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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Define Vetting

There is a lot of chatter from the media class on whether or not Sarah Palin was properly vetted or not.

The question the media should ask is; does their definition of a vetting process differ from the McCain's campaign definition?

Media outlet after media outlet are reporting on:

Fishing permit violation,
Husband's DUI,
Teenage daughter's pregnancy,
Child custody battle of a relative.

That is what appears to be the vetting process of the media and / or the opposition.

Perhaps possibly the McCain campaign put more emphasis on her governing capabilities and background, which is what should really count.

Everything else just shows her family experiences real life struggles just like many other average families. Many Americans will be able to relate to her life, as opposed to the political elite of other candidates.

For the moment, the opposition has acheived its objective; to divert attention from the campaign issues where McCain had clearly pulled even with Obama, to other less important issues.


Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin will not make it to the election. You heard it here first.
You would think that someone with as many skeletons on the front porch as 'SARAH' would have said to John McSame, thanks but I must decline your offer.
I am begining to beleve that "SARAH' is a high level operative working for THE ALASKA INDEPENDENCE PARTY and bank rolled by big oil looking to cut independent deals with the newly independent country of Alaska. And the Republican Colective has taken the bate and swallowed the hook. Leaving the newly elected Dems in 2009 with a secessionist state to deal with led by 'SARAH" the confederate with America's oil. Now all the cards are on the table, cause no matter what you may or may not believe in, it is always about the money. Always!!!

Anonymous said...

You honestly believe that this women was properly vetted? John McCain, the Maverick, who supposedly goes against his party as well as the Democrats, didn't dare pick who he really wanted for his vice-president. He sure is a maverick. The poor old guy is really demonstrating the kind of judgment he will use if he becomes President. More Heck of a job Brownies to be appointed.

Anonymous said...

It's been 3 days since she was introduced, and all this crap has come rolling out of her closet in such a short time?????

Yeah, they did a mahvelous job of looking into this one. Mahvelous!

ITS THE FREAKING VICE-PRESIDENCY ! ! ! Wake up and smell the coffee!

McCain is a bumble duck. If he cannot get this right, with 6 months of preparation, what the hell can he get right?

Anonymous said...

Just imagine the crap this blog would be spreading if a Dem had picked a runningmate with so much baggage and so little experience. But I have to admit watching a partisan hack like IV spin himself into a tizzie is kind of fun. Define Vetting!? Well, it depends on what the definition of vett is. You are so desperate, I actually feel bad for you.

Anonymous said...

Who cares, she's hot!

Anonymous said...

Palin is a disastrous pick. I greatly admire parents who are able to balance work and family life--but that does not seem to the case in this instance. I could care less about the daughter being pregnant, but what offends me is a 3-month old baby, with the extraordinary needs of down syndrome, left without a mother in a state on the other side of another country!

Next time you want to lecture family values, IV, remember that one!

hermit thrush said...

how well was sarah palin vetted? would you really have us believe she was anything but a last-minute pick, iv? from today's washington post, on the subject of her big speech tonight:

"Sitting around a dining room table, the McCain team has talked to her about Iraq, energy and the economy but has focused on what she should say in her speech, struggling almost as hard as she has to prepare for what will be, along with a debate in October, her main opportunity to shape the way she is viewed by voters. Not anticipating that McCain would choose a woman as his running mate, the speech that was prepared in advance was 'very masculine,' according to campaign manager Rick Davis, and 'we had to start from scratch.'"

that's right -- team mccain is writing her speech for her, only they'd originally been expecting they were writing for a man! but as long as we're on planet iv, there's surely a perfectly innocent explanation for all this.

PCS said...

Actually, the media reports I've been reading concern abuse of power, anti-free speech, book banning, pork barrel spending and quite a bit of getting caught in lies.

Anonymous said...

My goodness gentlemen/democrats - this lady is really scaring you! What a bunch of wimps. Whine, whine, whine . . .

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Carter was a 1st term GOV and his vetting was not this severe and he was the President.

Skeletons are fabrications used to scare children at halloween, no one is politically perfect, no one. To make the assumptions that Sarah was not "vetted" makes another assumption that YOU were not involved. There is no defined criteria for vetting, just a media frenzy on toics that may or may not have an impact on a person's ability to lead......

We had Presidents and VP in office with affairs, owned slaves, were agnostic religion followers, a cross dresser, a soon to be felon, and a host of other "whoops" we elected him.....Sarah is a fresh face on a rather boring old school of politics....if you don't like in the 5th year vote some one in new again.....

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