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Friday, September 19, 2008

Inside Politics

St. Lawrence County Republican party, politely speaking, is a split group and the warring factions are going at it head to head again.

The battle for the County chairmanship is on between Janet Kelly, who is the current chair and Nancy Martin who is the aspiring chair.

Nancy has been a party faithful in St. Lawrence County for years and a person that a candidate could always count on for support and work. The committee members have dwindled in recent years to the point where there are not that many party soldiers left. Nancy's goal is the bring the committee membership back to robust levels.

Janet Kelly, sister of Ogdensburg newspaper editor Chuck Kelly and local pol and Elks big wig Tim Kelly, is the only member of the Kelly family who is a Republican and she has learned to stand her ground with her brothers and that has provided her training to become the attack chieftain for the party as well.

The voting process for party chair in St. Lawrence County is rather quirky with weighted voting in each town according the last Governor's race, therefore, running for chair of the party in St. Lawrence County is not for the faint of heart. 

Memo to Candidates: Steer clear of this issue, you are running to serve everyone, Republican, Democrats, Independence, et al. You are not running to get involved in intermural activities.

Memo to Party: Do not let party reorganization prevent you from fulfilling your mission of working collectively for the candidates.


SmallTownAmerica said...

I realize this post is from Friday--sorry for the late response.

Janet Kelly is a hypocrite.

One day, she is suggesting Democrat Addie Jenne Russell is not suitable for the job of Assemblywoman because she is a new mother and has a lot on her plate.

The next day, she is on the front page of the Massena-Courier Observer singing the praises of Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. We should vote for Palin, Janet Kelly says--she is one of us--she hunts, fishes and her husband rides snowmobiles.

Well, isn't Mrs. Palin a new mother herself--of a special-needs baby, no less? I would deem the Vice-President a slight more demanding a position than that of North Country Assemblywoman, wouldn't you?

What's with the double standard? And does Janet Kelly really think we are that stupid to fall for that "she's one of us" crap? Jesus! I thought someone from here would have more integrity than that. I thought someone from here would show more respect for her fellow citizens of the North Country. She disgusts me. She is an insult to our people, to our area, to our heritage. She needs to move to the big city where she will fit right in with the rest of the Republicans who feel rural America is filled with a bunch of easily manipulated rubes, easily lead around like sheep to slaughter, easily told what to think like brainless backwoods idiots.

Well, I am not one of those rubes. She cannot fool me. She can kiss my a**.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well, PIV, looks like you got all the details from your girl Patti Ritchie, or was it Graham Wise the other sheep from Jim Wright's flock.

Martin is under the total control of the old battle axe herself, Phyllis Turner. Ritchie, who is Conservative Party Chairman Hank Ford's lapdog, is in the middle of all of this once again. They all tried to take down Joe Gray when he was Chairman, but they couldn't. He turned the tables on them and stepped aside and they were caught with their pants down.

Don't worry PIV, The jig is up here in St. Lawrence county. Martin can'tbeat Kelly because of all of her baggage with Ritchie, Turner and Ford. She is very rough around the edges and not well know within the party structure. Those who do know her, don't trust her because of Turner, et al.

And word is Ritchie is toast when she comes up for re-election. She will be taken down in a GOP primary. And if her mentor Ford keeps her on the Conservative ballot, they will split the vote and a Democrat will be elected.

Anonymous said...

Response to September 21, 2008 11:52 PM

You sound like an angry young boy, actually it sounds personal. You must be part of the team, but a very dysfunctional part of the team, creating turmoil. This turmoil does not unite a party and will never unite the GOP.
Mrs. Ritchie has been an asset to the county, has increased revenues, been very progressive, and continues to be a leader for all. If you think Ritchie is toast next election, I think I will have coffee and toast and think the rest of the count will ordering the same. She made a good decision to stay County Clerk, and I thank her.
Mrs. Martin has been dedicated to the GOP. I not sure of her background, but appears very organized and easy to deal with. The hard core politics that Turner and Kelly preach are hard to swallow sometimes, especially when everyone is a volunteer. It may be time for a change but you must remember running for a seat, even a Rep. Chair, is all part of the political process. That is why we live in this wonderful country.
Thank you,
Poly Info Mation

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