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Thomas Jefferson

Monday, September 22, 2008

Battleground States

As the presidential race draws closer a variety of battleground states will be shown, here are the first couple of states and these are perhaps the most critical for Obama to win. 

McCain holds a slight edge in the Sunshine State with a 47% to 45% and 7% undecided.
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Another critical state for McCain where he has a lead 48% to Obama's 42%
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NBC News Mason Dixon Poll reports Obama with a slight lead 46% to 44% with a error margin of 4 points.


Anonymous coward said...

I do hope that the people in these states swing toward John McCain. He will continue the essential policies of George Bush.

Also, with his victory, we will have a great Vice President with Sarah Palin. Governor Palin is essentially a blank slate who can be molded to conform and continue those policies in the event of Mr. McCains death.

Anonymous said...

Geesh! Talk about drinking the Kool Aid. I think that person
made it.

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