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Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Man Of Many Positions

Depending on the time, depending on the voters, and depending on the race Darrel Aubertine may just have the answer you want.

The Oswego portion of the 48th Senate district is very favorable to nuclear power with the nuclear plants and jobs in that part of the district.

When Aubertine launched his bid for the Senate seat a week ago one of his stops was the Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power Plant in Oswego County and he told the workers that he is a strong proponent of nuclear power and supports a fourth nuclear facility coming to Oswego County.
“I think it’s a terrific opportunity. It’s about jobs,” 
Here is his statement on Nuclear Power and his view on energy use in general to reporter Drew Mangione, now spokesman for Aubertine, during the 2000 race against H Robert Nortz for Assembly.
Jefferson County Legislator Darrel J. Aubertine on other issues:
Nuclear power plants: I would support a bill that would phase these plants out. One of the things you have to look at is energy conservation, try and cut down the need to use so much electricity and make business more aware of how to be energy conscious.
His change of heart is for special interest only - unions! Patrick Carroll, the business manager of the plumbers and steamfitters, was pleased to endorse Aubertine, noting that he is working for the union.


Sources say company officials are upset that Darrel Aubertine was on site without proper clearance. The political event was held on a secure site and this violated their security. Security officials are concerned they were not contacted and no one authorized, including the press.

Maybe just another case of an error in judgment.


Anonymous said...

thats our boy darrel !and why would he want nuke plants anyway him and t boone pickens have the answer. wind what a joke !!!!

Dan Francis said...

Every race in this region, is always about the same old, same old stuff:

1. Creating jobs (look: government only creates jobs in government; not in the private sector).

2. Less regulation (look at Wall Street today and tell me: how well de-regulation works)!

3. No new taxes (how about the old taxes?) – fewer taxes for whom: the higher up's that create jobs that never quite cut the mustard?

4. Or, my plan for this or that, or another ... tell me: when was the last time a NNY insider in Albany got His/Her plan into policy that actually worked for the whole region?

These races up here should be about leadership on a wide range of new fresh and innovative ideas not about the old worn out "tried, but not so true" campaign slogans that appeal but end up being empty ...

Anonymous said...

We are in a different world now than we were in 2000. Darrel has learned much in these past 8 years, and, could it be possible, he is changing his position because he knows what is best for our area? I know it seems hard to believe considering the horrendous job the republicans have done throughout the years they were in power; NOT listening or doing what was right for the people they represented. Speaking of shady Republicans, I saw a new letter that Renzi sent out. Up to your old tricks again boys...going negative and attacking your opponent. Well I'll give you credit-it took you longer than I expected. And I DID expect the name calling and tantrum throwing from Dave Renzi. Everyone did!

Anonymous said...

Darrell did in fact violate the policies of the Nuke plant by going there without authorization., His supporters hung his signs from a tent on company property without any permission at all---and he also invited the press to come to the plant to cover the event---again, in violation of security procedures.
Darrell needs to get off the fence and tell the unions what his position is regarding closure of Indian Point Nuclear on Hudson River----a huge Democratic platform item downstate. Are you for Nuclear across the board Darrell or just where you can get votes?

Anonymous said...

darrel cannot do this job. What has he done to show that he should be within 500 yards of the SOB? He's pathetic. Another great post by Dan Francis. I told you not to comment here anymore. Your #4 is why we should run from Darrel Aubertine. Your #1 is incredibly stupid and just wrong. The local gov't is supposed to give private sector business incentive to develop jobs through tax relief and and an educated workforce(see school taxes). those employed people(private sector) need goods(private sector) and services(private sector) which will spawn new jobs(private sector). God you are an idiot. This is known as the money multiplier which is the basis of an economy. Simply put, so you might understand, gov't is supposed to only create a situation where business can thrive. #3 Taxes are a burden to business but a necessary evil in that we need the money for infrastructure and education. In a perfect situation that would be it. Nobody argues that less regulation is good for business as long as you don't break the law. The wall street people broke the law buy underwriting derivatives(you would never understand this dan) but basically it is money that exists on a balance sheet but doesn't really exist because it has no backing with a hard asset. another horrendous post where everything is plainly wrong. Stop doing this to yourself. Go anon. This might be your finest work to date dan if stupidity and wrongness(sp-grmr)is the goal. go jump in that body of water behind you.

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