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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Not In

Aubertine: I'm Not Running for Congressional Seat

Media Release

WATERTOWN, N.Y., July 23, 2009  —  Statement from state Senator Darrel J. Aubertine:

“There has been a lot of speculation as to whether I would run in a special election for the 23rd Congressional District.

“My priority must continue to be the work I have started in the state Senate, representing Oswego, Jefferson and St. Lawrence counties. My commitment is to the people of the 48th Senate District and has been all along. Before I could even consider the possibility of serving another eight counties, I had a duty to finish out this year’s session.

"This seat in Congress belongs to the people who live in these 11 counties, not any elected official or political party.

“Unfortunately, the National Republican Party has viewed the seat differently. National Republicans have demonstrated their belief that party registration matters more than the issues by spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to attack and vilify me. They never mentioned the important issues we care about here in the 23rd, whether it’s our military and Fort Drum, border security and international trade, agriculture, energy and the economy of the future, or rural healthcare.
“It’s no small wonder why the Washington Republicans are going extinct, and contributors should question why the money they’ve given was squandered here for no good reason at all.

“I support the process that the Democratic Party has put in place to come up with a candidate to run for the expected vacancy in the 23rd Congressional District. I’m certain the 11 county chairs involved in the process will continue to move toward finding a qualified candidate who understands the issues here and will embark on an honest campaign that puts people before politics.”

Official: Senator Aubertine


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Anonymous said...

Though you said Darrel is "in" but in reality is out, and you PIV have given Dede your the kiss of death with your endorsement are the Republicans even more confused?

Anonymous said...

IVY: Start a new stream about critical local, state, national and international issues and topics that concern the voters, and let's see how far that goes.

~ A. Friend

RoboCall said...

This call is from the National Republican Congressional Committee. I'm calling with an action alert about stinky old Darrel Aubertine. New York State's dangerous and painful budget only passed the New York Senate because Darrel Aubertine cast the deciding vote. He cancelled tax rebates for families and created the largest tax increase in state history if not the entire world.
He single handily invented 100 new taxes, fees, fines, surcharges and penalties that we have to pay at a time when corporations got rich and families are struggling. When Darrel Aubertine won his campaign for the state Senate, he said he was one of us. But he went to Albany and became part of the crowd that has created chaos and recklessly spent our money. Call Darrel Aubertine at 315-782-3418 and tell him that you disagree with this painful budget that has hurt New York Families.

Paid for by a bunch of morons who have no idea who Darrel really is.

Anonymous said...

Who cares?

That "extinct" comment was interesting, along with the GOP "not giving a damn".

Nice to see things start off on a postive note.

Somehow I don't get the idea this statement was written by Darrel. Sounds like Shyawn Heneshee to me.

CL said...

My worst fears. You could see it coming. Weeks, months have been wasted with your villification of the Senator, sold what was remaining of our conservative movement to a liberal candidate. If you are who they say you are, and I believe you are, you should be ashamed of this enormous blunder. You and your blog have done us no good.


Anonymous said...

I'll bet the GOP feel like schmucks for posting all of those Darrel bashing ads (not to mention the THOUSANDS of dollars that they have paid for similar ads that were to be posted in the future). Good luck GOP...you've got a real winner with DeDe. Wait...of which party is she a member again?

Anonymous said...

Smartest move Aubertine has ever made. His one of us campaign would not work again. I really think that family won out, and even though I don't support him I respect that.

I believe that he realized that Scozzafava being left of center in the Republican ranks would draw from his supporters.

DownstateOperative said...

"Sounds like Shyawn Heneshee to me."

But Bruno, all great politicians take advice on their speeches and releases and Mr. Aubertine is a great politician.

Anonymous said...

This blog is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Jim Kelly: "The girl stands for absolutely nothing," he said. "She's a little assemblywoman that's part of that Albany mess. The conservative base is going to flee from her. This is going to be a total collapse for the state Republican Party."

North Korea's foreign ministry: fired back, calling Clinton a "funny lady" who sometimes "looks like a primary schoolgirl and sometimes a pensioner going shopping." The ministry was quoted as calling her remarks "vulgar" and saying "she is by no means intelligent."

Hmmmmm, coincidence? I think NOT!

Anonymous said...

Reasons that Darrel chose not to run:

1. He looked at the polling. Word is Dede has a poll that shows her trouncing Darrel, even with the gay marriage issue. Remember, no one knows Darrel is "one of us" south and east of the Oswego County line.

2. The threats. Liz B reports Darrel had all but decided to go, but after huddling with Malcolm Smith, John Sampson and Gov. Paterson --Albany's democrat brain turst-- he abruptly changed his mind. What threats did they level against him.

3. The fears. Darrel found he didn't have the stomach to go through another bruising campaign, this time run by killer DC politicos.

4. The promises. See above re the Paterson-Sampson-Smith meeting. Aubertine has been known to covet an appointment as state Ag Commissioner. Did Paterson promise to deliver after the 2010 election?

Reread Aubertine's statement and his anger is palpable. It's clear he is not comfortable with his decision and appears to have made it under duress.

Anonymous said...

What a hypocrite!

The architect of the shamelss smear on Will Barclay's family, whose surrogates, and even his mentor, June O'Neill, have been relentlessly impugning Dede Scozzafava's brother (a gut who's been trying to wrest through the red tape that Darrel and his downstate Democrat cronies created to build a successful North Country business), has the audacity to claim he's a victim of an assault on family?

Darrel, the GOP cares enough about NNY to understand that you're the wrong guy to represent us in Congress, and you are obviously afraid that they're going to use your lax record as a Senator to prove it to voters.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you meant THAT Congress! Never mind -- I misunderstood.

Anonymous said...

But, we still have our LIBERAL in the race! Go Deduh!


Political IV said...

To: 11:00 PM

The visit is appreciated, thanks for reading.

LiberalLaugh said...

So, you attacked someone who was not a candidate in a race that has not yet been called to replace a Congressman who has not yet left office.

How did that work out for you?


Anonymous said...

To Liberal Laugh:

I think the preemptive attack worked quite well for the GOP.
BAAAAWHAAAA back at you!

Anonymous said...

The Albany mess - and now this mess - maybe that had some influence in decision making - why knows fer sure, eh?

House Dems in Uproar over Healthcare

That's why they're Dems, I guess? LOL

— A. Friend (of a lot of DEMS)

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:22, your party wasted 200k on ads to smear a person who wasnt even a candidate and you say it "worked quite well". Are you for real, I wouldnt think contributers would be happy about the RCCC wastin all that money. Are you that braindead?

Anonymous said...

It was a great strategy by the NRCCC, they took on the Democrat's most competitive candidate and spooked him.

Anonymous said...

Henesheee is just part of the process.


Anonymous said...

6:43 That was an interesting point of view. Thank you.

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