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Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Public Service Announcement From DANC

The next time a school district, a town, village, county or any other entity wants to raise your taxes, ask them to have a chicken barbecue before in order to ease the pain.

That is just what the Development Authority of the North Country is doing, they are being magnanimous with their your money. The landfill is operating at such large profits that they can pay for their future expansion in cash! They have created a landfill gas to energy project that will reap them millions in new revenue and they want that revenue shielded from benefiting the public with lower tipping fees.

But, fear not, they will give you a free chicken dinner just for your effort to visit their vast money making machine in Rodman this weekend.

Bob Juravich, and his faithful follower Tom Sauter, (who wants to succeed Juravich in their wayward practices) at DANC must have short memories. The New York State comptroller's audit was critical of the Authority for treating their staff to free lunches and pizza parties with taxpayer's money. Now, the Authority wants everyone to benefit from their largess with a free chicken barbecue party open house.

Below is the link for the prospectus for their new executive director.

New Executive Director

In it they mention:
Ideal candidate will possess:

  • General knowledge in business, finance, engineering, telecommunications, water/wastewater, solid waste and have a community development background.
  • Proven ability to achieve results and drive toward long-term goals; experience supervising staff and business units, and strong relationship building and communication skills.
  • Superior leadership and public relations skills necessary.
They forgot to mention: public accountability attitude.

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