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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Negative Campaigning - Democrat Style

Darrel Aubertine and the Democrats have a way of running a negative campaign and not leaving any dirt on their hands to show it.

The very astute reporter, Jude Seymour and staff at the Watertown Daily Times caught them at their little dirty tricks.

The strategy used by their campaign of shadow written negative and phony letter campaigns and the whisper campaigns that they run is not well known. The campaign people write letters to have other people sign or they use a campaign worker to sign them on behalf of someone to submit to the paper. They have not been caught yet, until recently when the paper received two identical letters only two days apart. Their whisper campaigns are usually started by them in order to pass negative information around the community on their opponents. 

The Watertown Daily Times has the proof of their negative tactics. The record is clear, Darrel has gone negative.
Update: Renzi campaign responds to the Democrats negative attacks. Eric Swartz speaks on behalf of his friend and candidate David Renzi. 


Anonymous said...

OMG! Do you mean that committees get together and write talking point letters to the editor in support of their candidate? Do you mean that some, more inexperienced and/or naive committee people don't understand the concept of re-writing the letter in their own words? Would Mr. Renzi (twenty points behind!)like us to believe that Republicans don't do this? Come to think of it, most Republicans up here don't even know that they HAVE a committee. Many letters are written by people without any guidence other than their own wish to communicate their views on candidates. Some want to help, but feel uncomfortable writing so often they will sign a letter that they are comfortable with.
If this is all Renzi has, it sad.

RWiley said...

Great job of investigative reporting.

That is right up there with all those people putting a political sign in their yard that says the same thing:


Anonymous said...

At first I got this one confused with "The Onion". But, this PVI guy seems to be dead serious. I would recommend he call the FBI on this one. But, they are a little busy trying to find out if the Republican's Bush and the financials are screwing us.

Anonymous said...

is jude seymore a desperate reporter, a desperate republican or both?

Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe that Dem operatives could be that naive -- or that stupid -- to think the Times could fall for such a thing.

Great catch, Jude.

Anonymous said...

Daves new TV spot isnt negative?

Anonymous said...

Why do people think that talking about Darrel's votes is negative??? Everything on that tv spot is a fact. Nothing negative about telling people his record.

Anonymous said...

Darrel is a failure.

Call that comment negative.

But also call it true.

Anonymous said...

If Darrel is a failure, what does that say about the other guy running against him who is down 20 points after spending 800k?

Anonymous said...

Jude Seymour did the right thing with his story. He proved that he is capable of being objective. His journalistic integrity would be at stake if he had not done the story. Bravo Mr. Seymour.

As for letters written by the Democratic committee. I agree with the very first comment listed.

Lots of people want to help, but aren't confident enough to do it on their own. Sen. Aubertine has no ability to just randomly assign a name to a letter. I'm sure the supporter gets to read the letter first, and then decides whether to sign his name to it. If anyone on Aubertine's campaign randomly assigned a name to a letter without it being checked it would be disastrous for his campaign.

Is it the MOST honest way to conduct business? No. But, is it a misrepresentation of the person's true feelings? No. Should it be a surprise to anyone that this happens? certainly not.

I'll start worrying about Sen. Aubertine's integrity when pro-Aubertine letters to the editor start showing up from elementary school students.

Anonymous said...

Renzi calls a press conference and doesnt have the guts to show up. Sounds like he was ducking some questions regarding his own negativity. Or was he home crying about his poll numbers?

Anonymous said...

Renzi doesn't show up to launch baseless attacks, just as he uses kids to launch baseless attacks. The guy has no integrity whatsoever. Still, here you are posting anything he says...almost like he has a direct line into IV on this stuff! Wierd. By the way, of the 6 letters for Renzi that have appeared, every single one is two paragraphs and one sentence long. Coincidence? Naw...I'm sure none of they were written by Renzi.

Anonymous said...

This is the best that Dave can do?

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