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Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rhetorical Train Wreck

Danger Democrat was proud to bring you the count down clock on when Sarah Palin would speak next to the press.

Here is the GOP equivalent on Joe Biden who is a rhetorical train wreck.


hermit thrush said...

um, iv, do you really want to go there? if biden is a "rhetorical train wreck", what exactly does that make sarah palin? have you watched any of her interviews with katie couric? once again, your raging partisanship overwhelms even the barest rudiments of fairness and objectivity.

those looking for a laugh on this subject might enjoy clicking here.

Anonymous said...

At first, I looked at this and felt it didn't even deserve a comment. But, I came back. I am a working women who leans Republican. I was excited about Ms. Palin's debut on TV. I taped it and watched it as soon as I got home. Frankly, there is nothing you can show me about Mr. Biden that can remove the embarrassment that I felt when I watched her with Katie Couric. My friends in the office felt the same way.
I will not risk voting for her.

SmallTownAmerica said...


anonymous #1, glad you saw the light!

RWiley said...

In a Sarah interview which could be found on Newzjunkie, Sarah said, "I am not going to blame solely, all of man's activities on the change of climate."

But, PIV, doesn't that account for the recent craze of sunbathing in Barrow resulting in a downturn of their blubber production?

(oh ya, a rhetorical train wreck or a media gotcha !)

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