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Thursday, July 30, 2009


The departure of Darrel Aubertine and now Dan French from the list of potential candidates leaves the Democrats in the 23rd Congressional district race pretty much with the B Team.

They all must be reading the same polls showing Democrats weakened by the recent Albany debacle, a sinking President and a sluggish economy that they promised to fix.

The race is becoming deflated real fast.

Here is a list of 11 candidates from the PolitickerNY

Andy Bisselle, Essex County (Republican)
Stu Brody, Essex County
Steve Burke, St. Lawrence County
Danny Francis, Jefferson County
Bob Johnson, Jefferson County
Rudolph Johnson, Franklin County
Brian McGrath, Lewis County
David Ryan, Franklin County
John Sullivan Jr., Oswego County
Michael Oot, Madison County
Bill Owens, Clinton County

The list includes a spurned Republican, three failed former congressional candidates, a couple party insiders, a hotel clerk from the Adirondacks, and three lawyers, including one from NYC.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't exactly call Steve Burke, Dan Francis or Brian McGrath the B team.

There is a very strong list of candidates.

The confusion will come later as the eventual candidate faces off with Dede in a game of "Who's the biggest Lib?"

hermit thrush said...

barring some kind of bombshell, i agree that this race is pretty much already over. dede is an extremely strong candidate.

Dan Francis said...

The GOP at all levels tries to paint DEMS as Obama lackies or worse ... "birthers or the brand new deathers..."

Dede cannot run from the national GOP, their Congressional record, and playbook tactics.

There is no shame in running and losing in this CD - DEMS - all of them - have lost since the late 1800's ... the shame if any is in not even trying, or "coming in third in a two-man race."

I welcome this race and the challenge if I am the nominee.

Given a fair hearing and chance, I think people would be surprised how effectively I would represent them in Congress ...

~ dmf

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Anonymous said...

The dems realize that the seat will go out of existence after the dem controlled census and redistricting. Too many good dems in congress to keep, just a waste of $$ to spend it on a newby in even if they are a dem.

Anonymous said...

How many times did Abe Lincoln lose an election before he won?
(150 years ago without the internet and Fox News)

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:49: FYI...

Before his election in 1860 as the first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln had been a country lawyer (not formally trained); an Illinois state legislator; a member of the United States House of Representatives; and twice an unsuccessful candidate for the U.S. Senate.

There is absolutely not dishonor or disgrace in running and losing...

Every DEM since the late 1850's who has run for a House seat up around here has LOST...

But, we keep on trying.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, Kerm. The office is there for the taking if the Dems run anybody strong. I like Sullivan, and I like Dan.

I think you're just worried, thus lowering expectations. Dede would be a great disappointment to us Conservatives. But there aren't many of us. She would likely be perfect for you.

Dan, Dede has nothing to do with national elephants. I wish she did.

Anonymous said...

Will/can Dede "run from the National GOP/House GOPers??"

I doubt that.

Can the DEM "run from the National DEMS and/or House DEMS (Pelosi, et al)?" They should.

~ An Educated Guessimator

Anonymous said...

I over heard two elderly gentleman today talking about another guy after mchughs seat. A name I have never heard. Anyone know doug hofman and where he stands.I can't find any info on him. I Myself am looking for none of the above from either party. I would rather have a high school grad that is not already programed on the process.

Anonymous said...

He's heir to the "Hoffman hot dogs".

Anonymous said...

Hofman hot dogs is spelled with one "f" not two like Mr. Hoffman.

Do your research, eh, and stop the "hot-dogging."

Anonymous said...

2009 5:59 PM
Sorry my spelling is not up to your standards.I have never seen his name in print and I did go to school in NY.As you know we are the bestest.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:11 - Sorry there old pal - didn't mean to insult you.

Please consider joining my club - Poor Spellers, Inc.

Our motto: "Poor spellers of the world, untie."

Anonymous said...

Sory abouit the "Hoffman" misspelling i waz edjercated in NYS schols. I'm going to JC next yeer.

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