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Friday, July 10, 2009

Shake Down

Now that Albany has finally established their profession, they are just simply haggling over the price.

The whole situation with both parties is disgraceful. Where is New York after five weeks of this horse crap, no where. Five weeks of a government shut down, because two Democrats were selling themselves on a street corner to the highest bidder and the Republicans took the squeeze on their first ride and now the Democrats are determined to do business with them, just as bad, maybe worse - after five weeks of calling Espada everything but a... the Democrats are going to vote him the Majority Leader.

This is about Golisano as well, his right hand man Steve Pigeon landed a cushy job with Espada as the most recent deal was cut to bring him back to the Democrats, which only proves they would have sold the capital building as well if they had to to get a deal done.

The Republican's should learn one lesson unlike the Democrats they need to keep their mouth shut about Espada, the Democrats have already told people he was a "criminal" and an "extortionist," or the public can read this excerpt from Daily News.
This sleazy pol, who doesn't even deign to keep a district office, now holds one of the most powerful posts in Albany.
He has even taken to bragging he is the highest-ranking Hispanic official in state history.
This should astound and embarrass every New Yorker.
Read more: NY Daily News

It is not up to the Republican's to hold the Democrats conference together, therefore, in somewhat of their defense the two Democrats who defected to the Republicans were dealt with at the time, but hard lessons neeed to be learned, if anyone defects again think the process through better before shutting down government for five weeks.

Skelos has to go as leader of the Republican conference, plain and simple! He is responsible for either letting this happen or for cutting the deal which was so poorly and loosely thought out.

And the moral caucus on the other side of the aisle that Darrel Aubertine, Dave Valesky and Craig Johnson so proudly claim to be founders of, what are your plans? You voted for Espada as majority leader, so, shed the crap about some moral caucus and tell everyone you are no different than any one else in Albany- for sale!

There is no way to put a polish on a sneaker, Albany and this fiasco just proves that point.


Earthbob said...

You may call a cat a fish, but it still can not swim.

Our Senate is drowning.

All these Senators have accomplished is to increase the number of unaffiliated voters.

Anonymous said...

At least Espada is back on the side of good. He has been forgiven of his discretions and has been rewarded with a more important role. The stars are now aligned.

Should be a good day to pick lottery numbers.

Anonymous said...

It is now time to vote out every dirt bag from the alleged Governor to the entire pack of whining boobs! They have NOT done the people's business!

Anonymous said...

Get off the kick about the "people's business".

These guys take care of (and in this order) personal business, party business and government business.

They are politicians, not statesmen. The really funny thing is that YOU elected them.

Anonymous said...

Will someone in the main stream media ask the following question:

"Senator Aubertine, now that ALL of the power in your conference is centered around New York City, how will you make good on your campaign promise to influence Democrat lawmakers to issues that affect NNY?"

Without Velesky as Senate VP, all of the leadership is centered around NYC and all they care about is NYC. Watch the Farm Workers Rights bill come up for a vote...it will pass and our family farms will die with its passage. Great influence Senate Ag Chairman Aubertine...what a joke.

Thanks Darrel, thanks for nothing. Not voting for you again, congress, senate or assembly - you're finished.

Dan Francis said...

Espada is a despicable little insect of a human being, and so are those who allow him to "come back home to the DEM fold."

He gets the cream of the crop job along the way: DEM Senate Majority leader.

- "leader" - yea, right, "leader."

- that's the biggest joke of all.

— dmf

Dan Francis said...

Flashback (June 18, 2009 at 8:31 pm) - statement from Sen. Darrel.

Aubertine Advises GOP to NOT Accept or Listen to Espada

The rest of Sen. Darrel's statement - read if carefully:

"The New York State Senate needs leadership, not a boss. Now is the time for my colleagues in the Republican Conference to step up and say ‘no’ to continued efforts to put a man in charge of the Senate who is under investigation.

"This is not in the best interest of the people of the state of New York.

"I am calling on my colleagues in the Senate Republican Conference, especially the Upstate members, to join us and work around the misguided leadership of Pedro Espada to move legislation critical to the needs of the people we represent. We must put people ahead of politics.

"Pedro Espada’s personal power should not be more important than the needs of the people we represent."

“I believe that many members of the Senate Republican Conference are more principled than the few who put Pedro Espada’s individual authority over the people we represent. Together, we can move forward with a power sharing agreement that does not allow a handful of bosses led by Pedro Espada to put their own agenda over what is best for our state and the people we represent.”

And now today: Espada is Sen. Darrel's leader... how did that happen Darrel?

Leadership: Sir, you can't even spell it.

I wonder?

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

We have a one party state. Enjoy the results of voting that way.

EB, you may be "unaffiliated", but you and others like you will always vote the same way come November. That's why we sit where we are. You're not alone. NYers are donkeys.

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