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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Breaking News

Breaking News

Nancy Martin is elected Chairperson of the St. Lawrence County Republican Party defeating Janet Kelly by approximately 200 weighted votes.

The attendance of the meeting was approximately 80 people.


Anonymous said...

Now if we could only get new leadership on the Jefferson County Republican Committee (instead of the same old tired hacks who lionize the lazy, fat ass self-dealing corrupt taxpayer leeches on the Town level)

SmallTownAmerica said...


Anonymous said...

Nancy Martin is a sheep who knows nothing about how the party works and has no idea what the chairman actually does.

Phyllis Turner is back in charge and old war horses like Chloe Ann O'Neil have crawled out of the woodwork to support her. They're two bitter old ladies who sit back and suck up their Tier 1 state pensions they did next to nothing to actually earn.

Patti Ritchie still smiles her vacant smile and will continue to service Hank Ford. Russ Strait will continue his political corruption and sabotage of real Republicans in Waddington.

The St. Lawrence County Republican Party is officially dead.

The Democrats, Darrel Aubertine and Addie Jennie Russell are the real winners tonight.

Anonymous said...

Having worked for the prison system prior to retirement I can attest to the professionalism that Nancy will bring to the position. She's a team person and will do a great Job. Congrats to Nancy!

Anonymous said...

Hats off to the political machine, St. Lawrence county elected Nancy Martin, must be what the party wanted. Good Luck, I hope Nancy can bring together a party that has been fractured and dysfunctional due to the power mongers that think, this seat is about supremacy and power. Supremacy and power has not worked you can tell by the number of vacant seats on the GOP committee. I congratulate Mrs. Martin on her honor, and her up front attentions in running for chairwomen. It is not like the backdoor and hostile acquisitions of the past.
When Nancy announced to the party she was considering running for the chair, the party actually started working. Filling vacant seats, counting the waited votes, backroom arm bending, and getting proxies signed so they could vote Nancy or Janet into the Republican County Chair. The disheartening part about this, IS NO ONE WORKS THIS HARD FOR THE CANDIDATES.
Time to stop fighting and focus on the primary mission; what every that may be now. Hopefully, Nancy can move beyond the past practices, let go of any animosity, and establish a positive atmosphere in a party that has seen nothing but rain and snow since I stopped going to committee meetings. Hey maybe I will start showing up again.
Thank you,
Poly Info Mation

Anonymous said...

You stopped going to meetings?? You're obviously part of the problem!

The Party isn't about the candidates because God knows they do little if anything to help the party in return.

The Party is supposed to be about guiding political principles that bind us together. Too many of the candidates are only worried about their re-election and the non-thinking lemmings buy into that crap.

Long Live Abe Lincoln and the principles of the GOP!

SmallTownAmerica said...

Anonymous said..."Long Live Abe Lincoln and the principles of the GOP!"

Wasn't the Republican Party of Lincoln's era fundamentally the Democratic Party of today?

Anonymous said...

Not by a long shot. The Democrat Party today wants to paint itself as such but they are no true friend to hardworking Americans. They're too busy sucking up to Hollywood and Big Labor fatcats.

RWiley said...

Nice try, Small Town. But they don't believe in evolution.

Anonymous said...

I like the prior response, may I quote “the party is supposed to be about guiding political principles that bind us together” I must of missed those meetings and Abe would roll over in his grave if he could see the shenanigans in this GOP. That was a little much, the party has done well with Turner and Kelly but it is time for positive change.
One of the ways we guide our principles is by supporting those candidates that have the same belief and support them. Elected officials are the only people passing the legislation that develop the laws to guide the beliefs of the party. So it is about electing representatives.
It is not about what I can get in return, maybe a job or maybe a windmill in my back yard or whatever. Well, I am off to work, maybe I will see you at one of the next meetings.
Poly Info Mation

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