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Friday, September 19, 2008

Boat Cruise For GOP

Danger Democrat may think it is old and shop worn as he used to call it, but Bob Nortz and River District Legislator Phil Reed rallied the faithful and let the GOP candidates know the river and is alive, well and behind Renzi and Cantwell.

A large turnout from Clayton, Alex Bay, as well several from around the rest of Jefferson and St. Lawrence Counties were on hand for Senate candidate Dave Renzi and Assembly candidate Bobby Cantwell. Supporters numbered in the neighborhood of 150+, most likely the best crowd in many years for this event, kudos to Legislator Phil Reed. 

The supporters for Renzi and Cantwell on board tonight included area developer Phil Randazzo, Former Clayton Mayor Dale Kenyon, T. Urling Walker, Dr George Sturtz, Town of Clayton Supervisor Justin Taylor, local business Doug Dier, and Dr and Mrs George Mesires, and NYSUT representative Mike Montigelli, just to name a few.

Old and shop worn?

Not so fast, the energy is alive and refreshed in the North Country GOP.

DD may have a difficult time matching Phil Reed's accomplishments when Addie Jenne Russell has her boat trip. Phil delivered a great trip, great support for Renzi and Cantwell and great weather.


Anonymous said...

I think you should do some fact checking before you claim that they were all Renzi and Cantwell supporters. A few of the names you mentioned are major Cantwell supporters, but they are also Aubertine supporters. You may want to scratch the surface a little bit before you claim they were there to support both Cantwell and Renzi.

John Peck said...

The people who attended this event were well aware that this was a fundraiser and party rally for the Renzi-Cantwell team. I have met Dave Renzi before, but this was my first chance to talk with him in person. Mr. Cantwell impressed me as an intelligent man who is whole heartedly committed to serving the 118th legislative district and working to protect the rights of NNY from downstate liberals. Ultimately, how one votes in November is ones secret decision. However, after going on the boat trip, I have great confidence that Dave Renzi will be our next senator and Bobby Cantwell our new Assemblyman in the 118th.

Anonymous said...

IV, a NYSUT rep was on the boat? Did you throw him overboard? We all know how you feel about unions, they are bad. Oh I forgot NYSUT hasnt supported Aubertine so you like them... so far

cur said...

IV; they sure didn't raise much on the bonnie belle today

attendance was very poor

about 15-20 paying guests and the usual employees and paid supporters and blogger gekes

anyone got an actual count??

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