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Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Teachable Moment"

The Great One is having difficulty these days, especially without his teleprompter during a recent press conference that lead to today's suds summit.

This is an issue that the POTUS has no business meddling in.

Today's pictorial event held in the White House Rose Beer Garden was suppose to be a "teachable moment" according to our leader in chief.

What exactly is the teachable part here - his idea of settling a dispute over beers!


Anonymous said...

You are lame, first and last time I'll visit this lame blog.

Perro de Presa said...

I hope that as part of the discussion that 1) Gates was a complete jerk who played the race card at the drop of a hat, 2)that although Crowley was enforcing the law, he did not honor the spirit of it...he could have walked away with Gates screaming like a little baby all the while and 3) that the President was wrong when he assumed that the Crowley was the only person at fault by his "stupidly" comment. There...I said it...and you all know I'm right on this one...Yes?

Anonymous said...

This was probably the dumbest moment of the Great One's political career. He needlessly caused this problem, avoidable by simply using his head for a few moments.

But most damaging is what he revealed about himself. Anyone who would run his mouth about something he knew nothing about is either of limited intellect or his basic beliefs are steeped in racism. This had nothing to do with profiling. It has to do with two little men who have been brought up to believe racism is under every rock and behind every tree. Gates has made a name for himself with this crap. I didn't think, until now, that the Great One was such a fool.

Anonymous said...

I think POTUS may have an alcohol problem,,,, seems like he thinks beer is a magic potion to solve problems.

Did Sean Hannity ever get his beer "man date" w/the prez?

Anonymous said...

with logic like this it's no wonder that those elections turned out the way they did. If you weren't there, and the conversation was private, what's there to criticize? Ask your mayor, who "pontificates" from various alcohol-serving establishments around the city.

Anonymous said...

The lesson I believe was 'dialogue'.
Unlike your post and your blog which is 'diatribe'. But then you already knew that.

Earthbob said...

Oh my!

I hope Pete's business doesn't suffer from this point of view..

LiberalLaugh said...

This is lot said from a man who conducts most of his business from a bar.


Anonymous said...

Anon. #1. Keep visiting. From this blog you will discover the tone of the "new" Republicans who are trying to set direction for the North Country and hopefully you can do something to bring back respect to the conservative movement other than give us a liberal candidate. Jefferson County Republicans were once professional and addressed issues and people with respect. Now, they think they will be taken seriously even though they can only refer to the President of the United States as "the great one". The attitude of the man who writes this blog does us no good.

But, Anon #1 his following is limited and the blog does not reflect the attitudes of all of us.


Anonymous said...

Nothing like belittling the office of the President with a silly PR stunt like this.

Just imagine the tortured staff meetings where they hammered out what kind of beer to order for the POTUS! (they settled on non-native Bud Light--owned by the Dutch!)

How about a Rolling Rock, representing how we're all getting rolled by this fraud.

Anonymous said...

Hey poster number one, 9:55pm, before you run away, would you explain that "Cash for Clunkers" program? You know, that deal where yous get $4500 from who knows where? I'm sure it was carefully thought out, just like our new health care plan, but it ran out of money after a week. Thankfully, it just got $2billion more which should keep it alive for another, oh I don't know, week or two. Ah, a billion a week is chicken feed for the Great One. What bothers me is how this great program could have gone south in such a short time. You knows, them Czar types the figure this stuff out are reeeely smart peeeeeple. So the Great One must have knowed this was coming. But my experience is peeeple like you, who run from debate, can explain it like no others. If you can't, maybe the Frog can fill us in on how this stupid, er brilliant program fouled up so fast.

DownStateOperative said...

Bruno 5:08

If you want to understand the "cash for clunker" program go to the government web site. It is explained very clearly so that even a 5th grader could figure it out.

Take it one sentence at a time and you will do just fine.

CARS Rebate Program

Dan Francis said...

"Teachable Moment?" How about this

WASHINGTON – Bowing to populist anger, the House voted Friday to prohibit pay and bonus packages that encourage bankers and traders to take risks so big they could bring down the entire economy.

Passage of the bill on a 237-185 vote followed the disclosure a day earlier that nine of the nation's biggest banks, which are receiving billions of dollars in federal bailout aid, paid individual bonuses of $1 million or more to nearly 5,000 employees.

House Vote Here

Let's ask those who voted "No" why they voted no... shall we?


~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to freedom of speech or the right to private property? Your home is your castle. Once Gates had confirmed he was the legal resident of the house there was no need for the officer to remain there much less arrest gates.

Anonymous said...

Let's ask those who voted "No" why they voted no... shall we?

I would rather ask them why they voted yes to bail them out in the first place. I aint got over that one yet.

Anonymous said...

2009 5:43 PM
what to hell? This site kicked my anti virus in high gear. You trying to start your own plague.This is a bad site to visit if you like your computer. I didn't get to read much, guess I don't care anyhow. I will buy my own car when the government gets out of the business.Or I will buy a ford (GASP)

Anonymous said...

But Downstate, how could such a well tought out program go broke after only one week? Was that the plan all along? A complete nose dive in a week? Only folks with advanced thought processes could come out with an explanation for that one. I know the Frof is a genius. He, like you, just seems to alway be away, eatin' bugs when we need his guidance the most. C'mon, even if you could explain some of the Great One's thinking we would appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

12:01, mix a couple facts in with your opinion. Gates refused to provide the identification you speak of. That, and his race baiting tirade, was why he was asked outside. Gates has made a career of black victimhood. You're swallowing stuff that's bad for you.

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