys haven't mentioned it is no real surprise.

Dan Francis said...

No name? That's pretty weak. Sen. Darrel is unknown all across this vast district except in 2 1/2 counties.

Outside of Mike Oot, I am the only other one who has extensively campaigned in every corner of this vast district.

Not that is matters, but knowledge of tough national and international issues should matter.

Will they - hey, your guess is as good as mine - but with the mindset around here re: OJT is okay with us (On-the-Job Training)
- we hope or think he will do a good job (fingers crossed behind back when you say that)...

That's the scary part. IMHO.

~ dmf

DownStateOperative said...


"Well Dan, Henissee's site doesn't allow input of any kind. This policy leads to inaccurate information as well as late reporting of news events. Therefore, the fact that the donkeys haven't mentioned it is no real surprise."

Bruno, you Just don't get it. Jefferson Dem is an information site. Its intention is news from the DEMOCRATIC party. Smart Republican local parties from all over the USA do the same. Your problem is that your republican locals are so far behind, they have no blog which gives local party information. This blog is of no use because it has no tag, no credibility and is embarrassing to the local Republicans.

Why would any site serious about their politics want a
crazy troll wack job like you who has no respect for anyone to distract from the message that they want to deliver. Your are lucky to have PIV who gives you a place insult people while you hide behind a tree.

And PIV, take a look in the mirror before you talk about
gearing up for a nasty campaign. You have been targeting the Senator with you own nasty campaign since he took office and turned things around to the right direction for his district. And you do it anonymously...well you may think you are fooling people.

Bruno...I enjoyed your movie.

Anonymous said...


"since he took office and turned things around to the right direction for his district."


DSO = Downright Stupid Operative

DownStateOperative said...




Dan Francis said...


"The only thing any NYS Senator has worked on to turn around is when they look over their shoulder to check their own ass while flashing a toothy smile hoping the folks back home haven't caught on yet."

The record is clear on this.

But, even if the folks do catch on and I'm sure thousands have, it won't make one iota of a difference come re-election time.

Memories are short when favors are dished out - even back home.

To believe anything else goes against common sense and rightfulness.

— dmf

Dan Francis said...

In all seriousness to everyone who reads IV's page - I do not want to dominate this post, but I do have a stake and keen interest in this race and the "process."

I suspect, but have absolutely no way to know what the DEMS are doing behind the scenes.

I suspect they are waiting until the GOP announces their choice.

Then they will roll out their choice and we will see a huge media splash similar to the one we saw when Gillibrand was showcased.

Only a very, very few know what is going on - maybe nothing is going on, although I doubt that.

The public will just have to wait and accept the final verdict and then vote [or not]!

Half of the process is almost done - the other half is still a huge mystery.

— dmf

Dan Francis said...


1. Dede Scozzafava official filing with the FEC.

Scozzafava's Money

1. Matt Doheny official filing with the FEC.

Doheny's Money

No other "candidates" are listed as officially filing.

Earthbob said...

I do miss Ted Ford's Danger Democrat.

It neatly contrasted with PIV.

The discourse on both sites was enlightening.

The highlight, for both sites, is when they partnered to webcast the Assembly and Senate Candidates.

The present Jefferson County Democratic Site is very tepid, following in DD's footsteps.

Anonymous said...

Mr Francis, I draw your attention to the following:
""State Sen. Darrel J. Aubertine has recaptured a $2 million commitment to Great Lakes Cheese that was promised two years ago but subsequently lost in the exchange of power in Albany.""

""As Chair of the New York State Senate’s Agriculture Committee, Sen. Darrel J. Aubertine announced today that New York farmers are eligible for funding and assistance through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Resources Conservation Services (NRCS) to help tap into the growing market for organic agriculture products.

“Organic agriculture is a growing and profitable industry,” said Sen. Aubertine, who is also Chair of the Legislative Commission on Rural Resources. “Certainly, there are quite a few farmers throughout the state already involved in organic produce and many more are considering it. This fund will give farmers the funding they need and technical assistance for farmers looking to make the switch and those who have already entered the organic foods market. I want our farmers to know the funding is available if they are interested.”

According to the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, the NRCS has created a special $50 million pool of funding for a new Organic Initiative under the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP). The Initiative will provide payments and technical assistance to transitioning and existing organic farmers who adopt NRCS conservation practices used in organic production systems.""

The New York State Senate has passed legislation sponsored by Sen. Darrel J. Aubertine to create the North Country Power Authority to combine the efforts of 24 municipalities looking to reduce energy costs in St. Lawrence and Franklin counties. This legislation would establish the authority to finance and operate a municipal electric system serving those municipalities. ""

These are "favors," as you put it? Sounds like the senator has been doing his job for the 48th. Doing it quietly, but doing it.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 3:44...

Organic farming is a relatively new game (has grown rapidly between 1992-1997 to the present based on consumer demand for "pure/organic" products vs. hormone-injected or those with "artificial additives).

Several pitfalls still await a lot of farmers who want to make the switch, pending approval for their "organic" products like... surviving for about 3 years as they go their the process of being certified and up and running.

Interested farmers still have to apply and be approved - it's not automatic.

Re: the NC Power Authority, which as been pending for about 10 years - it's a good deal... the Senate version mirrored the Assembly bill.

All elected representatives should do whatever they can for the folks back home at all times - and so would I.

What makes you think otherwise?

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Odd Great Lakes cheese getting $2 million when farmers can't get a decent price for their milk, Corparate welfare at it's greatest.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 3:44 - more on the Great Lakes Organic Cheese "deal:"

$2 million back on track for work at plant: Senate Press Release from Drew Mangione
Created 05/09/2009 at 12:00 am to the WDT for release

Sen. Aubertine did what he was asked to do re: "What happened to funding that had been approved" and held by mistake that former Sen. Jim Wright had obtained...

That's what Reps. are supposed to do.


ADAMS, NY — State Sen. Darrel J. Aubertine has recaptured a $2 million commitment to Great Lakes Cheese that was promised two years ago but subsequently lost in the exchange of power in Albany.

The state funds originally were procured for the company, which is in the midst of an $86 million expansion, in July 2007 by then-Sen. James W. Wright, Mr. Aubertine's Republican predecessor.

The legislative grant was funded by the Senate majority, which then was controlled by the Republican party.

Mr. Wright resigned his seat the following January, and his party lost the Senate majority in last November's election.

When Great Lakes Cheese still hadn't seen the money, it sent a letter April 25 to Mr. Aubertine to find out what went wrong.

"It was complicated in that we had to identify the funds, go back and essentially start over again," said Mr. Aubertine, D-Cape Vincent. "But once we were contacted by Great Lakes Cheese of their concern about the $2 million, we turned all our efforts to getting this money turned around as quickly as we could."

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

DownStateWind, at 6:46, you claim that people "don't get it", as the Dem site is an "information" site.

Sorry, but that's the point. The Dem site is supposedly informative but provides no information. If you want to read about breaking news, one has to get it from other sources. That's what happens when Henisee, and the people who control the Dem's site, continuously post nothing but propaganda. Their sources of information dry up. They become irrelevant.

If they want to become more than that, they have to allow postings of various points of view. As they now stand, they are only "informative" to people like you.

Dan Francis said...

Mr. Doheny is right about one thing, but wrong on a few others.

To wit: His quote in part (below) from a Newzjunky post.

"... [this] fundraising is in addition to the $500,000 Doheny personally committed to the campaign at the beginning of the candidate interview and selection process, putting his campaign account total already close to $800,000."

I agree: "American's are tired of the politics as usual that dominates our government."

I disagree: "Now, more than ever, we need a determined outsider with the right experience to help our economy recover and bring jobs back to the North Country, Southern Adirondacks, and Central New York."

Translation: "We need an outsider" even one not from the district who has bundles of cash and rich buddies who will pony up tons of cash for the "outsider" to gain favors for the "insiders" and hope the people fall for the same old, same old line about "creating jobs."

That kind of change? We'ev heard it all before, Mr. Doheny.

And, that, sir, is precisely what Americans are sick and tired of...

I'm happy for your success, but trying to buy a seat is just flat out wrong, and that appears to be what job you are really trying to create, IMHO.

Where do you stand on the issues - the real critical national and international issues?

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

You may wanna pull this post.

Waiting on Darrel (says the NY Daily News at least

Waiting on him - the "star?"


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