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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

And Yet More on the Addie Tax Site and Their Work

This is more work from the mysterious new site "The Addie Tax"


Earthbob said...

Isn’t it interesting that a site that makes claims against a candidate will do so by infringing on others’ rights.

Whose rights are being violated?

The images and video are being used without WWW.SteveWeedProductions.Com permission.


This is the “wWo Is” on TheAddieTax Site:


Here is the Domain History:


Note that TheAddieTax Site Author paid extra to maintain its privacy, but will use other’s work without permission.

In short, WWW.TheAddieTax.Com has taken the CSpan Work of Steve Weed, and manipulated it for its own purposes.

Actions speak louder than words.

Note to TheAddieTax Creator. We will know who you are shortly.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ebob. Who cares, either way. Nobody is going to believe this crap just like nobody is going to believe that this is the work of Bobby Cantwell.

This thing stinks of someone who Addie pissed off on some meaningless issue.


Anonymous said...

The site uses the Hotline show, but blasts Addie for having California values.....
For the record I am the one in the video who was born in California so perhaps IV could get me an explanation of what such values are.....Did Governor Reagan have "California values" ?


Political IV said...


This video is not IV's work. I do not know who developed this You Tube production therefore, it is not me defining "California values" and so I cannot give you an explanation.

The internet has quite a lot of users, not everything anti-GOP is the work of PIV.

Anonymous said...

The Election is almost here, let's start kissing ---- and babies.

Anonymous said...

I have a screen dump of the Addie site. But missed the url. It will be in my history.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Earthbob, for maintaining a decent and needed dialog on intellectual property rights. Steve incurs expenses for his shoots and is entitled to the ownership of them. Without that right to ownership, why incur the expense?

Steve is no different than NBC with their recent action against YouTube and the removal of the SNL skit parodying Palin and Clinton. NBC owns the copyright to that show and it can not be duplicated without the permission of NBC. The same is true for Steve's content. Thank you, Earhbob.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't the 'intellectual property' be that of 'the Hotline'/WATN in the first place?

In any event, I eagerly await the forensic breakdown and likely origin of this website as provided and determined by Danger Democrat.

Earthbob said...

If you watch the video, with both Mayor Graham and the candidate, you will note that it has been taken from a copyrighted work.

When one views the interview in its entirety, the closing clearly displays the copyright.

Further, when you view the manipulated version, you see the "SWP" Bug.

Neither the “first sale doctrine” nor “fair use” apply to the use of the video on this web site.

While the web site is not dealing with Steve Weed’s video commercially, the distribution of the video via YouTube, titled “Addie Jenne Russell – California Girl”, is on such a scale as to have a measurable impact on the copyright owner’s business.

Steve Weed’s original production is C-SPAN-like.

In short, WWW.TheAddieTax.Com has taken the C-SPAN-like Production of Steve Weed, and manipulated it for its own purposes.

C-SPAN-like means showing content in its entirety and unedited.

Earthbob said...

Just a brief follow-up on TheAddieTax Site.

YouTube has suspended the use of the vdeo, as it infringes on SWP's Copyright.

Next step is the domain name's use of the other images.

This isn't a matter of politics. It is a matter of Intellectual Property.

I am understandably curious who provided the video to this site.

Someone recorded it, and forwarded the video to the site creators.

Process means time.

The matter is proceeding.

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