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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Presidential Debate Tidbits

The Presidential debate last night, by definition of some local Democrats, could be categorized as negative. They believe any time you say anything about your opponent's record it is negative.

The conclusion is their guy, Obama, was extremely negative last night because he was on the attack all night at the same he tried to appear in command of foreign policy issues. McCain was just as feisty while he was striving to appear more connected to voters than Obama.

When Obama was not on the attack, he agreed with John McCain, 6 times to be exact. Obama almost appeared childish at one point, after McCain described how the mother of a fallen solider gave him a bracelet to wear and he told the story of the encounter, Obama quickly responded like that of a 10 year in a playground, "I've got a bracelet too."

Asked what of the spending proposals they would cut in order to the accommodate the amount of the bailout, McCain displayed his maverick style by suggesting he would look at a spending freeze while Obama was elusive on any specifics.

McCain was out to get under Obama's skin and show his inexperience and McCain did by drilling home the point of Obama's inexperience by frequently saying Obama "doesn't seem to understand" or that he is "naive." (9 times combined)

Obama was defending his position to meet with Iran leader Ahmadinejad without preconditions and he attempted to buoy his position by misstating Henry Kissinger's position about meeting with leaders without preconditions, read here or here.

The Democrats strategy consists of speaking a noun, verb and George Bush in every sentence and it showed in the debate.


RWiley said...

Last night your candidate insulted one of our more fragile and explosive "allies" by insulting Pakistan.

It was a huge blunder. He claimed that Pakistan was a "failed state" prior to the rise of Musharraf who took over using military force. It was hardly a failed state. It was a nuclear power with a huge population and economic potential.

John McCain claimed his extensive travel as proof of his foreign policy experience which has some bases of truth if he could back it up with proving that he learned something. He didn't even know what the hell his chief advisor, Henry Kissinger, was suggesting about negotiations with "rogue" states. Obama was proven correct about Kissinger after the "instant replay".

This is the same man who exercised the worst possible judgement in the choice of Sarah Palin, whose foreign policy expertise is founded on a one year old passport which has taken her to the tarmac in Ireland for fuel and a few hundred feet from the Iraqi boarder on the Kuwait side.

Or yes, then there is the "I can see Russia from my house." That, too, is a lie. I have been to Wasilla to visit friends. It is in a valley. All you can see is the first mountain. She she even lied about seeing Russia.

If a am wrong about her telling the truth, it is moot anyway since she was purged of witchcraft. Unless, it didn't take.

Anonymous said...

It's unbelievable. You bunch of idiots can't say a word about the Presidential campaign without bashing Sarah Palin. Are you really that afraid of her?? Of course you are, she's not a liberal and she belongs to the NRA. Didn't you get the memo from the Emmy show: "don't even use the words 'Sarah Palin' because she's getting too much attention and people will vote for her instead of Obama."

Anonymous said...

"Didn't you get the memo from the Emmy show: "don't even use the words 'Sarah Palin' because she's getting too much attention and people will vote for her instead of Obama."

No i didn't get that memo. But John McCain got one that said, "Don't dare let them talk to Sarah after the debate, because she is so inept that people might vote for Obama instead of me."

Dan Francis said...

Debates come and go and so do the pundit views and incumbent spin meisters ... but one view seen here[Click Here] is one every voter should go to sleep on each night afraid of.

* We have our "Monica moment."

SmallTownAmerica said...


i hate to contradict a fellow dem in this rep viper pit, but i must.

i do not believe palin's exact words were "i can see Russia from my house." that line came from tine fey--who i would say is equally qualified to be president. if we are going by travel logs, anyway.

what she said was, "you can see russia from land here in alaska."

If she squints hard enough, she could probably see putin giving her the finger in russian.

Anonymous said...

* We have our "Monica moment."

Good grief ! Notice John's blue shirt.

RWiley said...

Sarah Lies About
Alaska's Trade Missions to Russia

RWiley said...

You are absolutely right, smalltownamerica. I did confuse Sarah Palin with Tina Fay. They are very similar except Sarah Palin can't follow a script.

I also often confuse George Bush with Attila the Hun. They are also very similar except George Bush can't ride a horse.

Anonymous said...

"The Democrats strategy consists of speaking a noun, verb and George Bush in every sentence and it showed in the debate."

My goodness, IV. You are truly one of the most plagiaristic, unoriginal writers I have ever seen. Have you ever come up with a zinger yourself, or has every witty line been stolen from a Democrat?

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