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Monday, September 29, 2008

Bracelet Battles

The "I've got a bracelet too," battle continues. It was a point during the debate where John McCain point to a bracelet given to him by a mother of a fallen solider, who told McCain that she did not want her son's death to be in vain. Barack Obama quickly retorted with "I've got a bracelet too," although he had to awkwardly look down and stumbled over the soldier's name.

The problem is, the family of Ryan Jopek, the fallen soldier for whom Obama was wearing a bracelet does not want their son used a campaign prop and Obama knew the family did not want his name used.

Read more from ABC's Jake Tapper here and Newsbusters here


hermit thrush said...

and here we have the latest shining example of the incredible bias of this blog. rather than trying to report the facts in a considered, responsible, and balanced way, iv has chosen to omit the key fact -- stated plainly in the tapper post s/he linked to -- that sergeant jopek's mother approved of obama mentioning him in the debate!

more specifically, earlier in the campaign, ms. jopek did indeed ask obama to refrain from mentioning her son on the campaign trail. but during the debate, after mccain mentioned the bracelet given to him by the family of a fallen soldier, obama judged it appropriate to mention sergeant jopek's bracelet in response. and his judgment was subsequently confirmed by jopek's mother!

iv, what exactly do you aim to accomplish by writing a post like this? this blog is much more a propaganda outlet than a forum for reasonable discussion and debate.

PCS said...

Damn, you are one piece of work. From your own citation She did ask Obama to stop mentioning her son on the stump, but she approved of the way Obama invoked her son in the debate.

Do you ever get tired of posting misinformation?

When you going to do a post on McCain not wearing a flag pin. Flag pins are always a big, important topic on conservative blogs.

Anonymous said...

Oh my lord, are you SERIOUSLY citing "newsbusters" to backup your rants??

Anonymous said...

No wonder you lob anonymous attacks at people...with such poor reading comprehensive and purposeful manipulation of very personal situations to which you are NOT privy, you should be embarassed to be connected to such posts. From the very link YOU provided:

"she approved of the way Obama invoked her son in the debate."

Anonymous said...

Bracelet battles, BRACELET BATTLES !! That is what you find important in this debate?

Dan Francis said...

For those into such symbols - Geo. W. Bush, as the CINC, should be wearing 4,175 bracelets, then? ...
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Anonymous said...

I'll join the chorus of commenters who are tired of your crappy posts. Give us real, factual conservative viewpoints instead of this BS.

Anonymous said...

another keyboard-in-mouth moment.

Too funny!

Anonymous said...

The world economy is crumbling and you're posting on bracelets.

Anonymous said...

Newsbusters ? baWAAhahahaha

Even the wackiest of right wing wackos usually don't link to the busters, or Rushbo, O'lielly, malkin.

Strange blog.

Anonymous said...

this site is such a joke you're always good for some laughs after dinnertime.

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