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Friday, November 7, 2008

Ahmadinejad Congratulations

The fact that Ahmadinejad congratulated President elect Barack Obama is a reason to worry.

Is that a positive sign of diplomacy?


Is this guy just a snake in the grass who hopes he has encountered a weaker opponent in Obama?


Anonymous said...

Contrary to the belief of many American, Iran is a great and historic nation that achieved independence from a monarchy in 1979.
They have hard line religious values, the same as we would have if Palin ever became president.

I believe that they use empty threats against Israel, simply to command attention.
For most of the cold war Iran and their people were great allies of the US. In fact President Reagan and Ollie North worked continuously with Iran, before during and after Reagan's presidency.

Anonymous said...

Well ain't that a sharp collection of words. I'm just a stupid guy, but I gets worried when "great and historic nations" threaten others with being "wiped from the face of the earth". I realize it ain't cool to talk like this, and I'm fully aware that throwing in the Palin comment makes you reel reel smart, but I thinks you're so full of yourself you don't have much of a reasonable outlook on the world. I think fruitcakes with nuuucular weapons is cause for concern. Goin back 25 years to justify your blindness is reeel neet, but it ain't reeel smart.

Anonymous said...

Fruitcakes with Nuclear Weapons.

USA - 32,193 Max Stockpile.
15,000 Ready to go
@ 600 Kilotons each
(Original Fat Man 20 Kilotons)

Iran - None

I'm really scared, the Iranians are going to get us.
And Ahmadinejad is the fruitcake?

Anonymous said...

The man has no concept of reality.

Only a fool would deny the seriousness of an Iran that threatens its neighbors. I know, you probably hate Israel, all you folks are required to.

Nice regurgitation of decades old blather.

Loosen the turban.

Anonymous said...

oh my lord you really just can't stop these ridiculous posts can you?

Anonymous said...

Do NOT say "lord." It is a politically unacceptable term, and I am suprised at the insensitivity you have displayed by bringing such an offensive term to the forefront. Shame, Sir.

As far as stopping these posts, uh nope. Can not do. Too many people have come to depend on the dog to enlighten their otherwise blahhed out day. I've also found that the more I post, the less my dependency on prescription medication. So in that sense, you are personally taking part in a social program. You should feel reeeeel good.

A polite woof to you.

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