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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"He Has A Way Of Bending The Truth"

That is the comment from an ATV enthusiast in the Oswego County newspaper Valley News.

Darrel Aubertine and staff are frantically attempting to win back the supporters of the ATV clubs in a letter dump to the clubs and their members. He is seeking to atone for his "no fan of ATV's" position that was laid out last week to club members in a confidential memo by DEC Regional Director Judy Drabicki, who is the wife of Aubertine staff member Lee Willbanks.

Making the comments in the memo even more inferior, Drabicki said to the media last "the memo was never intended to be made public." Really!

Aubertine is not having much luck making his case and winning their support back. Steve Cronk, president of the 1,200 member Oswego County ATV club told the Valley News that club members are not 'buying into' Aubertine's claims and further went on to say "He (Aubertine) has a way of bending the truth."

Cronk, last week described a meeting he had scheduled with Aubertine, similar to the guy from Carthage who blasted Aubertine for missing his meeting, but this time Aubertine's staff at the last minute, unknown to Cronk, shoved him into a meeting with another group of people and Cronk was never able to get his club's views out.

Cronk believes Aubertine is just pandering to club members now and it is reported in the Valley News the Oswego Club has endorsed Renzi for Senate.


Anonymous said...

Snowmobiles and ATVs are disgusting, but need to ride across my land to get access to a major trail. I never complain, do not deny their access and respect their right to their fun. They are my neighbors and It is just not my bag.

But, when a noisy, drunk, bunch of land rutting, polluting yahoos start telling me how to vote, and demand that my tax money be spent on their fun, then i get ruffled.

Frankly, I was unaware of the special attention they have been given by the politicians.

Thank you PVI for pointing out to me their political affiliation. It is always great to have things to vote against.

Anonymous said...

If Renzi can come up with some bucks to send them all to Oswego, then I will vote for him.

RWiley said...

In a North Country race, Democrat Darrel Aubertine – who won the seat in a special election in February – has a 51 percent to 31 percent lead over Republican David Renzi.

Siena Poll

PCS said...

Voting for someone based on whether they are in favor of ATV's. Geez, isn't anyone concerned about real problems?

Anonymous said...

If all you people who think ATV riders are special interest then you certainly will not vote for aubertine who is back by all the unions. No double standards now.

a proud yahoo

Proud Republican said...

Proud yahoo !

Stay the #@*% off my land.

Anonymous said...

If you ATV riders were smart, you would keep your traps shut and enjoy the rights of encroachment and the tolerance that you have already been blessed with.

Most public referendums in the United States and Canada are running around 65% opposed to letting yahoos use any public money to promote your "sport".

PVI is jabbing a stick into a bee's nest and you riders and "Four-Wheel Cantwell" are going to get stung.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a rats bottom if Renzi has to stoop low enough to scrounge for the ATV vote. Lawyers are bottom feeders and ATVs are at the bottom.

Anonymous said...

She's still hot!

Anonymous said...

I think it is ironic that all these Darrell supporters are bellyaching about ATVs crossing there lands. THey are the same ones that complained the Barclay family objected to drunks littering their lands.

Anonymous said...

ATV riders and drunks crossing the land? Too often it's the same thing.

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