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Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hat Tip of appreciation to Adirondack Trailhead for the link to the post He's No Fan of ATVs which, was about DEC Director and wife of Aubertine staff member who describes Darrel Aubertine as "he's no fan of ATVs" and this post continues to attract a lot of visitors. 


Anonymous said...

I was on my way to Rosier to the Cape Vincent Town Mall and saw Darrel Aubertine riding a pink SUV, SIDE-SADDLE !

Now, I am voting for Renzi.

Anonymous said...

Our party has just taken a left hand turn with the first major socialist business program since Herbert Hoover
sealed the fate of the great depression. And, you want to talk about your opponent's ATV habits. There are bigger fish to fry, PVI, they are starting to laugh at us and you are not doing us any good.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a ONE issue Voter.

Anonymous said...

Ah...it is good to be back to ATVs and who rides best.
The Addie site thing did not do so well.

Anonymous said...

Rats! I came here to see what is new about Darrel and the ATV. Nothing.

Anonymous said...

Drudge is reporting that the bailout deal is in doubt,
Ahmadinejad says America is in near collapse, George Will wonders if McCain is fit for the presidency, Fox News producer says restrictions on Palin access is unprecedented, an Arrest Bush/Cheny banner was unfurled at the National Archives, the FBI is investigating financial institutions asking for Bush bailouts and Darrel can't start an SUV.

Any suggestions, PVI?

Anonymous said...

When a post starts out "Our party" you know it is a democrat trying to pass himself as a republican.

Anonymous said...

By reading this all the local democrats are going to solve the world and national issues. Screw them keeping posting.

Anonymous said...

"When a post starts out "Our party" you know it is a democrat trying to pass himself as a republican."

I will give you that one, Anon. I used the term, "Our party", because I am familiar with the writer of this blog and at one time I gave support to his political efforts and assumed he was in the same political party as I. Let me say it a different way so that you will not confuse me with a Democrat.

The Republican party is facing a severe identity crisis at this moment and it is not going to do well by focusing its efforts on their candidate's love for and skills of driving an ATV.

RWiley said...

According to the signs I saw while traveling though the area yesterday, I see that Mr. Renzi is running on a campaign of special interests, i.e., Sportsmen for Renzi.

I don't want a Senator who is elected by special interests. We have enough of that in Washington as we witness Mr. Special Interest, himself, John McHugh support the Bush bailout even though it is clear that his constituents are not in favor of their money being used as welfare for the rich.

Ride, Darrel, Ride !

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