"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Here's Your Sign


hermit thrush said...

for readers interested in a bit more than iv's vapid propaganda, there are some nice charts compiled here that compare the obama and mccain tax plans. according to them, both candidates would cut taxes on earners making under $226,981 per year. and obama gives a bigger cut than mccain to all earners making under $111,645 per year. (aside: does anyone know how many nnyers that excludes?) unless i'm much mistaken, i think the vast, vast majority of readers of this blog would do better under obama's plan.

TF said...

Nationwide ain't on my side. Everybody call the main office to rat on this doof. Here is the #
1–877–On Your Side®

Anonymous said...

Deborah Howell, the Washington Post's Ombudsman, admitted in an article on AUgust 18th that her own newspaper is heavily biased in favor of Barack Obama:

"Democrat Barack Obama has had about a 3 to 1 advantage over Republican John McCain in Post Page 1 stories since Obama became his party's presumptive nominee June 4. Obama has generated a lot of news by being the first African American nominee, and he is less well known than McCain -- and therefore there's more to report on. But the disparity is so wide that it doesn't look good."

And we are to believe numbers put out by the Washington Post?

I am not calling Nationwide, but for a business man he is dissing have of his potential clients. (Even though he is correct.

SmallTownAmerica said...

I think this is the number you want, TF:

1-877-SF4-BANK (1-877-734-2265)

Its State Farm, not Nationwide...

=) STA

SmallTownAmerica said...

Whoops! That's not it either! lol

I looked some more and cannot find a corporate phone number. I did find the mailing address if you like the old-fashioned way:

State Farm Insurance
One State Farm Plaza
Bloomington, IL 61710

Or, you may email, using a form page:


Anonymous said...

I guess it time to check out a new insurance company, like Progressive or E-Surance. State Farm has been over charging me for years and the sign says why.

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