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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rove's Take

Where were Pelosi's leadership people on the vote? A large number of them were a nay and considering it would have only taken 12 votes to swing it the other way has to make a person wonder. 

This is about four and a half minutes, but worth the listen.I am sure all the hyper-liberal types like Danger Democrat will take issue with his take, but have it.


PCS said...

Just try reading Pelosi's floor speech and show us exactly where she took a 2x4 to Republicans. The plan truth is, not enough Republicans voted for the Bill. The American people can see that fact and decide whether this was a good thing or not.

This blog continues to be an embarrassment to true conservatives. Are you really a Democrat acting to embarrass the Republican party?

TF said...

Thank you for asking. My take is that Karl Rove is viewing this vote strictly and narrowly along extreme partisan lines. I think this vote went well beyond just party loyalty to a real personal philosophy core. Probably whips could have been loudly cracked by democratic leadership, but to the leadership's credit the whips weren't brought out. We'll have to wait and see in the next Congress if Nancy Pelosi (or the next Speaker) will exercise discipline on the 'no' voters. My guess is that she (or whoever) won't.

RWiley said...

Where was Boehner's leadership people on the vote? A large majority of them were a nay and considering it would have only taken 12 votes to swing it the other way, it has to make a person wonder.

Remember, Pelosi's leadership brought forth a comfortable VICTORY amongst her Democrats.

Boehner's leadership brought forth a whopping LOSS amongst his Republicans.

Dan Francis said...

Rove's take - I could care about that as much as I care about Pelosi's, Gingrich's, or Faux Gnus ...

I prefer yours and mine ... but on second thought, they don't mean much, either?

RWiley said...

How does Karl spin this one?

In Nancy's state, both the majority of the democrats and the majority of republicans voted aye with her.

In John Boehner's state, the democrats were tied at 3-3 and his republicans were 3 to 10 against him. The 3 Republicans who voted with John are not running for re-election.

RWiley said...

David Gergen served in the Nixon, Ford, and Reagan Administrations. He was a key campaign staffer of George W. Bush and even was called on to give advice to Clinton.
This is what David Gergan said about the house Republicans.

“It’s really the House Republicans who bear special ignamy tonight because two-thirds  of them voted against it. It was House Conservative Republican members who derailed it. They had strong reasons they voted against it but let their be no doubt, if we pay a huge price like we did today, it was the house Republicans who [bear responsibility]. This business about Nancy Pelosi making a speech, yes she shouldnt have said it, yes it was inappropriate, but the fact that it changed their minds? Oh poor babies. Yes, a few words from the House Speaker made them run and go back into their boxing corners? Come on.”
(I copied this from a CNN video transcript)

Anonymous said...

I think danny's observation that California reps voted for the bill is interesting. But this bill was, and will be, a big government intervention that is much more in sync with CA kind of thought. Lots of middle America hates this bill, viewing it as a bailout of fat cats. Boehner had a tougher job to do. All Pelosi had to do was shut up. Just for a day.

Anonymous said...

not many come to your defense here.

Anonymous said...

The previous commenters obvious have no ability to think objectively. Forget what Rove said, just ponder this: 12 Democrat Members of Slobberin' Barney Frank's own committee voted against the bill. That makes it the Republicans' fault the bill failed?

Give me a freakin' break, you phonies!

Anonymous said...

You conservative a**##$%@'s have been given breaks for the last 8 years. The breaks stop now. No more breaks, so don't bother asking for them.

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